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EAST / WEST CHALLENGE - Dec. 2 - Westbrook HS

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: December 1st, 2008 by Tom Nolette

A few boys basketball games of great interest in this one.... 3 of the top 10 teams in the state will be participating.. See you all there..

DECEMBER 2, 2008


Directions to
125 Stroudwater Street, Westbrook , ME
- From Maine Turnpike take Exit 47 – turn left at light.
- Take Forest Street exit – turn left at stop sign.
- Turn right onto Stroudwater Street.
- High school will be on your left.

Mayer eager for new challenge as Buc coach

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: December 1st, 2008 by Tom Nolette

THOMASTON (Nov 30): The Georges Valley girls basketball team will have a new head coach calling the shots on the sidelines this season as Danielle Mayer is about to embark on her first varsity coaching position.
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BullDog Classic Recap

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: November 30th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

The Oak Hill Raiders got a strong start to their 2008/09 season with a 3 game sweep at the annual BullDog Classic. On friday they took care of KVAC rival Gardiner 49-47. On Saturday it was Richmond first, and the Bobcats came in quite short having lost one starter to tonsillitis and another to a broken ankle. Oak Hill prevailed 60-38 with Coach Dan Sabine using his bench liberally. The nightcap of the event was Oak Hill vs HallDale, a back and forth affair with the BullDog controlling the 2nd and 3rd periods. Oak Hill stepped up their defense and outscored HallDale by 13 in the final frame for the win.

Sun Journal All-Region Football Player of the Year: Staires a bruising back

Sport: Football  Posted: November 30th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Staires' feet - and feats - became the stuff of legend in Rumford and Mexico and throughout the far-flung Class B division of the Campbell Conference.

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Valley dedicates gym to Littlefield

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: November 30th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

In June, Littlefield retired after 31 years as Valley's varsity boys basketball coach. On Saturday, the school showed its appreciation by dedicating the gym to Littlefield between the boys and girls alumni basketball games.

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Former Windjammer Parent off to strong collegiate start

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: November 29th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

NASHUA, N.H. (Nov 26): Allie Parent, a former Windjammer basketball standout, is making a strong first impression at Rivier College and throughout the Great Northeast Athletic Conference. Parent, a 2008 Camden Hills Regional High School graduate, is studying marketing and playing basketball for the Raiders.

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Davis replaces Pratt at helm of Viking ship

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: November 29th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

 VINALHAVEN (Nov 28): For the first time in 13 seasons, the Vinalhaven High School girls basketball program will be moving forward without one of its most recognizable pieces: It's coach.  Lindsay Davis, 28, a former standout player for the Vikings, will succeed Torry Pratt as the Vikings' coach. Davis, whose maiden name is Carter, played for Pratt.

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(preview) Houdlette takes over in Richmond

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: November 29th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

RICHMOND — One might enter the Richmond gym this season and think maybe they were in the wrong place. Gone is the coach of 18 years, Paul Lancaster. Gone are the five players who started last year and led the Bobcats to the state championship game two of the last three years.

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Hockey season is upon us

Sport: Hockey (Boys)  Posted: November 27th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Here are a few things to look for as we prepare for some good, cold times in the Kennebec Ice Arena, Sukee Arena or any other outpost where the high school game is played.

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Peter Gribbin is the voice of Turkey Day, a man who's seen each game since 1949, and announced them since '66.

Sport: Football  Posted: November 27th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

At 10:30 this morning, Peter Gribbin will be in his familiar seat as the public-address announcer for the Thanksgiving Day football game. As the Portland High announcer, he's called all but one Turkey Day Game since 1966.

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Fort Kent’s Ouellet solid fit at Saint Joseph’s

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: November 27th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Aroostook County ball is synonymous with the fast-break and transition game, so it should be no surprise a player from Fort Kent High School has fit in nicely with the run-and-gun Saint Joseph’s College Monks. Still, the sight of the 6-foot-7, 275-pound Mitch Ouellet on the court with his much shorter —and much faster — teammates offers quite a contrast.

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Gibson authors L-A hoop history

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: November 27th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Gibson, a social studies teacher at Auburn Middle School, has penned a 74-page paperback book, "History of Edward Little/Lewiston Basketball."

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Schroeder glides in as Midcoast Ice Cats' coach

Sport: Hockey (Boys)  Posted: November 26th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

The Midcoast Ice Cats is a cooperative high school club team open to players from area high schools that do not offer ice hockey as a varsity sport. Players from Rockland, Georges Valley, Medomak Valley, Mount View in Thorndike, Richmond, Camden Hills, Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Watershed School in Rockland and Belfast have made up the team in the past.

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Waterville’s Frame picks Saint Anselm

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: November 26th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Morgan Frame has been a dominating force in the Eastern Maine Class B basketball landscape for the past few years. Her imposing presence in the paint has spearheaded Waterville’s run of 44 consecutive victories and two consecutive Class B state championships. The 6-foot-1 senior center will take that presence to Division II Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. next year.

