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WIZ End of Season ALL State Comparisons (2008)

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: April 14th, 2008 by Tom Nolette


WIZ End of Season ALL State Comparisons (2008)

After many weeks this year’s All-State selections are finally all done. The WIZ released his All-WIZ team back on 3/09/08, the Bangor Daily released theirs on 4/12/08 and the Portland Press released theirs on 4/13/08. Each year The WIZ likes to do a comparison between the three All-State selections.

This year The All-WIZ Team consisted of 5 teams and 25 Honor Mentions for a total of 50 players. The Bangor Daily All-State Team consisted of 3 teams and 26 Honor Mentions for a total of 41 players. The Portland Press All-State team consisted of their Top 10 players plus 20 Honor Mentions for a total of 30 players. The BDN and PPH Honor Mentions are listed in alphabetical order and The WIZ’s Honor Mentions are listed in no particular order.

In last year’s selection of the first team or top 5 players all three, The WIZ, BDN and the PPH had an identical list, but this year it is a little different. All three had Ryan Martin and Sam LeClerc on their 1st team. The ALL-WIZ and BDN also each had Mick DiStasio and The BDN and PPH each had Kyle Donovan on their list. The WIZ also had Thomas Knight and Jon McAllian. The BDN had Ryan Weston and the PPH had Keegan Hyland and Lee Suvlu on their list.

On the 2nd team all three had Derek.Libbey listed. The WIZ and the BDN each had Keegan Hyland listed. The BDN and PPH each had Jon McAllian, Thomas Knight and Kris Noonan listed. The WIZ also had Kyle Philbrook, Kyle Donovan and Ryan Weston

On the 3rd team The PPH does not have a 3rd team. The WIZ had Doug Alston, Lee Suvlu, James Morse, Sean Bergeron and Kris Noonan. The BDN had Adam Kingsbury, Andrew Pullen, Kyle Philbrook, Sam Bell and Jeff Winnie.

I think all three did an excellent job as all three have pretty much the same players listed just in different placements. If you look at the Top 10 all three had 8 of the same players listed and The WIZ and BDN each had 9 of the same players listed.

Biggest omissions or discrepancies:

Ryan Weston makes BDN’s 1st team, makes WIZ’s 2nd team, but does not make the PPH’s Top 10, but he is on their Honor Mention.
Lee Suvlu makes the PPH’s 1st team, makes WIZ’s 3rd team and he is not on the BDN’s top 3 teams, but he does make their Honor Mention.
Also I thought it was interesting that Indiana Faithfull makes WIZ’s 4th team but he is not even mentioned by the BDN or the PPH.
James Morse makes WIZ’s 3rd team, he is an Honor Mention by the BDN, but he is not mentioned by the PPH.
John Murphy makes WIZ’s 5th team, makes the PPH’s Honor Mention, but he is not mentioned by the BDN.
Finally Adam Kingsbury makes the BDN’s 3rd team and he makes WIZ’s 4th team and he is not mentioned by the PPH.

Here are the comparisons:

Player of the Year:


Sam LeClerc------------------******-------------Ryan Martin

Coach of the Year:


Phil Conley/Mike Adams----******---------------Bob Brown


1st Team-----------------------1st Team-----------Top 10

Sam LeClerc----------------Ryan Martin--------Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin----------------Sam LeClerc--------Sam LeClerc
Jon McAllian---------------Ryan Weston--------Kegan Hyland
Mick DiStaiso--------------Mick DiStasio--------Lee Suvlu
Thomas Knight-------------Kyle Donovan------Kyle Donovan


2nd Team----------------------2nd Team------------Top 10

Keegan Hyland------------Jon McAllian-----------Mick DiStasio
Kyle Philbrook------------Keegan Hyland---------Jon McAllian
Derek Libbey--------------Thomas Knight--------Thomas Knight
Kyle Donovan-------------Derek Libbey-----------Derek Libbey
Ryan Weston---------------Kris Noonan-----------Kris Noonan


3rd Team----------------------3rd Team----------------*****

Doug Alston---------------Adam Kingsbury-------------******
Lee Suvlu------------------Andrew Pullen---------------******
James Morse---------------Kyle Philbrook--------------******
Sean Bergeron-------------Sam Bell--------------------******
Kris Noonan----------------Jeff Winnie------------------******


4th Team--------------------******--------------------******

Jeff Winnie-----------------******---------------------******
Indiana Faithfull-----------******---------------------******
Andrew Pullen-------------******----------------------******
Gordon Fischer------------******----------------------******
Adam Kingsbury----------******----------------------******


5th Team--------------------******--------------------******

John Murphy---------------******----------------------******
Sam Bell--------------------******---------------------******
Ben Russell-----------------******---------------------******
Eric Prue--------------------******---------------------******


Honor Mention-----------Honor Mention--------------Honor Mention

Cal Shorey----------------Spencer Adams---------Spencer Adams
Marc Zaharachuk--------Doug Alston--------------Doug Alston
Antonio Juco-------------Will Bardaglio------------Will Bardaglio
Shaine Burks-------------Dominic Borelli-----------Ian Barwise
Dominic Borelli----------Alex Bowe-----------------Sam Bell
Eddie Bogdanovich------Paul Campbell------------Alex Bowe
Paul Campbell------------Reid Christian-----------Reid Christian
Jacob Moore--------------Collin Ciomei------------Andrew Dickey
Spence Adams------------Kyle Corrigan-----------Gordan Fischer
Ian Barwise---------------Lucas Denning----------Will Furbush
Ronald Abwoch----------Seth Dwyer---------------Jake Longstaff
Will Bardaglio------------Gordon Fischer----------Stefano Mancini
Jordan Leeman-----------Brad Haase---------------John Murphy
Stefano Mancini---------Trevor Higgins-------------Lucas O’Neil
Russ Mortland------------Orlando Holmes--------Kyle Philbrook
Kory Martin---------------Owen Jones---------------Andrew Pullen
John Klages---------------Trevor Miller--------------Kyle Sanborn
Alex Bowe----------------James Morse---------------Ryan Weston
Eric Thistle----------------Mike Poulin----------------Jeff Winnie
Jamie Sawyer-------------Ben Russell---------------Cameron York
Ethan Cushman----------Kyle Sanborn---------------******
Mike Poulin--------------Lee Suvlu--------------------******
Tom Ray-----------------Corey Therriault-------------******
Will Furbush-------------Rod Tirrell--------------------*****
Mike Lowell-------------Brady Vose------------------******
******-------------------Cameron York---------------******


Players to watch: Boys Lacrosse

Sport:   Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Players to watch: Boys Lacrosse
By Herald staff  |   Thursday, April 10, 2008  |  http://www.bostonherald.com  

