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Mtn. Valley 80, Carrabec 40

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

Cameron Kaubris poured in 28 points and had six assists to lead Mountain Valley to an 80-40 victory over Carrabec.

Leading 31-26 at halftime, the Falcons used a 23-5 run in the third quarter.

Travis Ruff had a triple-double with 19 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists and five steals. Matt Laubauskas had 14 rebounds and seven points.

Erskine 46, Oak Hill 36

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

Erskine used a 18-7 run in the third quarter to rally back from a eight-point deficit and post a 46-36 victory over Oak Hill.

Garrett Holt led the Eagles (8-6) with 16 points. The Raiders (1-13) were paced by Sean Grenier with 16 points, while Cam Morin tallied seven. Ben Foss also contributed with six points and 11 rebounds.

Mountain Valley 57, Monmouth 21

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

After jumping out to a 12-point lead in the first quarter, Mountain Valley rolled past Monmouth 57-21 in an MVC girls' tilt Tuesday.

Lauren LePage netted 10 of her 16-point tally in the first quarter to set the tone for this one. Emily Knapp chipped in for the Falcons (10-3) with 10 points, while Vanessa Cayer tallied nine and Meagan Maifeld added eight.

The Mustangs (1-11) were led by Bethany Neal with a six-point effort, while Courtney McFarron and Kelsie Hilton each added four.

Oak Hill 54, Erskine 52

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

After being outgunned 13-8 in the second quarter, Oak Hill stepped it up a notch in the second half to post a 54-52 victory over Erskine.

Maggie Sabine nailed a pair of key three-pointers late in regulation and finished with a game-high 18 points for the Raiders (8-6). Darby Beaulieu chipped in for Oak Hill with 10 points, while Carrie Heyden and Abby Goulet also contributed with nine each.

Winthrop 40, Lisbon 38

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

Kelsey Ouellette helped Winthrop score 12 of its last 18 points from the charity stripe as the Ramblers held on to a 40-38 victory over Lisbon in MVC girls' basketball action Tuesday.

Ouellete went 6-for-6 from the line during the second half and led Winthrop (9-4) with 16 points. Anna Smithgall chipped in for the Ramblers (9-4) with 10 points in a balanced attack.

The Greyhounds (8-5) were paced by Renee Moore and Kelly Bourgoin with 10 points each.

Winthrop held a 22-15 advantage at the half before Lisbon battled back into contention with a 12-7 run in the third quarter.

Hebert's 3-pointer rescues Cougars

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

Hebert's 3-pointer in the final seconds of overtime lifted the Cougars to a stunning 39-38 victory over Jay in a battle of two of Western's C's top teams.

Thornton's Morse always in control

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

SACO — James Morse of Thornton Academy more often than not controls the tempo of a high school basketball game. Morse, the Golden Trojans' point guard, does it with even doses of scoring, ballhanding, passing and defense.

Big East Conference stats for games reported thru Jan. 18.

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

    Player    School    Points    Average Points
    Brady Vose    Mattawancook    223    22.3
    Ryan Petros    Ellsworth    198    18.0
    Cameron Anderson    Caribou    171    15.5
    Lucas Bartlett    Old Town    136    13.6
    Brad Folmer    Ellsworth    136    12.4
    Russ Mortland    Presque Isle    123    12.3
    Andy Ball    Hermon    93    11.6
    Ethan Braley    Presque Isle    113    11.3
    Josiah Richard    Foxcroft Acad    113    11.3
    Joshua Boucher    Old Town    112    11.2
    Andrew Austin    Ellsworth    120    10.9
    Colton Gross    Hermon    86    10.8
    Jasper Cousins    MDI    106    10.6
    Ryan Carr    John Bapst    95    10.6
    Kane McKinnon    Mattawancook    102    10.2
    Ryan Stroud    Foxcroft Acad    101    10.1
    Dom Kone    Bucksport    101    10.1
    Sam Robertson    Caribou    110    10.0

    Player    School    TotalRebounds    AvgRebounds
    Derek Smith    John Bapst    85    9.44
    James Johnston    Foxcroft Acad    94    9.40
    Kane McKinnon    Mattawancook    81    8.10
    Andy Ball    Hermon    62    7.75
    Joshua Boucher    Old Town    77    7.70
    Ethan Braley    Presque Isle    73    7.30
    Andrew Austin    Ellsworth    80    7.27
    Russ Mortland    Presque Isle    72    7.20
    Dylan Dedman    Bucksport    72    7.20
    Sam Robertson    Caribou    70    6.36
    Bronson Merry    Old Town    58    5.80
    Shane Hass    John Bapst    52    5.78
    Jayson Burke    MDI    56    5.60
    Philip St.Peter    Caribou    57    5.18
    Lance Bernier    Mattawancook    50    5.00
    Jasper Cousins    MDI    50    5.00