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Wiz Words: The Bird’s The Word, A WIZ Family Gathering

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: November 26th, 2008 by Tom Nolette

Words from the WizThis week let’s talk about the Bird. No I’m not talking about Larry Legend and I’m not talking about the former Bonny Eagle star Jon Bird, nor am I talking about the former great northern Bird from Presque Isle Fred Bird and I’m not talking about the two modern day Birds the former Washburn Bird Zach or the Lee Academy Bird Tommy. I’m talking about the Thanksgiving Day Bird. The Turkey Bird! Traditionally on Thanksgiving Day most families will gather together and give thanks for everything that we have today and they will celebrate by eating turkey and watching football games. At the WIZ family gathering we will have that Bird, we will do that football thing, but as usual the talk will quickly turn to high school hoops. Always does and it will probably happen just as we sit down to eat that Bird. The conversation will go something like this:

WIZ’s Wife: WIZ you ready to carve that Bird! That’s a job that I some how get every year. In our family everyone does a little something to help out with the big feast and some how I am elected every year to carve that Bird. But that’s fine with me as I always say, “It beats doing the dishes”. Then we will sit down at the table to eat that Bird and the Bball talk will probably get started by the brother of WIZ.

WIZ’s Brother: Well WIZ it’s that time of year again H.S. hoops is here. Who do you like to go all the way in Class A this year WIZ?

WIZ:  I’m going to pick the Cheverus Stags to repeat Bro. Coach Brown has a ton of talent. I love the Indiana Faithfull kid he can handle the rock and his has such great court vision. And Mick DiStasio is back for his senior year, and when he is on he can hit from anywhere on the court, plus they still got Dan Foster and Peter Foley, along with the very talented Lenny Cummings kid. Give Brownie that kind of talent and he will bring you championships.

WIZ: Pass the Turkey please.

WIZ’s Brother: what about Barwise WIZ? I heard he is not at Cheverus anymore.

WIZ: He might be playing for Thornton this year and if he does the Golden Trojans will be very tough. Put him with James Morse and Thornton will be a force this year. Portland will be tough again to with big Eddie Bog and “King Kong’ Koang Thok. I also like South Portland with “The Kid” Keegan Hyland he will “Light-Up” the Christmas Trees early in South Portland this year. The West will be exciting!

WIZ’s Brother: Who do you like over in the East WIZ?

WIZ: I love the Cougars of Mt. Blue this year. Coach Bessy has most of his players back. The Russell kid had a great summer and this team will be very quick, but the East will be a dog fight again this year.

Grandpa WIZ: What about Bangor WIZ? Roger Reed has had you eating crow so much in the past I was beginning to think you liked crow better than turkey.

WIZ: Dad you know I hate that crow crap. You’re starting to sound like all them Eastern Maine fans. I call it like I see it. Bangor lost 12 players from last year dad, they will be good, but I don’t think they have quite enough, but who knows Roger Reed has proved me wrong before. Seems when I go against them, they end up doing it. Last year I picked them and Cheverus beats them. Go figure.

WIZ: Pass the peas please.

WIZ Brother: Who else will be good in the East?

WIZ: Hampden and Edward Little will be right there and you got to watch out for Brewer and Skowhegan.

WIZ Jr.: How is Class B looking this year dad? Is Cape going to be good again this year?

WIZ: Well son as a matter of fact Cape is going to be very good again. I have them winning the West. Coach Ray does a great job; he gets 110% out of his players. Alex Bowe is back (kid is tough) along with Johnny Messina and the big guy Fox, plus Andrew Dickey and Cameron Brown.

Grandpa WIZ: What about Greely son I heard they are going to be good this year?

WIZ: They will be very good dad. They did lose that great 3 point shooter Spencer Adams, but everyone else is back. I really like the Young kid and Trevor Tierney is an excellent player as well. They will give Cape a battle that’s for sure and who knows Greely could very well take the West.

WIZ: More Stuffing please.

WIZ’s Brother: How about B East this year WIZ? Who’s looking good over there?

WIZ: Camden Hills Bro they are loaded this year. Coach Hart has so much talent. He loses Paul Campbell but that’s about it. He’s got one of the states top players Gordon Fischer back; he’s got Tyler McFarland and Keifer Lamni and The WIZ’s # 1 Sophomore Graham Safford and Jimmy Weffering also. And he’s got plenty of bench to go to too. Camden will win a lot of games by big scores this year. They are very quick and they will create a lot of turnovers for easy baskets. I think the Windjammers take the Gold this year. The East won’t be easy though Mattanawcook, Maranacook, and Hermon will be very good this year.

WIZ: Hey! Pass me some of that squash over there will ya!

Grandpa WIZ: What’s up with Maranacook son? The Martin kid is gone isn’t he?

WIZ: Yep dad he is at UMaine this year. The big 3 are all gone Martin, Poulin and Bardaglio. What a career they had.

WIZ’s Wife: How’s the turkey everyone?

WIZ: Delicious dear it always is, you did an excellent job again.

WIZ: Pass the gravy please?

WIZ Jr. Wife: Who’s looking good for cheerleaders this year WIZ?