Ryan Abely, Sr., MF, (Xaverian); Garrett Akie, Sr., G, (Dover-Sherborn); Scott Austin, Sr., A, (Duxbury); Matt Bak, Sr., G, (Marshfield); David Barton, Sr., G, BC High; Jon Blackwell, Sr., MF, (North Andover); Andrew Brown, Sr., MF, (Marshfield); Andrew Bourget, Sr., G, (Mansfield); Chuck Czerkawski, Sr., MF, (Cohasset); Davis Butts, Jr., MF, (Walpole); Kevin Cassata, Sr., A, (Hopkinton); Garrett Clark, Sr., D, (Hingham); Kyle Crowley, Jr., A, (Scituate); Tucker Delaney-Winn, Sr., A, (Winchester); Tim Finnegan, Sr., G, (Lowell); Mark Flibotte, Sr., A, (Cohasset); Matt Foster, Sr., MF, (North Andover); Tyler Gelnaw, Sr., MF, (Lexington); Brendan Grant, Sr., A, (Xaverian); Mike Grimm, Sr., A, (Cohasset); Peter Hanson, Sr., MF, (Andover); Brendan Hughes, Sr., MF, (Andover); Peter Jennings, Sr., MF (Wellesley); Pat Lawlor, Jr., A, (Hanover); Michael McCarthy, Sr., D (Malden Catholic); Wilson McGrail, Sr., D, (Wayland); Jake McGuinness, Sr., A (Barnstable); Greg Melaugh, Jr., A, (Billerica); Alex Mock, Sr., D, (Beverly); Mike Morrill, Sr., F, (Mansfield); Chris Murray, Sr., D, BC High; Greg Nash, Sr., A, (Walpole); Alex Paganelli, Sr., A, (Dover-Sherborn); Gus Quinzani, Sr., A, (Duxbury); Matt Rayner, Sr., D, (Andover); Alex Reinhard, Sr., D, (Framingham); Greg Reynolds, Jr., A, (Scituate); Chris Rigoli, Sr., A, (Xaverian); Joey Santullo, So., A, Concord-Carlisle; Mark Scalise, Sr., A, (St. John’s Prep); Matt Schairer, Sr., A, (King Philip); Curtis Serafini, Sr., A, (Westford); Brett Serriello, Jr., A (Barnstable); Ryan Shea, Sr., D (Needham); Jake Smith, Jr., D, (Medfield); Ben Snow, Sr., A, (Masconomet); Ben Stephen, Sr., G, (Needham); Craig Sullivan, Sr., D, (Duxbury); Derek Sweet, Sr., A, (Duxbury); Cord Tocci, Sr., A, (Arlington); Jared Tringale, Sr., D (Malden Catholic); Max Vaickus, Sr., G, (Hingham); Chris Walker, Sr., A, (Marshfield); Ryan Whittemore, Sr., D, (Walpole); A.J. Zarinski, Sr., A, (Swampscott); Max Zuccarini, Sr., A, (Medfield).


(Division 1)
1. DUXBURY (18-4) -- Why do we get the feeling that last year was the time to get the Green Dragons.

2. XAVERIAN (22-1) -- Hawks figure to give Duxbury its stiffest challenge in the postseason.

3. ANDOVER (16-5) -- Nice nucleus back from last year’s state semifinalists.

4. BILLERICA (18-3) -- Indians will rely heavily on Greg Melaugh to duplicate his 85-point effort of a year ago.

5. BC HIGH (15-5) -- Defense will be the Eagles’ calling card this year.

6. MARSHFIELD (15-4) -- One can’t accuse the Rams of scheduling cream puffs in the early going.

(Division 2)
1. MEDFIELD (23-2) -- Warriors entered the season with 74 consecutive wins in league play.

2. HINGHAM (10-10) -- The Max factor in goal could spell the difference for the Harbormen.

3. KING PHILIP (17-7) -- Former Medfield star Matt Schairer could be the free agent acquistion of the year, joining his father Steve (the school’s athletic director) at King Philip.

4. WALPOLE (16-5) -- Nice one-two punch back in Davis Butts and Greg Nash.

5. MANSFIELD (17-3) -- New coach Tim Frias didn’t find the cupboard bare.

6. WELLESLEY (18-5) -- Raiders will look to Peter Jennings for production and leadership early on.

(Division 3)
1. COHASSET (16-1) -- State champions are clearly the favorites to do it again.

2. DOVER-SHERBORN (17-4) -- Raiders gave Medfield all it could handle last week before falling.

3. SCITUATE (16-4) -- Sailors relying on juniors for offense.

4. SWAMPSCOTT (15-7) -- Big Blue is a program headed in the right direction.

5. HANOVER (14-7) -- Young team will mesh as the season goes on.

6. HAMILTON-WENHAM (10-10) -- Generals took Malden Catholic to the wire in the opener.
Article URL: http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/high_school/general/view.bg?articleid=1086186

Catholic Memorial 13, Franklin 3: Gloomy day for Panthers

Sport:   Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Catholic Memorial 13, Franklin 3: Gloomy day for Panthers
By Eric Ramsley/Daily News correspondent
The MetroWest Daily News

John Thornton/Daily News staff
Franklin's Kyle Kaufman handles a pickoff throw yesterday.

FRANKLIN — As gloomy as the weather was yesterday at Franklin High School, the mood on the diamond after the Panthers fell at the hands of Catholic Memorial made the overcast skies and scattered drops of rain seem like bright rays of sunshine.

But it wasn't the 13-3 final that so disheartened Franklin, but more the way that the score came about. Take away nine unearned runs and seven errors, and the Panthers would have been right in this one.

"Ugly. Very, very ugly," Panthers coach Dave Niro said after his squad lost for the first time this season. "It's probably one of the worst games ... well, we've only played three games, and that was the worst one so far."

The game started off smoothly enough for Franklin. Sammy Adler, making his first-ever varsity start, set CM down in order in the top of the first. In the bottom half, an error by Knights shortstop Anthony Peguero followed by singles from right fielder Drew Leenhouts and Adler gave the Panthers the bases loaded with two outs. But first baseman Kyle Kaufman couldn't knock anyone home, ending the inning with a pop-up to shortstop.

Adler escaped a mini-jam in the second, allowing the Knights only two runs (one earned), but the senior slinger wasn't as fortunate in the third inning.

After Peguero grounded out to start the third, CM loaded the bases on two hits and a walk, and then Adler walked left fielder Frank Tierney to bring the Knights' lead to 3-0.

Things started to get really ugly after that. Catholic Memorial scored four quick runs on a passed ball and two fielding errors before Niro replaced Adler with Rob Perrault. The Knights scored twice more before Perrault closed out the last two-thirds of the inning.

"We're trying to come out and score some runs early," said Catholic Memorial coach Hal Carey, "and fortunately we did. It wasn't all pretty, but we'll take the runs that we got."

As bad as things were going in the field for Franklin, its trips to the plate weren't much better. Freshman fastballer Matt Goreham, in just his second career start, pitched the complete game with five strikeouts and five hits surrendered.

"He's pretty damn good for a freshman, lemme tell you," said Niro. "He's bigger than I am. He did a great job, he threw nothin' but fastballs and we couldn't touch him."