    Player    School    Assists    Assists Avg
    Jamie Nason    Foxcroft Acad    54    5.40
    Colton Gross    Hermon    26    3.25
    Derek Smith    John Bapst    28    3.11
    Brett Speed    Central    37    3.08
    Joshua Boucher    Old Town    27    2.70
    Nathan Ackerson    Presque Isle    26    2.60
    Shawn Cahill    Mattawancook    26    2.60
    Brad Folmer    Ellsworth    28    2.55
    Lucas Bartlett    Old Town    25    2.50
    Russ Mortland    Presque Isle    24    2.40
    Dom Kone    Bucksport    24    2.40
    Josiah Richard    Foxcroft Acad    24    2.40

    Player    School    Total Steals    Average Steals
     Jasper Cousins    MDI    44    4.40
    Jamie Nason    Foxcroft Acad    33    3.30
    Josiah Richard    Foxcroft Acad    26    2.60
    Brady Vose    Mattawancook    24    2.40
    Kyle McGeechan    Bucksport    23    2.30
    Cameron Anderson    Caribou    22    2.00
    Cody Smart    Old Town    19    1.90
    Lucas Bartlett    Old Town    19    1.90
    Jacob Speed    Central    22    1.83
    Pat Kelley    Ellsworth    20    1.82
    Nathan Ackerson    Presque Isle    18    1.80
Field Goal Percentage
(minimum 45 attempts)
Player    School    FGs Att.    FGs Made    FG Pct
Ethan Braley    Presque Isle    67    46    68.7%
Andy Ball    Hermon    64    35    54.7%
Andrew Austin    Ellsworth    79    39    49.4%
Nathan Ackerson    Presque Isle    65    32    49.2%
Cole Haskell    Central    61    30    49.2%
Jasper Cousins    MDI    53    26    49.1%
James Johnston    Foxcroft Acad    74    35    47.3%
Ryan Petros    Ellsworth    165    78    47.3%
Dom Kone    Bucksport    77    36    46.8%
Lucas Bartlett    Old Town    65    30    46.2%
Kane McKinnon    Mattawancook    76    34    44.7%
Cameron Anderson    Caribou    123    55    44.7%
Sam Robertson    Caribou    95    42    44.2%
Nate Chisolm    MDI    46    20    43.5%
Russ Mortland    Presque Isle    63    27    42.9%

Free Throw Percentage (minimum 20 attempts)
    Player    School    FT's Att.    FT's Made    FT%
    Kaleb Danico    Ellsworth    26    25    96.2%
    Nathan Ackerson    Presque Isle    32    25    78.1%
    Taylor Gross    Hermon    21    16    76.2%
    Brady Vose    Mattawancook    55    41    74.5%
    Ryan Petros    Ellsworth    53    39    73.6%
    Lucas Bartlett    Old Town    56    40    71.4%
    Andrew Austin    Ellsworth    42    30    71.4%
    Jasper Cousins    MDI    38    27    71.1%
    Joshua Boucher    Old Town    27    19    70.4%
    Josiah Richard    Foxcroft Acad    33    23    69.7%
    Lance Bernier    Mattawancook    23    16    69.6%
    Matt St. Peter    Central    38    24    63.2%
    Dom Kone    Bucksport    42    26    61.9%
    Brad Folmer    Ellsworth    69    42    60.9%
    Joe Brown    Central    23    14    60.9%
    Andy Ball    Hermon    28    17    60.7%
    Shane Hass    John Bapst    25    15    60.0%

3 Point Field Goal Percentage(minimum 20 attempts)
    Player    School    3 Ptrs Att    3 Ptrs Made    3 Ptr %
  Colton Gross    Hermon    28    13    46.4%
    Ryan Stroud    Foxcroft Acad    44    17    38.6%
    Brady Vose    Mattawancook    75    26    34.7%
    Pat Kelley    Ellsworth    39    13    33.3%
    Cameron Anderson    Caribou    21    7    33.3%
    Matt St. Peter    Central    28    9    32.1%
    Taylor Gross    Hermon    28    9    32.1%
    Jamie Nason    Foxcroft Acad    22    7    31.8%
    Russ Mortland    Presque Isle    67    21    31.3%
    Lucas Bartlett    Old Town    40    12    30.0%
    Derek Smith    John Bapst    31    9    29.0%
    Ryan Carr    John Bapst    68    19    27.9%
    Brad Folmer    Ellsworth    51    14    27.5%
    Nolan Hall    MDI    33    9    27.3%
    Jordan Carter    Ellsworth    22    6    27.3%

For Stats reported as of Jan 18 2009

Big East Conference stats for games reported thru Jan. 18.