WIZ: No idea. Like I tell you every year I don’t follow cheering, but I will say this again though: It appears to me that cheering squads are getting smaller and smaller every year and a lot of schools don’t even have cheering anymore. I am not totally sure what the problem is, but I do know that a lot of schools are following this “Sports Done Right” philosophy crap and they are into this “Crowd Control” hogwash and if the students get to rowdy they boot’em out, and the student sections are getting smaller and smaller too and that’s a real shame. A lot of school administrators are real high on this “Sports Done Right” stuff and sportsmanship has become a huge issue. You boo a call by the official and you just might get tossed. I really think they are going to have to come up with a new definition for the word “Sportsmanship” because some of these administrators are taking this thing way to far and it is really starting to hurt the game.

WIZ Jr.: Gimmie a drumstick please.

WIZ: More Turkey please.

WIZ’s Brother: Ok WIZ what about Class C this year? You always say this class is wide open and is hard to pick.

WIZ: Very true Bro, but I think I got it picked this year. In the West it will be “Big Tom Turkey” and his Dirigo Cougars. 6’9 Thomas Knight had a huge summer and he played so well he got himself a Schollie! A “Full Boat” to Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish coach Mike Brey loves this kid and so doesn’t The WIZ! I have him the # 1 ranked player in the state. He is so tough inside, but don’t let that fool you because he can step back and bury the three. I just don’t see anyone stopping him this year. Plus they got one of the very best coaches in the state Gavin Kane. I just don’t see anyone stopping them this year. The Cougars Go-All-The-Way!

Grandpa WIZ: What about Winthrop WIZ the LeClerc kid is gone correct?

WIZ: Yep “Sam The Man” is at Bryant College this year dad. I will miss him he was fun to watch. Winthrop will still be pretty good, but watch out for Traip this year they have a couple of players that can play. Eric Modica and Bernnen Connor will take the Rangers very far this year.

WIZ Jr.: What about C East dad? Calais will be good again won’t they?

WIZ: They sure will son. They took the East last year, but lost to Winthrop in the State game ending their win streak at 63 straight games without a loss and stopping their bid for a 3rd straight Gold Ball. They do lose Sam Bell and Rod Tirrell, but Cal Shorey is back along with Jordan Leeman. Cal’s younger brother Cam is out for the year with a torn ACL but I think the Blue Devils still have enough to get it done, but watch out for Washington Academy. They got this Ben Teer kid and this Noah VonRotz kid that can “Light-Up” the boards in a hurry plus a kid named Matt Smith that can play also. Coach Liburd I know he is very excited.

Grandpa WIZ: Ok WIZ what about Class D does Valley have a shot this year?

WIZ: Yeah I think so dad I have them picked in the West, but now I’m hearing rumors that a couple of players might not play this year. Valley is starting a new era this year. Coach Littlefield has decided to move on. The legendary coach had an unbelievable coaching career and they had that stretch that began and 1998 where they won over 100 straight games and they put 6 straight Gold Balls in their trophy case. The new era begins for former Valley standout Wade Morrill as he takes over the head coach position. If those two players don’t play then look for Buckfield to steal the show in the West. The Bobcats have Tyler Weymouth and he is a player, plus Kyle Rines is back with Travis Jordan. The Bobcats just might take the West.

WIZ’s Wife: Anymore Turkey anyone?

WIZ: All set dear.

Grandpa WIZ: What about D East WIZ? They always seem to have a pile of teams that could do it.

WIZ: Your right dad they do, but I like Central Aroostook to repeat this year. They had back-back Gold Balls in 2005 and 2006 lost it to Deer Isle in 2007, then they got it back last year beating Richmond right at the end of the game. 5’7 Manny “The Man” Martinez throws in a soft floater over the “Big Guy” Marc Zaharchuk with 1 second left to give the Panthers the win 53-52. What a finish! I love Manny! The kid is a warrior and the kid is a winner. They Lose Cameron York and the McCarthy boys but there is yet another York to fill his shoes. Brendan York is a freshman this year. I hear Logan McLaughlin is out injured, but he should be back by the end of the season. I still like the Panthers to take it all, but they will be challenged by the Woodland Dragons. The Dragons will be very tough with Chad James, Ben Sears and Aaron St.Pierre and I’m hearing reports that Aaron will play plus Corey Rolfe has move back from Sumner to rejoin the team and don’t count out Fort Fairfield. The Tigers will be very strong too.

Grandma WIZ: Dallas just scored another touchdown!

WIZ: This just might be a very good Thanksgiving after all! I knew Dallas would kick Seattle’s butt! What was the spread on that game?

WIZ’s Wife: You didn’t bet on the game did you WIZ?

WIZ: Who me? No never! Not me dear.

WIZ’s Wife: Better not have.

WIZ’s Wife: Anyone ready for dessert?  

Grandma WIZ: Let’s do the dishes first.

WIZ: Time to watch the game!

Grandpa WIZ: Hey WIZ what does a turkey and a basketball have in common?

WIZ: Grandpa you know that joke is really getting very old you keep telling it year after year.

WIZ Jr.: They both get Stuffed!

Til’ Next week: Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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