The Panthers finally broke onto the scoreboard in the bottom of the fifth, when pinch-hitter Josh Fiske knocked a two-out single that plated center fielder Colin Gay from second base. Shortstop Pat Lawler followed with a two-run double that made the score 9-3, but it was as close as Franklin got.

The Knights responded with four runs in the top of the sixth, and the Panthers only managed one more baserunner the rest of the way.

"It went pretty poorly," said Leenhouts, a senior captain. "I think there were a bunch of plays in the beginning of the game that could have gone a different way. We're definitely a better team than that."

The Panthers did manage to find a silver lining in the loss, though. Niro was glad that his team chose today to have a sloppy game as opposed to Monday, when Hockomock League rival Oliver Ames comes to town.

"That's a good team (Catholic Memorial), and hopefully we can get to the playoffs and see them again," said Niro, "because I know they're not 10 runs better than us, I know that."

Algonquin 13, Hudson 3: T-Hawks charged by battery

Sport:   Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Algonquin 13, Hudson 3: T-Hawks charged by battery
By Pete Jones/Daily News correspondent
The MetroWest Daily News
Posted Apr 11, 2008 @ 09:42 PM

Marshall Wolff/Daily News staff
Algonquin's Graham Henningson (13) is greeted at home plate after one of his home runs Friday against Hudson.

NORTHBOROUGH — Junior catcher Graham Henningson and senior pitcher Mike Bonner turned out to be quite the battery yesterday for Algonquin.

Bonner submitted a stellar outing for the Tomahawks, throwing five strong innings to earn the win, but it was Henningson who stole the show. The first-year catcher blasted a pair of two-run home runs in his first two at- bats to spark the Tomahawks to an early advantage, as Algonquin cruised to a convincing 13-3 win over visiting Hudson.

Bonner gave up only two hits, two runs and struck out three over five innings of solid work, and Henningson finished 3-for-3 with a single, a walk and the two big blasts. Despite what coach Neil Burke calls a "very inexperienced pitching staff," all is well in Northborough as two-time defending Division 1 state finalist Algonquin is 3-0.

"We do hit the ball fairly well," said Burke. "Our pitching just needs to keep us in it ... but we're very inexperienced at that position."

Bonner looked anything but inexperienced yesterday. The right-hander, who was cut from last year's squad, showed good command with his fastball and used an effective change-up to keep a solid Hawks lineup off balance. He also did well against Hudson's No. 3-5 hitters - Matt Jacobs, Mike Wood and Mike Ryan - who combined for just one hit.

"He didn't pitch at all for us last year," said Burke. "He got cut last year but pitched in summer ball and he really improved. He pitched well today, that was nice."

Hudson starter Matt Jacobs and relief pitcher Evan Childs didn't fare nearly as well as their counterpart. Any mistake either of them made seemed to get hammered by the potent Algonquin lineup, which has scored 27 runs in three games. Jacobs went three innings, gave up seven runs on seven hits, struck out three and was credited with the loss.

"What can you say, we got dominated," said Hudson coach Brian Davis. "They put up numbers all day so we have a lot of work to do. Hopefully we'll get better. Sometimes you really have to get whacked good and see if you fall in the hole or come out and show some character, bounce back like a good program should."

Aside from the two homers by Henningson, Algonquin also received big blows from the likes of junior John McKenna (2-for-3 with two RBI doubles), freshman Kyle McGinnity (2-for-4 with an RBI double and a 3-run triple) and leadoff hitter Kevin Brown (3-for-5 with two singles and an RBI triple).

"Our team, overall, is hitting really well," said Henningson. "One through nine, everyone's hitting. I'm really excited about this year especially with the way we're hitting."

"We're hitting the ball pretty well," commented Burke. "We also have some speed at the bottom of the lineup so they can get on that way too."

As for the Hawks (2-1), a mainstay in the Division 2 ranks, yesterday could serve as a lesson learned the hard way. Hudson mustered very little offense and suffered through four hitless innings. Leadoff hitter Derek Palatino was the only Hawk with multiple hits.

"As bad as you get whacked, and we got whacked," commented Davis, "it only counts for one loss. We'll tip our hat to them, they're a great program. I like to think that we're a decent program too but we weren't today. The better team won today, there's no doubt about that."
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Taunton thinking long run

Sport:   Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Taunton thinking long run
Defending champs will lean on Wade

By Chris Estrada
Globe Correspondent / April 9, 2008

ERIN WADE Taunton's ace
ERIN WADE Taunton's ace

Will a mere 3 feet have a big effect on MIAA softball teams this season?

A rule change has moved the pitching rubber from 40 to 43 feet. Field changes aside, though, the postseason landscape shouldn't change much from last season.

Division 1 state champion Taunton, which beat Franklin, 6-0, in its season opener last Thursday, returns plenty of starters. Leading the way for the Old Colony League power is senior pitcher Erin Wade, who went 25-2 last season in earning the Globe's Division 1 Player of the Year honor. After two years of summer ball with the Rhode Island Thunder Gold AAU team, Wade is already used to the 43-foot mound. As a result, Taunton coach David Lewry isn't terribly worried about the new distance.

"I think Erin's adapted very well," he said. "Actually, she told me that she likes it better because it gives her more movement on her breaking balls . . . Our other pitchers will have more of an adjustment to it. They don't throw as hard, so they'll have to rely more on their breaking ball and on location than they did at 40 feet."

Taunton has several quality juniors, including left fielder Jess Moitoza and catcher Jess Furtado, who moves behind the dish after playing third base last season. Lewry said he's still experimenting at first base and left field.

"The outfield position will solve itself once I know what first base is," he said. "We've been working with various people, but I'm not real comfortable there yet."

Bishop Stang is loaded for another deep postseason run, although it will be tested by Eastern Athletic Conference rival Coyle-Cassidy, which beat the Spartans in last year's Division 2 South final. All nine starters are back for Stang, and it has senior leadership from top to bottom. Look for second baseman Brynn Hussey (team-high 32 RBIs last year) to play a key role. Both EAC favorites may see a familiar face in the tournament in Tri-Valley power Ashland, which finished 20-3 last season and is led by junior pitcher Nicole D'Argento.

New Bedford had to replace a whopping 10 players - including All-Scholastic pitcher Jocelyn Abaray - but it still has two major weapons with which to compete in the Big Three: senior catcher Tristyn Desrosiers and senior first baseman Chelsea Sampson.

In the Patriot League, Hanover will be led by All-Scholastic senior shortstop Lesley Guenard, who batted .548 last year to earn her third league all-star nod. In the South Coast Conference, expect Dighton-Rehoboth to thrive behind up-and-coming hurler Kyla Puccini, while in the Bay State League, Braintree brings back league all-stars Liz DiMascio on the mound and Laura McDonough at short.

The status quo appears set in the Merrimack Valley Conference, where Tewksbury and Lowell are the favorites in a stacked league. Both teams return a number of position players as well as their aces - Marissa Fiorentino for Tewksbury and Danielle Hebert for Lowell.

