Posted by: Red4Life on Thu Jun 7th, 2012 3:50 pm
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SANFORD HIGH SCHOOL ADOPTS ‘SPARTANS’ AS NEW MASCOTCONTACT:David Theoharides, Superintendent Sanford School Department (207) 324-2810 dtheo@sanford.orgGordon Salls, Athletic Director Sanford School Department (207) 324-8080 gsalls@sanford.orgSanford, ME—June 7, 2012— Sanford School Superintendent David Theoharides announced that after an extensive process to select a new mascot for Sanford High School, they will now be known as the “Spartans.”All students in grades 7-12 voted for their favorite mascot today from four options that were presented to the School Committee for approval last Monday, June 4th. The original four options were selected from hundreds of possible mascots proposed by representatives from each of Sanford High School’s athletic teams and co-curricular organizations, along with input from community members. The other candidates for mascot included “Pride,” “Stampede” and “Cardinals.”The “Sanford Spartans” mascot received 587 votes from students, with second place going to the “Sanford Pride” receiving 423 votes. The “Sanford Stampede” and “Cardinals” received 202 and 113 votes, respectively. A total of 1325 ballots were each double counted to ensure an accurate tally.“The process to select the mascot was designed to be collaborative with input from our students, faculty and community members,” said Sanford Athletic Director Gordie Salls. “With the selection of a new mascot, the Sanford School Department recognizes the importance and influence that a mascot has in building and maintaining school spirit, identity, unity and pride.”“The naming of our new mascot comes the day after our Sanford High School Boys Track and Field Team won the State Championship,” said Sanford School Superintendent David Theoharides. “Sanford is making name for itself around the state and New England as we begin construction of a new High School and Technical Center that will embrace new methods of teaching and learning that will help prepare our young people and our community to thrive in a 21st century global society.” “The new mascot becomes part of this new era for Sanford as we move towards a new vision for our school and community,” Theoharides said.The “Sanford Spartans” mascot will be implemented into all school athletic teams and co-curricular activities at the start of the 2012-13 school year.