Canoeing: Medomak, and a beautiful ride

Posted by: MBR on Sun Apr 21st, 2013 10:03 am
Canoeing: Medomak, and a beautiful rideBy MICHAEL PERRYMedomak is an Abenaki word for place of many Alewives. It is also a place of many wildlife sightings and much beauty. We had paddled our canoe only a few yards from the launch site and already spied a giant beaver lodge near the opening into the pond, and a mature bald eagle sitting atop a tall pine across Medomak Pond. At 237 acres, Medomak Pond is small and does have a number of cottages scattered along its shoreline. A circuit of the pond is pleasant, with low ridges and mown fields dotting the landscape.Read more: ... 04-21.html