Lowell lost six starters, but with Hebert and pitcher/shortstop Shelby Moran back, coach Rick O'Brien is confident of his team's chances to make the postseason.

"[The players] know as well as the coaches do that there is no easy game in the MVC," he said. "Even teams that may be struggling as far as numbers are concerned, every game is tough. It's a real difficult league.

"What usually happens with us is, if we can make the tourney, we have the pitching and the offense that can do well, no matter where we are in it, because we've done well being the 12 seed or the 16 seed. It doesn't really matter."

Lexington is the defending Middlesex League champ for the first time in almost two decades. To stay on top, it will have to hold off Reading, which won the Division 1 North title in 2007 before falling to Taunton in the EMass final. The Rockets will be led by All-Scholastic and reigning league MVP Jen Abrams at catcher.

The Dual County League is strong up top with Acton-Boxboro and Concord-Carlisle. A-B reached the Division 2 North final last season, while C-C looks to replace Division 2 Player of the Year Kim Miner, who graduated. The Patriots have a strong lineup, including sophomore first baseman Georgia Guttaduaro.

North Andover came within one game of the Division 2 state final last season and will contend again in the Cape Ann League behind a strong returning cast. Expect an experienced Amesbury squad to stay with the Knights in the division. North Reading, the defending Division 3 state champion, returns most of its starters, including CAL all-star pitcher Caroline Gattuso (18-5, 0.58 ERA in 2007).

Weiss ready to compete at Tournament of Champions

Sport:   Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Weiss ready to compete at Tournament of Champions
The Courier-Gazette
By Mark Haskell

Aaron Weiss, an eighth grader at Rockland District Middle School, took second place in the Gene Mills Eastern Nationals. Mark Haskell

    BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. — It is no secret that Aaron Weiss is one of the best wrestlers in the Midcoast, regardless of age or weight class. But after taking part last weekend in a national wrestling tournament, he could be one of the best in the country.

Aaron Weiss, an eighth grader at Rockland District Middle School, took second place in the Gene Mills Eastern Nationals. Mark Haskell
    Weiss took second place in 16-wrestler bracket of the 155-pound cadet division weight class of the Gene Mills Eastern Nationals over the weekend in Baldwinsville, N.Y. at the Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena.

    “It was pretty awesome,” said Weiss. “The whole ride back all I could think was ‘wow.’”

    He now moves on to the Tournament of Champions in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, April 26, where he will compete against some of the best wrestlers in the country. He qualified for the tournament by winning the Marshwood Tournament at the Cumberland County Civic Center March 29. By taking second place in the Gene Mills tournament, he will be granted a higher seed in the Tournament of Champions.

    Mills, who oversees the Gene Mills Eastern Nationals, is a former New Jersey state wrestling champion and a high school national champion, as well as Syracuse University’s first four-time All-American in wrestling. He was also a 1980 U.S. Olympian and voted “Athlete of the Year” by the U.S. Olympic Committee. Mills compiled a career record of 1,356 wins and 46 losses.

    Weiss was sure of his abilities heading into the tournament, but also believes his being a relative unknown may have had something to do with his success.

    “I kind of went in as the underdog from Maine, and nobody really knew who I was,” said Weiss. “So it felt pretty good to come out [of the bracket to the finals].”

    Weiss defeated John Lake, Aiden, N.Y., 8-3; defeated Will Lloyd, Macedor, N.Y., 3-1; defeated Zack Morris, Corry, Pa., 6-2; and lost to Dickey Silverthorn, Duxter, N.Y., 6-3 in the finals.

    Weiss handled his defeat in the finals with grace. He talked with Silverthorn after the match about an abundance of things, such as how he conditions and how long he had been wrestling. Silverthorn, who is also an eighth grader, has had the benefit of competing against high school wrestlers all year.

    “In New York, eighth graders can get a special physical from their doctor and they are allowed to wrestle for their high school team,” said Weiss. “His father is also in the military and he had all this advanced training and everything, and he told me that I was one of his better matches. I didn’t mind losing to him, but I made a few mistakes I probably shouldn’t have.”

    Weiss received a wakeup call as far as training is concerned when Silverthorn informed Weiss that he runs seven miles a day every other day. That explained why Weiss was considerably more tired towards the end of their match as opposed to Silverthorn.

    “Down there the periods were a minute and a half, and normal periods are only a minute,” he said. “So by the third period I was pretty worn out and I just couldn’t keep up with the kid. He was too fast for me, so I’m going to start training harder.”

    The Tournament of Champions will be an even bigger test of endurance for Weiss. Instead of the typical three one-minute rounds format, the TOC has a rigorous three-minute round instead.

    “Conditioning is going to be the main thing,” said Weiss. “According to my coaches I don’t really need to learn anything more, I just need to condition and get in better shape.”

    Jacob Berry, a senior at Camden Hills Regional High School and a winner of three straight state championships in his weight class, will be working with Weiss to help him train for the Tournament of Champions.

    “We ran into him at Pizza Hut and asked him if he’d come down and help,” said Weiss. “So he’s going to come down and help and teach me a few things.”

    Weiss did a great job putting the experience in perspective, saying whether he won or lost in the tournament, the experience was a positive one.

    “This is only my fourth year wrestling, and most of these kids have been wrestling their whole lives,” said Weiss. “So just being there is great. I got second and it’s better than most kids dream of.”

    Younger brother and teammate Chris Weiss and teammate Matt Zable also took part in the tournament, with both turning in solid performances of their own.

    The younger Weiss competed in the 76-pound junior division, racking up a record of 2-2 in the tournament. Weiss defeated Dillon Kramer, Womelsdorf, PA, 6-1; lost to Jesse Porter, Bullston Lake, N.Y., 7-1; defeated Matt Dodge, Colchester, CT, 6-2; and lost to Danny Graham, West Waverly, N.Y., 7-1.

    Zable competed in the 95-pound cadet division, and finished with a 1-2 record. Zable was pinned by Jonathan Vaisey, town and pin time unknown; defeated John Goldthwaite, Phoenix, N.Y., 11-2; and lost to Paul Sughrue, Methuen, Mass, 6-3.

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Class A baseball preview: Bangor team to beat

Sport: Baseball  Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Class A baseball preview: Bangor team to beat

There are a few changes in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class A division this season. Gardiner, Erskine and Old Town dropped to Class B, and Mt. Blue moved from the South to North Division. One thing that didn't change, two-time defending regional champion Bangor is still considered the team to beat in Eastern Maine.

"With their enrollment, they should be good in everything they play," Lawrence baseball coach Wally Covell said of Bangor. "From tiddlywinks to baseball."

A majority of the central Maine teams are playoff contenders. Many return strong pitchers and veteran position players.

"Everyone's got one ace," Skowhegan coach Rick York said. "I'm looking forward to (the season)."

