Lewiston native celebrates national title at Norwich

Posted by: MBR on Fri Mar 25th, 2011 6:26 am
Hockey: Lewiston native celebrates national title at NorwichBy Kalle Oakes, Staff WriterSome hockey players select their college with a purpose, secure in the knowledge that they’ll contend for a national title each winter.Brittane Michaud’s thought process while signing on the dotted line at Norwich University four years ago was much simpler than that.“I just wanted to keep playing,” Michaud said. “My first year was Norwich’s first year as a varsity program.”The odds of eventually skating around a rival’s rink with her teammates, NCAA Division III championship trophy held aloft, were longer than the trip from Michaud’s home in Lewiston to the campus in Northfield, Vt.for full storyhttp://www.sunjournal.com/local-sports/story/1004563