WIZ Words: Halfway There Halfway Where (Plus WIZ Top 10 Team)

Sport: Basketball (boys)

Posted: January 13th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

WIZ Words: Halfway There Halfway Where (Plus WIZ Top 10 Team)
By The WIZ

Wow folks we have hit the halfway point of the H.S. basketball season. Some teams are beyond it and some are just reaching it. Well we are halfway there but halfway to where?
We are halfway through the regular season games that will seed top teams for the season ending tournament. You know that big State Tournament that the MPA runs every year to determine a State Champion in all four classes. As we head into the second half of the season there are two teams Bangor and Cheverus that have been playing at a level above the rest but a lot of teams are just finding their stride and are starting to play some great basketball. Will they be able to catch the top teams at the end? We shall found out in a few short weeks.

In big games this past week involving top teams. Bangor and Cheverus won all three of their games. Thornton beat Scarborough and Westbrook but they suffered a loss to the Red Hot Red Riots of South Portland 52-49. South Portland is playing very well as of late. The Riots started the season at 5-0 then dropped two close games one to Deering then one to Scarborough. Both of those games were lost late in the game in which the game could have gone either way. The Riots bounced back this week winning 3 games over Westbrook, Windham and the huge win over # 3 Thornton. When the heal points come out this week South Portland will make a big jump in the standings and they make their first appearance in many years in The WIZ Top 10 this week. The Deering Rams lost to Bonny Eagle 57-54. The loss of point guard Parker Dodd is going to hurt the Rams tremendously. The Rams and Coach Dan Legage are going to have to make some adjustments and someone is going to have to step up if they are going to remain a top team in Western Class A.

In Eastern Class A the Eddies of Edward Little have won 5 straight since their 3pt. loss over # 1 Bangor 56-53. They had three wins this week and two over Mt. Ararat and Cony were huge and the Eddies will jump back into The WIZ Top 10 this week. There are many other dangerous teams in the East. Mt. Blue, Messalonskee. Lawrence, Cony, Lewiston, Mt. Ararat, Hampden, Skowhegan and Brunswick all can win on any night. Wow! Its going to be crazy in the 2nd half in the East!

In Class B East Maranacook stays perfect at 10-0 as they won their big game over Camden Hills 76-67 and the Black Bears will make a bit of a jump in the WIZ Top 10. Maranacook and Camden still remain the top two teams in the East.

In Class B West it is crazy in this league anyone of about 5 teams could be on top at the end of the season. The Yarmouth Clippers suffered their first loss to a Red Hot Cape Elizabeth Capers 71-50. Greely suffered a lost to the Freeport Falcons 58-51. Mountain Valley bounced back this week with a big win over Dirigo 47-35. The Falcons are now 8-1 on the season. And keep an eye on Falmouth to make a surge.

In Class C East Calais is the cream-of-the-crop and they won both of their big games this past week beating Washington Academy 79-58 and beating Hyde 57-42 to extend their winning streak to 52 straight wins. They just might run-the-table.

In Class C West Winthrop won three more games to improve their unblemished record to 10-0. Boothbay won 3 games this past week and they have won 6 straight since their loss to Winthrop. And is anyone paying attention to Traip? The Rangers are quietly at 8-0 and they have a couple of big games coming up. They have Greely this week and they have Cape the following week.

In Class D East where it is always crazy and always will be the Panthers of Central Aroostook won all 3 of their games this week and they remain perfect at 10-0 but come tourney time this field is wide open. Along with CA there is DIS, Easton, Woodland, Ft. Fairfield and Ashland who will all be gunning it out.

In Class D East the Richmond Bobcats are still winning even with out Marc Zaharchuk as the Bobcats are a perfect 10-0. Teams that could possibly upset the mix would be Valley Forest Hills or Rangeley.

Undefeated teams this week drop from 13 teams to 9 teams with Thornton, Camden Hills, Yarmouth and Dirigo falling out.

Undefeated teams:


Big Games this week:

Tuesday 1/15:

Gorham at Portland
Greely at Traip
Richmond at Rangeley
Edward Little at Brunswick
Hampden at Skowhegan
Gardiner at Camden Hills
Mattanawcook at Ellsworth
MDI at Bapst
Houlton at Stearns
Orono at Schenck
DIS at Lee

Wednesday 1/16:

Presque Isle at Fort Kent

Thursday 1/17:

Deering at Cheverus
Traip at Wells
Houlton at Schenck
Lee at Mattanawcook

Friday 1/18:

Bonny Eagle at South Portland
Cape at York
Yarmouth at Falmouth
Dirigo at Wiscasset
Waynflete at Greely
Winthrop at Mountain Valley
Forest Hills at Rangeley
Valley at Buckfield
Bangor at Lewiston
Hampden at Cony
Lawrence at Morse
Messalonskee at Brunswick
Maranacook at Medomak
Old Town at MDI
C.Aroostook at Ashland