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

 Big East Conference stats  for games reported thru Jan. 18.

    Player    School    Points    Average Points
    Vanessa Lougee    Foxcroft Acad    130    16.3
    Samantha Gormley John Bapst    203    15.6
    Hannah Pray    Central    156    14.2
    Megan Phelps    MDI    149    13.5
    Beka Campbell    Central    148    13.5
    Sarah Porter    Presque Isle    156    13.0
    Katelyn Deraps    Mattawancook    98    12.3
    Kayla Legassie    Presque Isle    146    12.2
    Ashley Abbot    Old Town    146    12.2
    Sarah Wilcox    Old Town    143    11.9
    Renee Libbey    Mattawancook    88    11.0
    Sara Carroll    MDI    121    11.0
    Morgan Sanborn    Bucksport    43    10.8
    Katie Durgin    Hermon    96    10.7
    Morgan Chasse    John Bapst    130    10.0


    Player    School    TotalRebounds    AvgRebounds
    Megan Phelps    MDI    118    10.73
    Vanessa Lougee    Foxcroft Acad    83    10.38
    Samantha GormleyJohn Bapst    123    9.46
    Beka Campbell    Central    88    8.00
    Jaimie Lanpher    Bucksport    85    7.73
    Marissa Johnson    Ellsworth    77    7.70
    Megan Keane    Foxcroft Acad    61    7.63
    Anna Joy    MDI    77    7.00
    Sarah Porter    Presque Isle    79    6.58
    Ashley Abbot    Old Town    78    6.50
    Rianne Gardner    Mattawancook    50    6.25
    Katie Ouellette    Caribou    60    6.00
    Sarah Wilcox    Old Town    70    5.83
    Victoria Davenport    Hermon    52    5.78
    Sarah Stanley    Ellsworth    57    5.70
    Erin Arnold    Hermon    51    5.67
    Liz Beeson    Bucksport    61    5.55


    Player    School    Assists    Assists Avg
      Brooke Hanscom    Mattawancook    46    5.75
    Samantha Maquillan John Bapst    56    4.31
    Kayla Richards    Presque Isle    44    3.67
    Katelyn Deraps    Mattawancook    25    3.13
    Jessica Swanson    MDI    33    3.00
    Sabrina Sharrow    Foxcroft Acad    24    3.00
    Katie Durgin    Hermon    26    2.89
    Erin Arnold    Hermon    25    2.78
    Sarah Wilcox    Old Town    32    2.67
    Megan Phelps    MDI    27    2.45
    Courtney Withee    Foxcroft Acad    19    2.38
    Sara Carroll    MDI    25    2.27
    Rebecca Thorman    MDI    23    2.09
    Player    School    Total Steals    Average Steals
     Sarah Wilcox    Old Town    40    3.33
    Katie Durgin    Hermon    27    3.00
    Brooke Hanscom    Mattawancook    24    3.00
    Kayla Richards    Presque Isle    34    2.83
    Rachel Trafton    Central    30    2.73
    Samantha MaquillanJohn Bapst    34    2.62
    Kayla Legassie    Presque Isle    31    2.58
    Sabrina Sharrow    Foxcroft Acad    20    2.50
    Courtney Withee    Foxcroft Acad    20    2.50
    Victoria Davenport    Hermon    22    2.44
    Chelsea NickersonPresque Isle    27    2.25
    Amanda Cyr    Caribou    21    2.10
    Emily Lenor    Bucksport    23    2.09
    Megan Phelps    MDI    23    2.09

Field Goal Percentage (minimum of 45 attempts)
Player    School    FGs Att.    FGs Made    FG Pct
Samantha Gormley    John Bapst    140    86    61.4%
Vanessa Lougee    Foxcroft Acad    91    47    51.6%
Kayla Richards    Presque Isle    48    24    50.0%
Chelsea Nickerson    Presque Isle    79    39    49.4%
Ashley Abbot    Old Town    111    54    48.6%
Kayla Legassie    Presque Isle    114    55    48.2%
Hannah Pray    Central    137    64    46.7%
Sarah Porter    Presque Isle    86    40    46.5%
Beka Campbell    Central    134    60    44.8%
Marissa Kelley    Hermon    70    31    44.3%
Caitlyn Essancy    Presque Isle    91    40    44.0%
Katelyn Deraps    Mattawancook    57    25    43.9%
Jenna Selander    Caribou    55    24    43.6%
Katie Ouellette    Caribou    50    21    42.0%
Megan Keane    Foxcroft Acad    48    20    41.7%
Anna Joy    MDI    89    37    41.6%
Morgan Chasse    John Bapst    100    41    41.0%
Courtney Treadwell    Old Town    90    36    40.0%

