WIZ Words: Head'n Down The Homestretch (Plus WIZ Top 10 Team)

Sport: Basketball (boys)

Posted: January 21st, 2008 by Tom Nolette

WIZ Words: Head'n Down The Homestretch (Plus WIZ Top 10 Team)
by The WIZ

Wow folks the season is flying by. Do you realize that there are only 3 weeks left in regular season play? Teams are beyond the halfway point and they are just now starting to head down the homestretch. In a way it is like the Kentucky Derby as they turn that last corner and you have a bunch of great horses that battle it out down the homestretch. In Maine H.S. basketball its all about making the post season tournament and then a brand new season starts. We know that the top 4 or 5 teams in each class East and West are in but these next 3 weeks there are huge games coming which will decide whos in and whos not in. This is going to get very exciting.

The Prelim games will be played on Tuesday 2/12 and Wednesday 2/13 and the Quarter-Finals will start on 2/15. We will have to keep an eye on the Heal Points the next 3 weeks to see who makes it and who doesnt make it.

In Eastern Class A there are 16 teams and 11 will make the post season play with 5 teams drawing a bye and 6 teams playing a prelim game.

In Class A West there are 16 teams and the same holds here as well with 11 teams playing in post season play. 5 teams get a bye and 6 teams will play a prelim game.

In Class B East there are a whopping 22 teams. 15 will make post season play with the top team drawing a bye and 14 teams playing a prelim game to qualify for the Quarter-Final games.

In Class B West there are 16 teams and 10 will go on to post season play with 6 teams drawing a bye and 4 teams playing a Prelim game.

In Class C East there are 18 teams with the top 11 teams making it with 5 teams drawing a bye and 6 teams playing a Prelim game.

In Class C West there are 23 teams. 14 teams will make the post season play with 2 teams drawing a bye and 14 teams will fight it out with a Prelim game to try and make the Quarter-Final games.

In Class D East there are 22 teams this year. 15 teams will make post season play with the # 1 top team drawing a bye and 14 teams will battle-it-out to qualify for the Quarter-Finals.

In Class D West there are 15 teams and the top 9 teams will continue on to post season play with the top 7 teams drawing a bye and # 8 and # 9 will play a prelim game to see who earns the right to move on to the Quarter-Finals.

Over the next 3 weeks there are so many huge games coming to many to list but as I already said this is going to get very exciting. As we head down the homestretch this is when teams really want to start putting it all together. Teams want to start to run on all cylinders as they battle it out for top seeds and get their teams fine-tuned for tourney time.

Undefeated teams this week drops from 9 teams to 8 teams with Deer Isle dropping off with their first loss to Lee Academy.

Undefeated Teams:


Big Games this week:

Monday 1/21:

Scarborough at Portland
Westbrook at Cheverus
Bangor at Lawrence
Maranacook at Lincoln
Mattanawcook at John Bapst
MDI at Presque Isle
Dexter at Orono
Ashland at Easton

Tuesday 1/22:

South Portland at Kennebunk
Thornton at Bonny Eagle
Richmond at Valley
Old Town at Mattanawcook
Rockland at Gardiner
Lee at Calais
Winthrop at Mountain Valley (make-up game)

Wednesday 1/23:

Deering at Cheverus (make-up game)
Hyde at Gould
Fort Kent at Caribou

Thursday 1/24:

Yarmouth at Waynflete
Narraguagus at Calais
Stearns at Dexter

Friday 1/25:

Biddeford at Deering
Cheverus at South Portland
Kennebunk at Thornton
Portland at Westbrook
Dirigo at Winthrop
Traip at Cape
Lewiston at Lawrence
Morse at Messalonskeer
Mt. Ararat at Hampden
Belfast at Rockland
Washinton Acad. at Woodland

Saturday 1/26:

Greely at Freeport
York at Traip
Calais at Hyde
Lee at Schenck

As we head into this weeks WIZ Top 10 Teams there are no changes as WIZ Top 10 teams did not lose a game. Amazing! But I guarantee there will be changes next week. Teams knocking on the door has a couple of changes with the red hot Cougars of Mt. Blue coming back in and making their bid to get back into The WIZ Top 10. The Cougars who lost their first two games of the season are now 9-1 since then with their only loss was to # 1 Bangor. Coach Bessy has the young team playing very well.

