Brown living his dream


Posted: July 19th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

By John Cochin
Sports Editor

PORTLAND -- Nick Brown isn't much different from other 18-year-old recent high school graduates who are long on dreams and short on experience. He's earning a little money this summer and trying to bank a little.

He'll attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte this fall. He's already declared his major: mechanical engineering. Got his minor picked, too.

"Auto racing," Brown said. "I love it."

He lives it, too.

For one so young, Brown didn't look out of place at the traditional midweek press conference for the TD Banknorth 250. He sat between veteran drivers Ricky Rolfe and Tim Brackett at the head table. Glen Luce and Joey Polewarczyk Jr., who ran second and third to winner Kevin Harvick, sat on the other side of the podium.

Everywhere Brown looked, he saw his elders, even if Joey Pole, as he's called, is only two years older. Brown's eyes didn't get big. He didn't even try to talk big.SANFORD—The Mainers snapped out of their midseason slump with four straight wins over the weekend, including a well-played 4-1 victory over Danbury at Goodall Park on Friday before 777 fans. On Tuesday, they came from behind to defeat Vermont 10-6 after posting a 6-3 win over Keene in a game played there Sunday. On Saturday, they defeated the Lowell All-Americans 8-5.

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