Free Throw Percentage (minimum of 25 attempts)
    Player    School    FT's Att.    FT's Made    FT%
  Caitlyn Essancy    Presque Isle    26    19    73.1%
    Sarah Porter    Presque Isle    39    28    71.8%
    Morgan Chasse    John Bapst    59    42    71.2%
    Samantha Maquillan    John Bapst    27    19    70.4%
    Jenna Selander    Caribou    58    38    65.5%
    Hannah Pray    Central    44    28    63.6%
    Sarah Wilcox    Old Town    102    62    60.8%
    Sara Carroll    MDI    39    23    59.0%
    Kayla Legassie    Presque Isle    53    30    56.6%
    Anna Joy    MDI    46    26    56.5%
    Jocelyn Portmann    Central    34    19    55.9%
    Ashley Abbot    Old Town    65    35    53.8%
    Sadie Wright    Bucksport    45    24    53.3%
    Katie Ouellette    Caribou    27    14    51.9%
    Hillary Keith    John Bapst    29    15    51.7%
3 Point Field Goal Percentage
(Minimum of 15 attempts)
    Player    School    3 Ptrs Att    3 Ptrs Made    3 Ptr %
  Megan Phelps    MDI    40    18    45.0%
    Sarah Wilcox    Old Town    26    11    42.3%
    Sabrina Sharrow    Foxcroft Acad    22    9    40.9%
    Katelyn Deraps    Mattawancook    27    11    40.7%
    Renee Libbey    Mattawancook    33    13    39.4%
    Amanda Cyr    Caribou    24    8    33.3%
    Katie Libby    Old Town    19    6    31.6%
    Sara Carroll    MDI    43    12    27.9%
    Samantha Blanchard    Central    34    8    23.5%
    Brooke Hanscom    Mattawancook    22    5    22.7%
    Kristen Espling    Caribou    27    6    22.2%
    Sarah Porter    Presque Isle    73    16    21.9%
    Trisha Smart    Old Town    28    6    21.4%
    Katie Durgin    Hermon    44    9    20.5%

SMAA Statistical Leaders as of 1/18/09

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

SMAA Statistical Leaders as of 1/18/09

 Points Per Game        
Player    School    Points
Boisse    Massabesic    21.7
Biliew    Portland            18.7
Manning    Scarborough    17.3
Sorrell    Noble    16.8
Provencher    Bonny Eagle    16.7
Grigware    Biddeford    13.9
Manduca    Deering    13.8
Williams    Marshwood    13.0
Mortenson    Biddeford    12.9
Smith    Massabesic    12.6
Lowery    Cheverus    12.3
Colpitts    Scarborough    12.2
Hawkins    So.Portland    11.6
Gribbin    Windham    11.2
Ebling    Thornton    10.8
Egbert    Gorham    10.8
Sweet    Portland    10.8
Roberts    Sanford    10.8

 Rebounds Per Game         
Player    School    Rebounds
Boisse    Massabesic    13.4
Manning    Scarborough    10.2
Sorrell    Noble    9.6
Graves    Windham    9.2
Grigware    Biddeford    8.3
Hawkins    So.Portland    7.6
Coulombe    McAuley    7.4
Bennett    Kennebunk    7.4
Biliew    Portland    7.2
Ebling    Thornton    7.1
Baum    Cheverus    7.0
Jalbert    Noble    6.5
Burchill    Deering    6.5
Moshimer    Kennebunk    6.3
Russell    Gorham    6.3
Agger    Thornton    6.3
Roberts    Sanford    6.1

 Assists Per Game    
Player    School    Assists
Boisse    Massabesic    6.6
Brackett    Scarborough    3.7
Assante    Bonny Eagle    3.6
Augulewica    Marshwood    3.3
Ruhlin    Deering    3.3
Gassman    Kennebunk    3.2
Rapolla    Gorham    3.1
Rousseau    Biddeford    3.1
Grigware    Biddeford    3.1
Callendar    Portland    3.1
Prak     Noble    3.0
Mikulanecz    Deering    2.9

 Steals Per Game
Player    School    SPG
Boisse    Massabesic    5.5
Hendrix    Cheverus    4.5
Coulombe    McAuley    4.0
Somma    Cheverus    3.9
Grigware    Biddeford    3.9
Mikulanecz    Deering    3.8
Grebin    Biddeford    3.6
Colpitts    Scarborough    3.6
Ramonas    Deering    3.5
Sorrell    Noble    3.4
Provencher    Bonny Eagle    3.3

