Meghan's Camp drawing more girls to golf

Posted by: MBR on Sun Aug 14th, 2011 7:52 am
Golf: Meghan's Camp drawing more girls to golfBy Tom Chard For some time, people involved in golf (i.e., golf pros, administrators and others) have wondered how to increase girls' participation in the sport. Boys have always outnumbered girls by wide margins.Brian Bickford, the head pro at Val Halla in Cumberland, asked his daughter, Meghan, "How do we get more girls into golf"? She told her father "Have girls learn from other girls."So Meghan's Camp at Val Halla was born and recently completed its second successful summer of 12 sessions. The first year, there were 28 girls involved. This year, the number grew to 67.for full story ... 08-14.html