Covell returns one of the more experienced teams in the league. The Bulldogs lost just one starter to graduation and have eight seniors on the roster. Three pitchers who saw a lot of innings last season, John Flynn and lefties Nick Nelson and Nick Lee, all return to the Lawrence rotation. Sophomore Chris DeRaps and freshman Shawn Russell, another southpaw, could contribute on the mound as well.

"The pitching has been looking good. Obviously, a year of maturity helps," Covell said.

Flynn hit over .400 last season and leads the offense, along with designated hitter/first baseman Brian Manzo, third baseman Brock Lawrence and catcher Jack Hersom, who moves behind the plate from the infield. Lawrence will hit leadoff for the Bulldogs, and will once again be the catalyst for the team's aggressive style.

Skowhegan also returns a number of players, including ace pitcher Cody Vigue.

"(Vigue) was in a lot of big games for us last year," York said. "He pitched a lot of big games for us. He wants the ball."

The Indians return a trio of four-year starters -- catcher Les Marcue, center fielder Andy Calder and second baseman Jonathan Wheaton. Senior Matt Hisler is back at short.

Although Cony has just one senior, the Rams could be a surprise team in the KVAC this season. Many on the team have played at regional and national levels the past three seasons in Babe Ruth League.

"We've got tremendous depth and big-game experience at the younger levels," Cony coach Ray Vallee said. "Really what we need is for a couple of those young kids to prove themselves at the varsity level."

Senior Cory Nason anchors a pitching staff that also includes sophomores Ryan Minoty and Jake Beland. Junior Greg O'Neill leads the returning hitters and the rest of the lineup has excellent overall speed.

The Rams drew a couple of tough crossover opponents from the conference's northern division in Bangor and Brewer.

Messalonskee has three-year starters Tony Jacobs at catcher and Nick Curato in the outfield. The Eagles also return Chris Farrar, one of the top pitchers in the conference.

"Hopefully, (Farrar) will look a lot better this year, because he became a little bit known," coach Ray Bernier said. "That means he'll have to work twice as hard."

The Eagles are strong up the middle, with shortstop Josh Gilbert and second baseman Ray Bernier back as the double play combination. Coach Bernier said the corner infield spots are up for grabs.

Mt. Blue just missed the playoffs last season, finishing one point behind Edward Little for the final spot. With just four players returning, the Cougars hope to rebuild and make a run to the postseason.

Senior Joe Gilbert is the most experienced pitcher on the Mt. Blue roster. Sophomores Tim Smith, Alex Whitt and Ryan Backus will pitch as well.

"We're looking for (Gilbert) to carry the load early," Mt. Blue coach Craig Collins said.

Senior first baseman/outfielder Bobby Duley is Mt. Blue's top returning hitter. Junior Brad Dority is back at short and will pitch some.

New coach Jared Foster takes over a Nokomis team that has struggled in recent years, and won one game last season. In sophomore Derek Amoroso, Foster thinks he has a pitcher he can build around.

"He throws the ball hard, has a good breaking ball, and we're working on his changeup," Foster said.

Seniors Cody Johndro will serve as the designated hitter and could close some games. Casey Reynolds, also a senior, is back at first base.

Staff writer Gary Hawkins contribued to this report

Travis Lazarczyk -- 861-9242


KIA finishing up renovations

Sport: Hockey (Boys)  Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

KIA finishing up renovations

HALLOWELL -- Three white lights hanging over the center of the ice dim the barren Kennebec Ice Arena. An aura of fresh paint permeates the chilly air, and a sense of stillness is apparent.

The place looks and feels dead, but a closer examination reveals an awakening.

Power tools, paint rollers, yellow caution tape, brooms, extension cords, torches, propane tanks, ladders, shovels, and even chunks of Plexiglas are scattered throughout the 35-year-old arena.

There is still work to do before the renaissance is complete and the new-look arena is unveiled Tuesday with a public skate. However, much has been accomplished since the building closed March 17 for a massive and impressive makeover.

For starters, 5-year-old boards that once stood inside the former FleetCenter in Boston are installed. Bigger and thicker Plexiglas, also once property of the Boston Bruins, is in place as well. New penalty boxes and team benches are up as well.

"It's been a learning experience," said KIA rink manager K.C. Johnson. "We were afraid to rip this up in case we opened a can of worms. It was in rough shape."

Scott Peacock of Lakeland Associates, a West Gardiner construction business, helped install the boards. He said it took a four-person crew about a week to put up the boards.

"It was kind of fun," he said. "The whole job was different. It's been a blast really. It's been different than pounding nails, a good change."

Lakeland Associates is also putting in new flooring inside the arena, as well in the hallway leading to the four locker rooms.

"That will be recycled vinyl," Peacock said. "We still have some stuff to do."

The privately owned KIA purchased the boards and Plexiglas from the Boston Bruins Foundation for about $25,000 in the fall. New boards and glass can cost an arena up to $150,000. In November, pieces of the old FleetCenter -- the Bruins now play in the TD Banknorth Garden -- were shipped to Maine.

The KIA stored the parts at Everett J. Prescott Inc. -- a pipeline business in Gardiner -- during the winter. After the high school and Maine Moose junior hockey seasons concluded, Johnson and his seven-person crew went to work.

The old boards, which were donated to the Gardiner Youth Hockey Association for a possible outdoor rink, came out first. Next came the installation of the new boards, boxes and Plexiglas. Earlier this week, KIA crew members painted the rink's floor and began the tedious process of placing the new logos, lines, circles and creases.

Although at some arenas the logos and lines are painted, the KIA used a mesh-like substance produced by Amusement Media Inc. in Stafford, N.H.

The mesh, which comes pre-cut to size, is laid down before the surface is "misted" with a thin coat of ice. That thin coat holds the mesh in place, as water seeps through the holes to create a suction-like effect. Once complete, the floor is flooded to create the ice surface.

"We did a quick misting over the paint to seal the ice," said Johnson. "That took a good day to do."

The new Plexiglas differs greatly from the old. The new Plexiglas is 8 feet tall at each end of the rink and 6 feet tall on the sides. The old, marked up glass was 6 feet tall at the ends and 4 feet tall on the sides. Furthermore, the new stuff is a half-inch thick; the old Plexiglass was three-eighths inches thick. That extra thickness will help the glass better absorb contact.

Other changes to the arena include new carpeting around the rink and in the locker rooms.

"It's been quite the experience," Johnson said. "Our goal is to get up and open by April 15, and we're sticking to that."

The KIA will be open for a public skate April 15, beginning at 11:30 a.m. The arena will host a Community Day on April 19, which includes a free public skate from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Bill Stewart -- 623-3811, ext. 515


Brewer seeking hitting boost to go with formidable pitching

Sport: Baseball  Posted: April 12th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Brewer seeking hitting boost to go with formidable pitching
By Ernie Clark
Saturday, April 12, 2008 - Bangor Daily News

BREWER, Maine — The Brewer High School baseball team relied on pitching and defense to reach last year’s Eastern Maine Class A championship game.

This spring the Witches hope the addition of a more consistent hitting attack will lead to even greater success.