 Blocks Per Game
Player    School    BPG
Moshimer    Kennebunk    3.9
Coulombe    McAuley    3.9
Sorrell    Noble    2.3
Boisse    Massabesic    2.2
Hawkins    So.Portland    1.9
Skog    Cheverus    1.8
Grigware    Biddeford    1.5
Ebling    Thornton    1.2

 3-pointers Made    
Player    School    3's
Egbert    Gorham    22
Kapathonasis    McAuley    20
Creveling    Noble    19
Manduca    Deering    18
Clark    Kennebunk    15
Rapola    Gorham    15
Boyce    Sanford    14
Gribbin    Windham    13

 Field Goal % (4 shot pg min.)     
Player    School    FG%
Knight    McAuley    61%
Baum    Cheverus    55%
Sorrell    Noble    52%
Coulombe    McAuley    51%
Hawkins    So.Portland    51%
Agger    Thornton    47%
Williams    Marshwood    47%
Taylor    Marshwood    46%
Rousseau    Biddeford    46%
Hasson    So.Portland    46%

 Free Throw % (2 per game min.)
Player    School    FT%
Palazzi-Leahy    Cheverus    85.0%
Grigware    Biddeford    84.9%
Nolette    Sanford    83.3%
Manduca    Deering    81.8%
Kapathonasis    McAuley    79.0%
Mortenson    Biddeford    77.1%
Sweet    Portland    77.0%
Burchill    Deering    76.0%
Martemucci    Thornton    76.0%
Boyce    Sanford    75.0%

Teams    (W - L)    PF
Deering            (13-0)    54.1
Scarborough    (11-2)    60.0
Biddeford    (11-2)   
Noble            (8-4)    43.9
Windham            (7-6)    41.9
South Portland    (6-5)    39.0
Marshwood    (6-6)    44.2
McAuley            (6-6)     
Massabesic    (6-6)    56.3
Cheverus    (7-7)   
Sanford            (7-7)     
Portland    (6-7)   
Bonny Eagle    (3-8)   
Gorham    (4-9)    37.2
Thornton    (3-9)    43.8[/b]
Westbrook    (2-11)     
Kennebunk    (1-11)    30.3
Bold Type = Reported Stats       


Girls KVAC South conference Stats thru 1/20/09

Sport: Basketball (Girls)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

KVAC South Stats thru 1/20/09

Points per game

1. Courtney Anderson            Leavitt         14.6
2. Claire Baecher               Brunswick       14.3
3. Adrianna Newton              Leavitt         14.2
4. Kirsten Prue         Edward Little   14.2
5. Chelsea Arbour               Cony            12.2
6. Kayla Cummings               Edward Little   11.8
7. Megan Joyce          Oxford Hills    11.0
8. Hannah Fenwick               Mt. Ararat      10.7
9. Alexa Dearborn               Brunswick       8.8
10. Francesca Lally             Edward Little   8.8

Rebounds per game

1. Adrianna Newton              Leavitt         9.4
2. Kim Archibald                Lewiston        8.6
3. Hannah Fenwick               Mt. Ararat      8.2
4. Beth Suggs                   Morse           6.7
5. Megan Joyce          Oxford Hills    6.5
6. Kayla Cummings               Edward Little   6.2
7. Sarah Fitzgerald             Morse           5.8
8. Hannah Whitaker              Leavitt         5.7
9. Courtney Anderson            Leavitt         5.2
10. Courtney Clarke             Cony            5.0

Free Throw Percentage

1. Kirsten Prue         Edward Little   72%
2. Melanie Cloutier             Oxford Hills    70%
3. Hannah Fenwick               Mt. Ararat      68%
4. Mariah George                Brunswick       68%
5. Lesha Long                   Brunswick       67%
6. Kayla Cummings               Edward Little   67%
7. Lindsay Fox                  Oxford Hills    67%
8. Courtney Anderson            Leavitt         66%
9. Adrianna Newton              Leavitt         63%
10. Tess Hitchcock              Mt. Ararat      61%

Three Pointers Made

1. Kirsten Prue         Edward Little   29
2. Francesca Lally              Edward Little   27
3. Chelsea Arbour               Cony            19
4. Courtney Anderson            Leavitt         18
5. Brittney Ford                Cony            16
6. Alexa Dearborn               Brunswick       15
7. Courtney Dufour              Cony            14
8. Lauren Brett         Oxford Hills    12
9. Tara Burr                    Morse           10
10. Abbey Randall               Leavitt         9