Also the Mattanawcook Lynx are on fire as they have won 4 straight including a big win over Lee Academy this past week. This week they are 13 teams listed as knocking on the door but there are about a dozen other teams that are right behind those teams that are right there also. Just too many to list but this whole thing will all play out in the next few weeks.
Action is going to get fast and furious. Who is going to step up and who is going to step out?

WIZ Top 10 Teams- Week # 7:

1.Bangor----12-0 Only one game this past week! Another Crusher! They crushed Lewiston 83-56! Two big games this week! First off to Lawrence! Bulldogs would love to pull off the upset! Then host the Red Hot Red Eddies of Edward Little! Wowzer! Eddies look for revenge! Can they get it!

2.Cheverus---11-0 Big game with Deering postponed! Beat a good Scarborough team 54-42! Stags 11-0! # 1 in the West! # 2 in the State! Next up a Monday night game! Host the Blazes of Westbrook! Then a Biggie! Host the Rams of Deering! A Wednesday Night Heavy Weight Match-Up! Then a Friday night Main Event! Across the bridge to South Portland! To take on the Red Hot! Red Riots! Big week for the Stags! Wow! Things are Heating-Up!

3.Maranacook--12-0 Black Bears Annihilate Mt. View 84-57! Crushed Medomak 77-43! Can anyone stop the Black Bears! Two games up this week! First off to Lincoln! Then home to play host to Winslow! Black Bears move to 14-0 Baby!

4.Winthrop---10-0 Ramblers big game with Mountain Valley Postponed! They had the week off! Two games up this week! And both are Huge! A Big Tuesday night in Rumford! As they take on the Falcons of Mountain Valley! Falcons want this game Bad! Then back home to take on the Cougars of Dirigo! Wowzer! We will find out how good the Ramblers really are this week!

5.Thornton---11-1 Golden Trojans two more wins! Crushed the Knights of Noble 65-31! Knocked down the Eagles of Windham 65-46! Big game up next! They head to Bonny Eagle! Scots are playing tough! Then back home to take on the Rams of Kennebunk! Can the Trojans move to 13-1! Will be interesting!

6.Camden----12-1 Windjammers back on track! Beat Gardiner 66-46! Took care of Mt. View 69-58! Only one game up this week! Play host to Waterville! Jammers move to 13-1!

7.Deering----9-2 Rams re-adjust without Parker Dodd! Big game with Cheverus postponed! Rams win a big one! They beat the Dogs of Portland! 59-50! Three games up this week! First off to Massabesic! Then the Big Make-Up! Off to Cheverus! Rams hope to pull the upset! Then host the scrappy Tigers of Biddeford! Big week for the Rams! Will they stay in the Top 10!

8.Calais-------10-0 The streak continues! 54-0! Wow! Blue Devils crushed Guagus! 85-53! Took care of the Shiretowners of Houlton 60-47! Big game up next! A Tuesday Night Main event! The Pandas of Lee Academy come to town! The streak is in jeopardy! Can the Devils continue! Then host Guagus! Then off to Hyde to face the Phoenix! Could be a very interesting week!

9.Edward Little--10-3 Red Eddies are Red Hot! They beat Brunswick 56-49! Took care of the Witches from Brewer! 55-42! One game up this week! Its Huge! A Friday Night Main Event! Eddies head to Bangor! Looking for Revenge! 3pt. loss in first match! Eddies havent lost since! 7 straight wins! Can the Eddies do it! Can they take down # 1!

10.South Portland--10-2! How about those Riots! They are real! Best season in years! They Annihilate Noble 85-45! Took care of a very good Bonny Eagle team 68-47! Off to Kennebunk up next! Then a real Biggie! A real Big Test! Another Friday Night Main Event! And its at South Portland! Beal Gym will be pack! The Undefeated Cheverus Stags come to town! This is gonna be a good one folks! Can the Riots take down the Stags! We shall find out!

Teams Knocking on the Door:

Cape Elizabeth----10-2
Presque Isle------11-2
Mtn. Valley-------10-1
Mt. Blue----------9-3
C. Aroostook------10-0

Til Next week: Fasten your seat belts folks! The ride is going to get Fast and Furious!