"Last year we went to the Eastern Maine championship and we had one guy hit over .300," said Brewer coach David Morris.

"We had pitching and defense, but hopefully we can hit the ball better this year," he said. "We’re really doing a lot of talking about hitting right now because we have the physical tools but I’m not sure if we’re there mentally yet. We’ve been really working on a lot of mental toughness and situational hitting."

Brewer graduated some key contributors — first baseman Brad Brown, second baseman Rick Adams and pitcher Jim Nicknair among them — from last year’s team, which won 11 of 14 games after a 2-2 start to earn its second trip to the EM final in the last four seasons.

But there’s a veteran nucleus back both on the mound and in the field — with most of the returnees buoyed by additional high-quality experience at the American Legion level.

"We lost a couple of core guys, but we’ve got some young kids who I think are going to step up to fill in the holes," said senior pitcher-first baseman Prentiss Swett. "We only have one sophomore, no freshmen and a lot of juniors and seniors. We’ve got a lot of veterans; we’re an older team."

Senior Greg Higgins returns to anchor the pitching staff, along with sophomore Eric White. Swett, Billy Bissell and Chase Daniels — who emerged during last summer’s American Legion Zone 1 tournament — provide talented depth, with Swett and Bissell likely to see some duty as the team’s closer.

"I think what we’re really pleased with so far this spring is that the pitching’s been pretty decent," said Morris. "Overall, there’s a confidence in our pitchers that we’re pleased with because that’s definitely one area where we have some guys returning."

Senior Caleb Smith anchors the infield as a third-year starter at shortstop.

Swett and Higgins both will see duty at first base, while White and senior Mike Kotredes will play third. Several candidates are vying to replace Adams at second, including Coby Hutchins and Kyle O’Connell.

White and senior Shun Sasaki are returning starters in left and center field, while the strong-armed Bissell will play right. Jon Thoms and Andy Bush are the top catching candidates.

"I think we’ve got a lot of kids who hit the ball well," said Swett, who will bat in the middle of the lineup. "We’ve got a lot of contact hitters, too, who we can work in the top and the bottom of the order, and if they’re on base, we’ve got some guys in the middle of the order who can drive them in."

Rams' seniors eyeing return to state final

Sport: Baseball  Posted: April 11th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Rams' seniors eyeing return to state final
By Ernie Clark
Thursday, April 10, 2008 - Bangor Daily News

BANGOR, Maine - Ian Edwards, Kyle Vanidestine and Shane Walton are developing quite a baseball legacy at Bangor High School.

As sophomores, they started on a state championship team. As juniors last spring, they helped extend the program’s winning streak to 30 games en route to a second straight Eastern Maine Class A title.

But the season ended on a downer — an 11-4 loss to Deering of Portland in the state final — a fact that adds to their motivation level as the trio prepares for their senior seasons.

"Right after that [Deering] game we were saying ‘next year,’" said Edwards. "It was hard to say it around the seniors, but with our class and the then-sophomore class that’s the first thing we said, that we’ve got to get back to that game next year and prove them wrong."

The Rams, 19-1 last year and 37-3 over the last two seasons, suffered some significant graduation losses, as catcher Gordon Webb, outfielder Tom Crews and pitcher-first baseman Alex Gallant are all playing collegiately this spring.

"Tom and Gordy and Alex had such great offensive years that they’re going to be tough to replace," said Rams coach Jeff Fahey.

Edwards, Vanidestine and Walton — all first-team All-Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class A North choices last spring — should fill the leadership void, and will team with junior outfielder Ryan Larochelle, a second-team All-KVAC choice, to provide much of the offensive punch.

Bangor also returns middle infielders John Cox and Chad Kelley, as well as veterans Tyler McDade and Tyler Brookings.

"Ian, Shane and Kyle have been big members of the team for three years, but other guys like myself need to step up this year," said Cox, a senior shortstop.

"Last year we had a ton of depth, even with the kids who weren’t playing much. But everyone’s going to have to step up this year, and I think we have some players who will surprise people."

Bangor returns its top two pitchers in 2007 KVAC Class A North player of the year Edwards (7-1 with four shutouts) and junior Jordan Clarke (8-0).

They’ll be joined by junior lefthander Zane Gray as well as some promising pitchers up from the junior varsity as the Rams seek to eliminate a lack of pitching depth that caught up with the team in last year’s state final.

"We’re not going to make the same mistake we made last year where we kind of hoped Alex would be back for the playoffs," said Fahey. "He was close, and we thought he was going to be able to go and then he wasn’t and we really kind of hung ourselves when we didn’t have that No. 3 guy."

That pitching depth will be tested during a regular season that features a slightly revised schedule. Former foes Old Town and Erskine Academy of South China have dropped to Class B, and Bangor will have three new opponents in Cony of Augusta, Mt. Blue of Farmington and Brunswick.

"Overall I think this is probably the most competitive league Bangor’s ever been in, even going back 25 years," said Fahey, who brings a 106-24 record into his eighth season as the Rams’ coach.

While Bangor may not have quite as many lopsided victories this season as it did a year ago when 10 of its wins came via the 10-run rule, the Rams are optimistic that they will remain among the top contenders to return to the state final.

"We’d like to finish strong this year and get another title," said Vanidestine, who may move to center field after playing right the last two seasons. "I know a lot of people are thinking we’re not the team we were last year. We definitely lost some good players, but we’ve got some underclassmen coming up who if they step up will be pretty good."

"Senior year, I think we’re just looking to give it our best shot," added the University of Maine-bound Walton. "Obviously we want to get back to the last game and come out on top, but we’re just going to take it one game at a time, really, and do what we can and see how it goes."

Where the Rams hope their season will go is where it went each of the last two years — to the final game.

"I’m just looking forward to another good season," said Edwards, who will play football and baseball at Bowdoin College in Brunswick next year. "We’ve had two great seasons, and I’m just looking for the same this year.

"I want to go out on top, as they say, and hopefully with this group we can do it."

Match in national meet puts Caribou wrestler in spotlight

Sport:   Posted: April 10th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Match in national meet puts Caribou wrestler in spotlight
By Ernie Clark
Wednesday, April 09, 2008 - Bangor Daily News

Carlin Dubay of Caribou lost eight times as a freshman, but only four more times through his final three seasons, and none as a senior, including a New England title.

Carlin Dubay had a season unmatched in Maine high school wrestling history this winter.

The Caribou High School senior went 54-0, winning not only his third straight Class B state championship at 103 pounds but also a New England championship and All-American status.

And with the publication of the April 7 edition of Sports Illustrated, Dubay received two pages of national exposure with a picture of his first-round match at the recent National High School Coaches Association Senior National Wrestling Championships.

Dubay admittedly wasn’t the focal point of the photo, which featured him wrestling against Dustin Carter of Hillsboro (Ohio) High School — a quadruple amputee who nevertheless went 41-2 for his high school team this winter while reaching the quarterfinals of the Ohio state tournament.