Assists per game
1. Mackenzie Dufour             Cony            5.0
2. Kirsten Prue         Edward Little   4.4
3. Courtney Anderson            Leavitt         4.2
4. Alexa Dearborn               Brunswick       3.0
5. Lindsay Fox                  Oxford Hills    3.0
6. Abbey Randall                Leavitt         2.9
7. Hillary Champagne            Brunswick       2.4
8. Claire Baecher               Brunswick       2.2
9. Carly Dennis         Lewiston        1.8
10. Tegan Talbot                Mt. Ararat      1.7
     Kayla Cummings            Edward Little   1.7

Cheverus Stags Dominate Westbrook Blue Blazes 60-44

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

This game was over early as the Cheverus Stags Mick DiStasio scored 12 of his game high 30 points in the first quarter as the Stags jumped all over the Blue Blazes in the first quarter outscoring them 21-6.

In the 2nd quarter the Blazes Nich Jobin starts to heat up scoring 6pts. in the period but DiStasio answers that as he buries two 3’s and Indiana Faith hit’s a couple of deuces and the Stags outscore the Blazes 14-12 in the 2nd period and the Stags have a 13pt. lead the break 35-22.

Cheverus Stags Dominate Westbrook Blue Blazes 60-44

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

'Sponsored by Rivalries'
"Where every day is a victory celebration"

This game was over early as the Cheverus Stags Mick DiStasio scored 12 of his game high 30 points in the first quarter as the Stags jumped all over the Blue Blazes in the first quarter outscoring them 21-6.

In the 2nd quarter the Blazes Nich Jobin starts to heat up scoring 6pts. in the period but DiStasio answers that as he buries two 3’s and Indiana Faith hit’s a couple of deuces and the Stags outscore the Blazes 14-12 in the 2nd period and the Stags have a 13pt. lead the break 35-22.

In the 3rd quarter DiStasio is at it again as he has 4 deuces and the Stags swarming defense holds the Blazes to just 7pts. In the period as the Stags take a 20pt. Lead after three periods 49-29.

In the 4t quarter DiStasio a couple of quick deuces and Coach Brown again goes to the bench early as the Stags are to much for the Blazes tonight as the Stags win by a final score of 60-44.

Mick DiStasio led all scorers with 30pts.. Indiana Faithfull had 11 and Lenny Cummings had 8. Nich Jobin led Westbrook with 20pts. and Dominic Borelli had 9 pts.

With the win Cheverus improves their record to a perfect 12-0. The Stags will host South Portland on Friday night and on Saturday night they will host Massabesic in a make-up game. Westbrook with the loss falls to 11-2. The Blazes will head to the Expo on Friday night to take on the Portland Bulldogs.

Scoring in tonight’s game were:






Hot, Cold and Getting Old, Plus WIZ Top 10 Teams- Week # 7

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette


'Sponsored by Rivalries'
Where every day is a victory celebration"

Well folks the weather outside has not been very hot as a matter of fact it has been pretty darn cold, but in Maine H.S. basketball things on the hardwood are really starting to heat up. I don’t know I must be getting old. Every year I seem to hate the cold more and more. If it wasn’t for basketball I don’t know what I would do in these Maine winter months. I don’t ski, I don’t ride them snow machines and I don’t really care to shovel.

Speaking of hot, things are really getting hot up in Augusta. The MPA with its proposed cuts in high school athletics is really heating up. I have talked with many coaches and some AD’s and I haven’t found one yet that is in favor of these cuts. Republican Representative Josh Tardy (Newport) House Minority Leader is submiting  some type of bill that will take some power away from the MPA that would not allow the MPA to cut sports schedules and non-countable games. Josh is a good friend and a very good man. If anyone can pull this off he can. Go Get’em Josh!

Teams that are hot:

Cheverus Stags- Still undefeated big win over Deering.
Camden- Undefeated and cruising.
Westbrook- Three more wins 11-1.
South Portland- Three more W’s big win over Thornton
Portland-Three straight wins including Deering
Dirigo- Still undefeated.
Edward Little- Five straight wins including Brewer.
Bangor- Two more wins getting fired up.
Cape Elizabeth- Back on track big win over Greely.
Falmouth- Only one loss so far.
Wiscasset- Only one loss and very dangerous.
Stearns- Still undefeated 12-0.
Ft. Fairfield- also still undefeated 12-0.
Presque Isle- 10 straight wins 11-1.

Teams not so hot:

Deering- Losing the close ones.
Hampden- What has happened to the Broncos?
Lewiston- Really struggling.
Biddeford- Many thought they would be better.
Cent. Aroostook- Looking to get on track.
Windham- Not bad just can’t get a big win.
Freeport- Really struggling may get better.
Valley- I’m shocked thought they would be better.

