WIZ Words: Tabasco Road (plus WIZ Top 10 Teams- Week # 8)

Sport: Basketball (boys)

Posted: January 27th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

WIZ Words: Tabasco Road (plus WIZ Top 10 Teams- Week # 8)
By The WIZ

Wow! What a week folks! We had it all this past week thrillers, big games, overtime games, not so pretty games. Things are really heat'n up! And the next two weeks are going to be unbelievable! You think things were hot this week well just wait for the next two weeks as the team's fire up and head down
Tabasco Road! Things are going to get very hot! It's that time of year when teams should be fine tuned and ready to put out their best. We'll have teams jockeying for top seeds and we'll have teams trying to make the tournament. This is the best time of year folks. Basketball fans everywhere pack the gyms to root for their hometown teams. Hoop Junkies overdose! People don't get enough sleep they stay up late. The MBR Message boards goes completely nuts! High school hoops! You gotta Luv It!

In some of the big games this past week the Cheverus Stags had a Battle Royal with the South Portland Red Riots. This was the best game I have seen in sometime. The Stags were down by 12pts. late in the 3rd but staged a comeback and tied the game at the end of regulation, then stole the game in overtime 63-61. South Portland was impressive and proved to all they are a legit top 10 team in the state. Cheverus also beat Deering earlier in the week 67-49.

Bangor won their big game over Edward Little very decisively 57-42.

Winthrop beat Mountain Valley 40-36 then lost to Dirigo 48-44.

Thornton beat Bonny Eagle 46-42.

Calais beat Lee 67-60.

Yarmouth lost to Waynflete 69-54.

Cape beat Traip 56-46.

Caribou beat Hermon 69-61.

Mt. Blue beat Brewer 53-51.

Greely beat Freeport in overtime 76-61.

Richmond beat Valley 66-51

Central Aroostook won 4 games this week and the two big ones they beat Southern Aroostook 67-60 in overtime and they beat Ashland 63-60.

Ugly Games:

Lee at Calais one player getting 3 T's.

Nokomis at Brewer a fight outside after the game.

Lewiston at Lawrence a brawl in the 3rd period stopping and canceling the game.

There is no need of this folks. Players, coaches and fans need to respect the game. Emotions can run very high during games I understand that, but we must remain composed. Play and cheer your hearts out and when it's over leave it on the court. Remember this is only a game. It's a game we all love, but let's respect it.

Undefeated Teams:

Undefeated teams this week drops from 8 to 6 with Winthrop and Traip dropping off.





C. Aroostook--14-0


Big games this week: So many but here are some of the big ones:

Monday 1/28:

Livermore Falls at Mountain Valley

NYA at Gould

Valley at Piscataquis

Tuesday 1/29:

Deering at Marshwood
Scarborough at Biddeford
South Portland at Portland
Thornton at Cheverus
Windham at Bonny Eagle
Freeport at Cape
Greely at Falmouth
York at Yarmouth
Bangor at Messalonskee
Brewer at Mt. Blue
Cony at Morse
Hampden at Lawrence
Lewiston at Brunswick
Woodland at Lee Academy

Wednesday 1/30:

Richmond at NYA
Caribou at Presque Isle
Dexter at Piscataquis

Thursday 1/31:

Mountain Valley at Dirigo
Boothbay at Hall-Dale
Forest Hills at Greenville
Oxford Hills at Cony
Hermon at Old Town
Houlton at Fort Kent
Washington Academy at Narraguagus

Friday 2/1:

Bonny Eagle at Windham
Deering at Portland
Gorham at Westbrook
South Portland at Cheverus
Thornton at Biddeford
Falmouth at Cape
Yarmouth at NYA
Rangeley at Richmond
Brunswick at Mt. Ararat
Lawrence at Brewer
Morse at Edward Little
Mt. Blue at Hampden
Skowhegan at Bangor
Maranacook at Gardiner

Saturday 2/2:

Boothbay at Dirigo
NYA at Traip
Medomak at Camden Hills
Old Town at Caribou
Presque Isle at Mattanawcook
Lee at DIS
Woodland at Calais

MBR Broadcast:

As many of you know MBR has been broadcasting games live through streaming over the internet. This is becoming huge. It has been a great success. Many people have told me how excited they are about the broadcast and many have said they have relatives out of state that are tuning in. MBR broadcast has a very busy week coming up. And also Big News! MBR will be broadcasting tournament games from the Expo, the ACC and the CCCC! Wow! MBR taking it to another level! MBR's Tom Nolette doing the Play-By-Play and The WIZ on Color! Doesn't get any better than that folks. Also Michael Hoffer and Ron Hawkes have done some color in games.