"It was pretty cool," said Dubay of the photo, which showed Carter unsuccessfully attempting to flip him over. "The picture wasn’t really about me, it was about him, but just being in Sports Illustrated was cool."

Dubay heard shortly after he arrived at the nationals at Virginia Beach, Va., that there was a competitor in his weight class without arms or legs, and he soon learned that Carter would be his first opponent.

"I realized before I fought him that it was going to be a completely different strategy," said Dubay. "I didn’t prepare any differently, but in my mind I knew my strategy was going to have to be different to wrestle a guy without arms and legs."

Carter, who had both legs amputated above the knees, his right arm amputated below the elbow and his left arm amputated just above the elbow due to a life-threatening blood infection at age 5, used his considerable upper body strength to stay competitive throughout the match.

Dubay eventually scored a 1-0 victory, scoring a point at the start of the second period when Dubay chose the down position and Carter then chose neutral, essentially enabling Dubay to earn the pivotal point on an escape.

"My strategy pretty much didn’t work at all," said Dubay, who nevertheless exerted control for much of the match and withstood several attempts by Carter to score a takedown once both wrestlers were on the mat.

"It was pretty much a 50-50 match," said Dubay, who finished his high school career with a 162-12 record, with eight of those losses coming as a freshman.

"There were some close calls, but I did what I needed to do to win it," said Dubay.

That victory eventually enabled Dubay to finish sixth in his weight class at the nationals, thus earning All-American honors.

Dubay, who will attend Northern Maine Community College in Presque Isle this fall, currently is participating in preseason workouts with the Caribou outdoor track team. He will compete in the pole vault, long jump and sprints for the Vikings.

Dubay also said he may compete in one final wrestling event, the Maine-Nebraska Friendship Series scheduled in Nebraska this summer.

Bryant Gets Point Guard

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: April 9th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Bryant Gets Point Guard

True point guards can be one in a million these days, which is why anytime a program is able to land one it is a major acquisition.  Bryant College did just that on Wednesday.

When you scroll up and down the list of prospects in New England, or any part of the country for that matter, you will always find more guards than any other position.  As the old saying goes, guards are a “dime a dozen”.  Or as college coaches would tell you, “everybody has got guards” referring to the virtually endless supply of perimeter players that think they have the game to play on the division I level.

But in the age of alley-oop passes, ankle breaking cross-overs, and the And 1 Mixtape Tour, finding a true point guard is a difficult task.  True point guards aren’t just little guys who are good with the ball…they are floor generals, who understand the nuances of the game, and make their teammates better…they pass the ball not just to pile up assists but to initiate offense, they defend, they take charges, they dive on the floor, they value each possession, they score…but only when they have to, they lead, and above all else they win.   

Bryant College was one of many schools in search of such a player this year.  On Wednesday they found what they were looking for as Sam Leclerc offered his verbal commitment.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Leclerc’s basketball resume is his history of winning.  Most recently, he led his Winthrop High School team to a Class C state championship as they defeated a Calais team that was riding a 63 game winning streak.  During last summer’s AAU season he led MBR to a surprise run through the national tournament field as they finished as the 11th best team in the country.

And whether it is for Winthrop or MBR, Leclerc has shown a rare ability to provide his team with whatever the situation demands.  In other words, while he is a player who prefers to act as more of a distributor, he has proven himself more than able to put points on the board in a hurry when his team needs it.  The state championship game was a terrific example as he finished with a game high 28.  At Nationals it was a 27 point performance in a win over Mississippi’s Jackson Panthers that pushed MBR to the sweet 16.

Leclerc jumped onto the recruiting scene at the 2006 New England Elite 75 Showcase, when everyone is the gym was asking, “who’s the kid who keeps throwing the great passes?”  What he showed that day is still true today…he is at his best when surrounded by talented players.  And that’s exactly why he is such a great addition for Bryant Head Coach Max Good and his staff as they have found the ideal team player to guide them through their first four years at the division I level.  

Mejia Ready for Next Challenge

Sport:   Posted: April 9th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Mejia Ready for Next Challenge

The Lawrence Academy point guard has both the game and the mindset to make an immediate impact upon arriving on URI’s campus next year.

The Greater Boston All-Star Game was bitter sweet for Stevie Mejia.  It marked the last official game he would play before arriving at the University of Rhode Island in the fall.  But the point guard is ready for that challenge as he hopes to play his way into some immediate minutes

“I’m very excited,” said Mejia.  “I will be playing with a great shooter in Jimmy Baron and in a great environment.  I just can’t wait to be a part of it.”

Exactly what Mejia’s role will be next season is still in doubt.  While URI’s starting point guard, Parfait Bitee, will graduate in May leaving a vacancy in the first unit, Mejia will have plenty of competition for the spot as he battles a fellow New England product in current freshman and former St. Thomas More lead guard Marquis Jones.

“I’m looking forward to going up there and working hard,” Mejia said.  “Whether it is five minutes a game or twenty, all I’m trying to do is give them whatever they need.”

That’s exactly what the point guard did over the last two years as he starred at Lawrence Academy.  Last season, he led the team to the NEPSAC Class C title in only his first year at the school.  Despite losing to St. Mark’s in this year’s final, Mejia has left a lasting legacy at Lawrence Academy.

“It was a great experience for me,” Mejia said of his time at LA.  “The coaches got me to the level where I’m currently at, and the school itself prepared me academically for college.”

Mejia may already have a game that is tailor made for the college level.  He is a steady floor general who knows how to get his teammates shots and can put the ball in the basket himself when necessary.  So with such an impressive resume already developed, what is the point guard working on before he arrives at the Rhode Island campus?

“A lot of pull-ups and floaters so that I’ll be able to get my shot off in the lane,” he said.  “and of course a lot of shooting and ball-handling.”

Fortunately for local fans we’ll be able to watch the next chapter of Stevie Mejia’s career as he stays home in New England.

Beaudry has SPM rolling

Sport:   Posted: April 9th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Beaudry has SPM rolling


Burncoat’s Kristen Hurley slides safely into home in the first inning as SPM catcher fields the late throw. (RICH DUGAS)

WORCESTER— It may be early April, but St. Peter-Marian softball coach John Pace has officially discovered an important characteristic of his team. The Guardians are unfazed by back-to-back games against formidable opponents on the road.

Just 24 hours after blanking Wachusett Regional with Melissa Beaudry on the mound, St. Peter-Marian traveled to rival Burncoat yesterday and got another solid effort from its hard-throwing right-hander. Beaudry went the distance and struck out eight in leading the Guardians to a 7-5 nonleague victory over a youth-laden Patriots’ contingent that featured three freshmen infield starters.

Burncoat, ranked ninth in the T&G Poll, got a standout all-around effort from Kristen Hurley, a junior right-handed pitcher. She went the distance and struck out 10. Hurley helped her cause with a two-run triple in the first inning.