In big games last week Cheverus beat Deering 63-35. South Portland beat Thornton 72-67. Edward Little beat Brewer 80-51. Portland beat Deering 60-57. Cape beat Greely 72-64. Greely beat Traip 51-45.

Big Games coming.

Things over the next three weeks will be heating up Big time!

Class A West- The top teams in the SMAA are all playing each other. Cheverus, Portland, Westbrook, South Portland and Thronton all looking for that # 1 Seed.

In Class A East- Teams are so even and everyone will be fighting for that # 1 spot. Did EL make a statement last week? EL, Brewer, Mt. Blue, Morse seem to be fighting for top honors and beware Bangor is starting to click.

It’s a dogfight in B West as about four teams will battle for that top spot. Cape, Falmouth, Greely and Lake Region will be battling for the top spot and don’t count out Mountain Valley when the tourney gets here.

In B East- It’s all Camden Hills the question is who will get the # 2 spot. Will it be Presque Isle, Rockland, Maranacook, Medomak Valley, Gardiner, or Hermon? And you can’t count out Gardiner, Caribou, Erskine or Mattanawcook.

In C West- It’s all Dirigo right now, but watch out for Wiscasset and Hyde could surprise.
In C East- It will be crazy between Calais, Stearns, Orono, Washington Acad., Madawaska, Narraguagus, Schenk, and even Houlton has a shot.

In D West- It looks like Richmond, Elan, Forest Hills, and Greenville will battle it out for the top spot.

In D East- Fort Fairfield is on fire! Tigers are 12-0, But there are plenty of teams that will challenge. Woodland, So. Aroostook, Central Aroostook, Easton, Katahdin, Jonesport-Beals and Ashland are all capable of winning.

WIZ Big Games:

Monday 1/19:

Cheverus at Westbrook
Greely at Lake Region
Dirigo at Jay
Madison at Wiscasset
Traip at Waynflete
Brewer at Messalonskee
Mt. View at Camden
Presque Isle at Mattanawcook
Houlton at Calais
Madawaska a Cent. Aroostook
Orono at Wash. Acad.
Jonesport-Beals at Narraguagus
Katahdin at Lee

Tuesday 1/20:

Bonny Eagle at Thornton
Kennebunk at South Portland
Forest Hills at Islesboro
Valley at Richmond
Gardiner at Rockland
Fort Fairfield at Van Buren

Thursday 1/22:

Freeport at Greely
Boothbay at Mountain Valley
Hall-Dale at Winthrop
OOB at Wells
Mattanawcook at Old Town
Dexter at Stearns

Friday 1/23:

Deering at Biddeford
South Portland at Cheverus
Thornton at Kennebunk
Westbrook at Portland
Cape at Traip
Waynflete at Yarmouth
Wiscasset at Livermore Falls
Forest Hills at Buckfield
Bangor at Edward Little
Brewer at Brunswick
Leavitt at Mt. Blue
Camden at Waterville
Maranacook at Winslow
Schenck at Lee
So. Aroostook at Cent. Aroostook
Woodland at Washington Acad.

Saturday 1/24:

Portland at Scarborough
Wells at Cape
York at Traip
Waynflete at OOB
Foxcroft at Presque Isle
Hermon at Caribou
Madawaska at Calais
DIS at Lee

Undefeated Teams:

This weeks undefeated teams drop from 6 to 5
as Traip suffered their first loss of the season to Greely.

Ft. Fairfield----12-0

As we head into this weeks WIZ Top 10 Teams again there is plenty of changes. Cheverus and Camden still hold the top two spots. Thornton with the loss to South Portland drops from # 3 to # 8. Westbrook three wins moves to # 3. South Portland three wins including the big win over Thornton jumps to # 4. Portland three more wins including the win over Deering moves up to # 5. Edward Little with a big win over Brewer moves up to # 7. Might even be better than that we’ll wait and see. Brewer with the loss to EL drops to # 9 for now. And Cape with the big win over Greely moves back in the top 10 at # 10 and Greely with the loss drops out for now. It will be very interesting over the next three weeks expect lots of changes.

WIZ Top 10 Teams- Week # 7

1.Cheverus----------11-0 Stags keep on Roll’n! Stags Stay # 1! Crushed Gorham 79-50! Took care of Deering! 63-35! Stall Ball at Scarborough! Stags still Win! 44-38! 11-0 Baby! 2 Big games this week! Martin Luther Day Special! Stags vs. Blazes! At Westbrook! 4pm Start Time! Whoa! Huge Game! Then a Friday Night Big Event! Keegan Hyland pays a Visit to Keegan Gymnasium! SP Red Riots vs. # 1 Cheverus Stags! Big Week for Stags! They Stay Undefeated! 13-0!