Saturday 1/19:

Cheverus at Scarborough
Portland at Deering
Windham at Thornton
NYA at Freeport
Presque Isle at John Bapst
Calais at Houlton
Stearns at Fort Kent

As we move to this weeks WIZ Top 10 Teams there are quite a few changes. Thornton with a loss to South Portland drops from # 3 to # 5. Deering with the loss to Bonny Eagle drops from # 4 to # 7. Camden with the loss to Maranacook drops from # 5 to # 6. The Maranacook win brings them up to # 3. Winthrop moves up to # 4. The Yarmouth loss to Cape drops them out for now and Greely losing their second game also drops out for now. The Eddies of Edward Little with their big wins over Mt. Ararat and Cony jump back in the Top 10 at # 9 and the Red Hot Red Riots of South Portland make the Top 10 for the first time since the 1999-2000 season at # 10.

WIZ Top 10 Teams- Week # 6:

1.Bangor------11-0 The Rams are showing their weight! Theyre Ramming everyone! Cloppered Mt. Blue 65-35! Crushed Hampden 64-36! Annihilate Nokomis 92-48! Roger The Dodger has to be pleased! One game up this week! The Rams head to Lewiston! The Blue Devils would love to win this! But it wont happen! Rams move to 11-0!

2.Cheverus----10-0 Three more wins! And they werent close! Beat Marshwood 65-35! Showed the Redskins of Sanford how good they really are! 75-16! Wow! All bench too! Handled the Rams of Gorham 59-35! Is Brownie Happy! He has to be! Big game up next! The Deering Rams pay a visit! Then off to Scarborough! Stags go to 12-0!

3.Maranacook---10-0 They win the Big One! They Jammed the Jammers of Camden! 76-67! Crushed Rockland 79-62! Got a scare from Belfast! 50-44! Good teams find away to win! Two games up this week! Host to Mt. View! Then off to Medomak!

4.Winthrop----10-0 Just Rambling along this week! Beat Wiscasset 59-50! Crushed Madison 61-40! Annihilate Carrabec! 85-37! Sam I am! Having a great season! One game on tap this week! And it is Huge! They head to Mountain Valley! A Friday Night Main Event! Should be a great one folks! Who do you like! Ill take Winthrop!

5.Thornton-----9-1 Handled the Red Storm of Scarborough 58-44! Took care of the Blazes of Westbrook 73-52! Lost a tough one to South Portland 52-49! Golden Trojans are still very good though! They head to Noble up next! For an easy one! Then play host to the Eagles of Windham! This could be very interesting!

6.Camden Hills--10-1 The Jammers lose one! # 3 The Black Bears of Maranacook getem 76-57! Might be a good loss though! Rebound and beat Erskine 73-59! And crushed MCI 65-39! Two games up this week for the Windjammers! Host the Tigers of Gardiner! Then off to Mt. View!

7.Deering------8-2 Rams crushed the Knights of Noble! 82-37! They lose Dodd! They lose to Bonny Eagle! 57-54! Squeak one out over Kennebunk 54-49! They drop to # 7! Can the Rams stay in the Top 10! I dont think so! Two games up this week! And Both are Huge! First its off to Cheverus! Then host the Bulldogs of Portland! Tough week for Deering!

8.Calais--------8-0 52 Straight Wins for the Blue Devils! Wow! How long will it go! Two big games this past week! They win both! Beat WA! 79-58! Beat the Phoenix of Hyde 57-42! Off to Narraguagus up next! Then off to Houlton for a Biggie! Can they keep the streak going! I think so!

9.Edward Little---8-3! Eddies are on fire! 5 Straight wins! They crushed Leavitt! 80-43! Beat a very good Mt. Ararat team 59-48! Then beat an excellent Cony Rams team 61-48! Eddies back in the Top 10! Right where they belong! Two games up this week! Off to Brunswick! To try and Tame the Dragons! Then host the Witches of Brewer! Brwer will need a little witchcraft to beat the Eddies!

10.South Portland---8-2! Red Riots! Red Hot! 3 big wins this week! Beat Westbrook 57-50! Beat Windham 57-54! Knock off # 3 Thornton! 52-49! Welcome Riots! Its been a long time! But the Red Riots are real! And well deserved! Two game up for the Hot Riots! Off to Noble up first! Then host the very dangerous Scots of Bonny Eagle! Could be interesting! But I like the Riots in this one!

Teams Knocking on the Door:

Presque Isle--9-2
Mtn. Valley---8-1

Til Next Week: Halfway There! Halfway Where! Its gonna be very interesting folks!