“Our kids were nervous but our young infielders kept their heads up, talked and played well,” Burncoat coach Meg Curtin said. “The one bad inning hurt us, but my girls came right back. They didn’t get down, they didn’t give up. The girls played very hard, and I’m proud of them. We were nervous, but nervous is good. There’s things to work on, but we’ll be OK.”

As Curtin noted, the Guardians did most of their damage in the third inning, scoring five runs to erase a 3-1 deficit.

Beaudry knocked in the first run when she doubled home leadoff batter Toni Scola, who had singled. Jill Benson’s double delivered Beaudry with the tying run. After a walk to Elyce Roy, Kristen Landers belted St. Peter-Marian’s third double of the inning, scoring Benson. Liz Griffin followed with a two-run single, scoring pinch runner Kayla Milewski and Landers.

“This was a good game, and both teams played well with few mistakes defensively, but it’s just nice to get out and get started,” Pace said.

Burncoat went down swinging, scoring single runs in the sixth and seventh innings. Ashlee Moore singled in the sixth inning and advanced two bases, on a passed ball and an infield error. She scored on Danielle Driscoll’s infield out. Hurley was hit by a pitch in the seventh and scored on an error.

The Patriots overcame a 1-0 deficit with a three-run splurge in the first. Chelsea Kaczowka led off with a double, and Breanne Bisceglia singled. Hurley followed with a booming two-run triple. Brianne Kewley’s single scored Hurley.

The Boston Herald presents the stars of Eastern Mass.

Sport:   Posted: April 9th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

The Boston Herald presents the stars of Eastern Mass.

By Herald staff  http://www.bostonherald.com  |  Other High School
Charlestown’s Omar Aden.
Charlestown’s Omar Aden.

Omar Aden


The Boston City League champion since his freshman year, Aden owned the Reggie Lewis Center in the mile. The junior used his ferocious kick to chalk up wins in the Class B, state and New England championships and the Coaches Elite Invitational. Aden finished fourth at the national meet and wound up with a personal best of 4:13. A BCL All-Star, Aden is an honor roll student and member of the National Honor Society.

Shaddi Ali


This enormously talented senior has a personal best of 6-foot-7 in the high jump. Ali cracked the top 10 at nationals with a ninth-place, 6-5 showing. He finished sixth in the New Englands and third at the state meet. Ali was third in Class A and put up another top three finish at the Coaches Elite Invitational. He is looking at UMass-Lowell and Westfield State.

Ryad Bencheikh


Only a junior, Bencheikh was one of the most electrifying athletes at the Reggie Lewis Center this winter. He clocked a 48.5 split in a leg of the 4 x 400 relay and destroyed the 600 field to capture the state title with a sterling 1:21.93. Benchedkh was an easy winner in Class B and cleared 6 feet in the high jump. He also added a Coaches Elite Invitational victory to a fourth-place finish in the MSTCA pentathlon.

Chris Conway

Bishop Feehan

The Class C champion in the 55-meter hurdles, Conway rebounded from a second-place finish in the state championships to capture the New England title. The Eastern Athletic Conference champion still holds the Auerbach Freshman/Sophomore Championships meet record. Conway, a senior, was 15th at the Nike Indoor Nationals in the 60-meter hurdles and attained All-America honors with Feehan’s third-place showing in the shuttle hurdles.

Robert Gibson


Inarguably the best distance runner in New England, Gibson clocked a 4:19.58 mile at the nationals a week after taking the New England title at 3,200 meters. Gibson toyed with the state 2-mile field before sprinting home for a dominant win. The senior eased off near the finish line to take second behind teammate Mike Burnstein in the Class A meet.

Jimm Guerrier


Guerrier was a double threat all season for the Boxers, taking second in the 300 and sixth in the long jump at the Coaches Elite Invitational. The junior finished fifth in the Class A 300 before placing a solid second in the state meet and seventh at New Englands. Guerrier was the Tri-County 300 champion and finished second in the long jump. He was selected as a league all-star.

Chris McConnell


Before he’s done, McConnell could wind up as the best sprinter in New England history. He finished just shy of Darius Walker’s 55-meter record in winning the Class A title. Only a sophomore, McConnell captured the state title and finished a sterling third in the New England championships. The Coaches Elite Invitational champion, McConnell broke the meet record in the Auerbach Large Schools Championships.

Mike McPherson


Third in the shot put at the New England championships, McPherson had a best throw of 58 feet during the indoor campaign. The senior captured the Class B and state titles. McPherson was a Hockomock League All-Star and was victorious in the league championships. His fourth-place finish at nationals was more than good enough for All-America honors. McPherson is considering UMass-Lowell, Bentley, UMass-Amherst and Coastal Carolina.

Enoch Mills

Boston English

One of the premier athletes in Boston, Mills enjoyed a sterling indoor campaign capped with a long jump of 22 feet, 10 inches to win the New England title. He had a huge state meet by capturing the long jump and finishing second to Andover’s Chris McConnell in the 55-meter dash. Mills was second in the Class A long jump and raced to third in the 55.

Brett Sullivan


The heart and soul of Woburn’s state championship team, Sullivan was the Coaches Elite Invitational champion in the 1,000. After finishing second to Gloucester’s Liam Anastasia-Murphy in Class B championships, Sullivan pulled slightly ahead of Anastasia-Murphy to win the state title in a wicked battle down the final straightaway.

4 x 200


This team of Tom DiNatale, Steve Comis, Kevin Meleshuk and Ian O’Shea rose to the occasion in the big meets. After a second-place finish to record-setting Woburn where at the Class B meet, Reading went on to defeat the Tanners in the state meet with a new mark of 1:30.56. The team’s 1:31.64 in the McIntyre Elite Relays was good for a first-place medal.

4 x 400


An amazingly talented lineup, Mike McDonough, Dan Tobin, Ryad Bencheikh and Brett Sullivan turned away the competition at the national meet to win in a blazing 3:19.16. Woburn shattered the Class B meet record with a swift 3:23.11. The 3:23.51 turned in at the Coaches Elite Invitational gave the Tanners a solid win. The team won the state title in a meet record and also finished first at the McIntyre Elite Relays with a 3:24.92.

4 x 800


A talented foursome of Liam Anastasia-Murphy, Austin Sousa, Alex Trotsky and Andrew Ryan edged out a formidable Brookline squad to capture the state title. The team’s time of 8:10.59 at the Class B championships was a new meet record. Gloucester finished second in the Northeastern Conference championships and took home first at the McIntyre Elite Relays.

The Herald Team

Omar Aden Junior Mile Charlestown

Shaddi Ali Senior High jump Stoneham

Ryad Bencheikh Junior 600 Woburn

Chris Conway Senior 55 hurdles Bishop Feehan

Robert Gibson Senior 2-mile Brookline

Jimm Guerrier Junior 300 Brockton

Chris McConnell Sophomore 55 meters Andover

Mike McPherson Senior Shot put Mansfield

Enoch Mills Junior Long jump Boston English

Brett Sullivan Senior 1,000 Woburn

4x200 relay Reading

4x400 relay Woburn

4x800 relay Gloucester
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