2.Camden----------12-0  Windjammers Annihilate Gardiner! 76-25! Win a Fun Game! Beats Oneonta NY. 72-51! Jammers Undefeated  Stays at # 2! Will anybody beat them! I don’t think so! Two Games this week! Host to Mt. View! Then off to Waterville! Jammers move to 14-0!

3.Westbrook------11-1! Blazes are Blazing! Win 3 more Games! Crushed Noble! 62-29! Beat Bonny Eagle! 78-60! Crush Kennebunk! 69-47! Moves up to # 3! Can they stay there! Two Huge Games this week! Host Cheverus Stags! Martin Luther Day Special! Then off to the Expo! Take on the Portland Bulldogs! Friday Night Expo Special! Huge Week for the Blaszes! Can they win one! Can they Win Two! Wowzer! What a Week in the SMAA!

4.South Portland--11-1 Riots win a Big One! Beat Thornton! 72-67! Unbelievable Game!
Hyland Steps Up! Drops in 47! Wow! Huge Win! Riots then Crush Noble! 89-43! Then beat Bonny Eagle! 65-51! It was Rough! It was Tough! But the Riots Win! Two games this Week! One is Huge! First up! Host Kennebunk! Then off to Cheverus! Huge Game! Hyland will need another Monster Night! Keegan Gym Will be Packed!

5.Portland---------10-2 Three more Wins for The Dogs! Beat Sanford! 69-37! Destroys Gorham! 80-41! Big Game! Beats Deering! By Just 3pts. 60-57! Good Teams find a Way! Two Games up this week! A Friday Night Main Event! At the Expo! Blazes of Westbrook! Whoa! Baby! Should be a Beauty! Battle of the Big Guys! Then off to Scarborough on Saturday night!

6.Dirigo----------12-0 Two More W’s! Cougars Beat Livermore Falls! 49-35! Crush Hall-Dale! 77-43! Can the Cougars be Stopped! Not This week! Two Games on Tap! First up! Off to Jay! Then off to Carrabec! Coach Kane is Smiling! Cougars move to 14-0! Baby!

7.Edward Little--11-2 Eddies are Clicking Now! Firing on all Cylinders! Beat Brunswick! 67-49! Then a Biggie! Crushed Brewer! 80-51! Wow! Huge Win! Eddies Make a Statement Right there!  Are they # 1 in The East! I’m Not Sure! One game this week! It’s Huge! The Red Hot Bangor Rams come to Town! Wowzer! Another Huge Game! Who do you Like!

8.Thornton-----10-2 Golden Trojans Lose a Big One! South Portland Gets’Em! 72-67! Trojans drop to # 8 For Now! Still Very Good Though! Squeaked one out over Windham! 43-42! Good Teams find a way! Then Crushed Noble! 65-30! Two games on Tap this week! Host Bonny Eagle! The off to Kennebunk! Trojans move to 12-2!

9.Brewer-------10-2 Only one Game! And It was Big! Witches Lose to Edward Little! 80-51! Wow! 29pts.! Holy Cowzers! Witches drop to # 9 for Now! Two games this week! First off to Messalonskee! Take on the Eagles! Then off to Brunswick! Take on the Dragons! Could be Very Interesting!

10.Cape Elizabeth-10-2 Big Game! Big Win! Cape Beats Greely! 72-64! Wow! Dogfight in B West! Capers the Crush Wells! 56-39! Capers then Annihilate York 75-26! Capers Jump back into the Top 10! Two Games up this week! Off to Traip! Could be Interesting! I doubt it Though! Then play Host to the Wells Warriors! Capers go to 12-2!

Teams Knocking on the Door:

Lake Region---10-2
Mt. Blue--------10-3
Presque Isle----11-1
Ft. Fairfield----12-0
Wash. Acad-----9-1

Till’ Next week: Hold on Tight! The Ride over the next 3 weeks is going to be Wild! And it’s Gonna be Fun!


Gritty Traip basketball team exceeding expectations

Sport: Basketball (boys)  Posted: January 20th, 2009 by Tom Nolette

KITTERY, Maine — Most basketball coaches complain about the brevity of preseason, but not Traip Academy's Jeremy Paul.

His seemed to last a year.

With only two regulars — senior guard Brennen Connor and senior forward Eric Modica — back from a 17-2 team, Paul knew it might be a waiting game before he saw the kind of winning basketball fans in these parts have grown accustomed to.

Then there was the second preseason game, and another kind of waiting game. Traveling caravan-style to a scrimmage in Biddeford, the car carrying Connor, Modica and two other projected starters arrived late. Paul held all four out of the game and the Rangers got clocked
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