MBR Broadcast schedule this week:

Tuesday 1/29: Thornton at Cheverus
Wednesday 1/30: Prep Special: Lee Academy at Bridgeton Academy
Thursday 1/31: Mountain Valley at Dirigo
Friday 2/1: South Portland at Cheverus
Saturday 2/2: Boothbay at Dirigo

As we move to this weeks WIZ Top 10 Teams as predicted there have been some major changes. Bangor, Cheverus and Maranacook stay at the top 3 respectively. Winthrop with the loss to Dirigo by 4pts. drops from # 4 to # 8. Deering with another loss to Cheverus by 18pts. drops out of the top 10 this week. Edward Little losing to Bangor by 15pts. drops out of the top 10 as well. Thornton, Camden Hills and Calais slide up one notch each. South Portland with their great game against # 2 Cheverus moves up to # 7. Cape Elizabeth with their big win over previous unbeaten Traip 56-46 make their first appearance in the top 10 at #9. The Capers are Red Hot winning their last 7 straight games and Shaine Burks is now back with the team.. The Cougars of Mt. Blue also make their first appearance into the top 10 at # 10. The Cougars have been on a tare since losing their first two games of the year the Cougars are 11-1 since then with their only loss to # 1 Bangor back on 1/8 and the Cougars have a 7 gaming winning streak since that loss.

WIZ Top 10 Teams- Week # 8:

1.Bangor-------14-0 The Rams are destroying everything in site! They destroyed Lawrence 54-25! They destroyed Edward Little 57-42! 8 Straight weeks at # 1 Baby! The Rams head to Messalonskee up next! Then host the Indians of Skowhegan! Looks like the Rams will head to 16-0! Can anyone beat this team!

2.Cheverus-----14-0 Stags stay perfect! Crushed Westbrook 68-45! Crushed Deering 67-49! Escaped a Red Hot SP Riots team 63-61! Overtime Thriller! Wow! What a game that was! Two tough games this week! First up! The upset-minded # 4 Golden Trojans come in for a Tuesday night Main Event! Then a major Heavy Weight Re-Match! The Red Riots pay a visit to Keegan Gymnasium! Riots look for Pay-Back! Wow! Things are Heat'n Up! Can the Stags stay undefeated! Both home Games! I think so!

3.Maranacook---14-0 Black Bears are on Cruise Control! Beat Lincoln 64-47! Beat Winslow 77-53! Can they be Stopped! Not this week! Two games up! First up MCI pays a visit! Then it's off to Gardiner! To Tame the Tigers! 16-0 Baby!

4.Thornton------13-1 Trojans two more wins! Beat a tough Bonny Eagle team 46-42! Took care of the Rams of Kennebunk! 56-34! Huge game up next! The Trojans head to Cheverus! A Tuesday Night Main Event! Wowzer! Keegan Gym will be Packed House! Can they pull it off! Then off to Biddeford to tame those Tigers!

5.Camden Hills---13-1Only one game this past week! No contest! Jammers crushed Waterville 59-42! Coach Hart gearing up for tourney time! Two games up this week! First off to Belfast! Then play host to Medomak! Jammers move to 15-1 this week!

6.Calais----------13-0 The streak stays alive! 57 straight Baby! Chalk up 3 more wins! Blue Devils are flying! Beat a tough team from Lee 67-60! Crushed Guagus 70-50! Destroyed Hyde 67-47! Can they be stopped! I don't think so! At least not in the regular season! Only one game this week for the Devils! They host the Dragons from Woodland! Could be interesting! Dragons are not to Shabby!

7.So. Portland---11-3 Red Riots are for real! They totally Annihilate Kennebunk 62-35! Then the Biggie! They take the # 1 team in the West Cheverus to overtime! But they lose by 2! 63-61! Best game of the year so far! Huge week coming! Two games on the road! Cross the bridge to the Expo! Riots vs. Bulldogs! Then over to Cheverus! A Friday Night Main Event! A Re-Match with the Stags! Talk about Tabasco Road ! It doesn't get any better than this!

8.Winthrop-----11-1 Two tough games this week! Ramblers get by Mountain Valley! In a Thriller! 40-36! Suffer their first loss to Dirigo! Another Thriller 48-44! Ramblers drop to # 7 for now! Three games up this week! First home against Monmouth! Then off to Wiscasset! Then off to Lisbon! Ramblers move to 14-1 this week!

9.Cape Eliz.----12-2 Welcome Capers! Cape is hot! Burks is back! Watch Out! They beat undefeated Traip by 10! 56-46! Beat the Warriors of Wells 54-45! Two big games this week! Both at home! First up the Yachtsmen from Falmouth pay a visit! Then the Falcons of Freeport come to town! Two Big Games! B west is Crazy right now!

10.Mt. Blue---11-3 Welcome Cougars! They've been Waiting! They Deserve it! They got it! # 10 Baby! Cougars have won 7 straight! Squeaked one out over the Witches of Brewer! 53-51! Swarmed all over the Bees from Leavitt 74-54! Coach Bessy and Coach Howard have to be Happy! Nothings easy in the KVAC! Two toughies this week for the Cougars! First at home! A Re-match with Brewer! Then off to Hampden! Wow! Can the Cougars stay in the Top 10! Very interesting! We shall see!

Teams Knocking on the Door:

Wow so many this week and Dirigo, Yarmouth, Traip, Caribou, Presque Isle, Mountain Valley, Boothbay, Richmond and Central Aroostook are all screaming! We want in WIZ!

Presque Isle--13-2
Edward Little-10-4
Mtn. Valley---11-2

Til' Next Week: Get ready! Things are getting Hot! The trip down Tabasco Road starts this week!