#SteelStrong Charity LAX Game

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#SteelStrong Charity LAX Game

Postby MBRRadio » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:23 am

#SteelStrong Charity LAX Game

Steel Crawford was a varsity lacrosse captain last year for Freeport High School. From a young
age he picked up a lacrosse stick and fell in love with the game. In his yearbook, a few members
of the 2020 class shared hopes for their senior year, all Steel said was, “I want to make it deep
into the playoffs for lacrosse.” He loved the game of lacrosse so much.

Steel tragically passed away on Friday August 9th at Salomon Falls doing something he loved.
In honor of Steel, his family and friends, we would like to invite you to the attend the
#SteelStrong Charity LAX Game on Sunday, August 18th at 5 p.m. @ Freeport’s High School’s
turf field. Admission is free, donations are encouraged. There will be food and T-shirts for
purchase. 100% of the produces will go to the Crawford family. The game will be a 4 20-minute
running time quarters - music, food and a celebration of Steel’s life. We hope the lacrosse
community can all come together to help the Crawford family and remember a great person.

Watch story: https://twitter.com/TLee_WMTW/status/11 ... 2598366209

Donations: https://t.co/pkAlXskHH4
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Re: #SteelStrong Charity LAX Game Sunday August 18th

Postby MBRRadio » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:45 am


Adam Ulrickson Goalie Retired
Adam Ulrickson jr Midfielder Freeport high
Adam / Chad Cigri Midfielder Freeport High School
Alden Leadley Attack Scarborough High School
Andrew St.John Defense Endicott
Austin Brown Goalie Scarborough High School
Ben Israel Attack Brunswick high school
Ben Thompson Defense Portland High School
Ben Kieu Goalie SPHS
Benjamin Gormely Attack Freeport
Benjamin Brown Defense Deering High School
Brannon Gilbert Goalie GNGHS ‘19 graduate, will play for St Joseph’s College
Brendan Bolduc Defense Nya
Brynn Peterson Midfielder Brunswick
Caleb Richard Attack Oak Hill
Callaghan Oliver Midfielder Cheverus
Camden Folsom Defense Brunswick high school
Chandler Coombs Midfielder Brunswick high school
Colby Nadeau Defense Brunswick
Cole Daly Midfeilder Freeport High School
Cole Benevides Midfielder South Portland High School
Colin MacKinnon Defense Brunswick High School
Connor Dougherty Attack Graduated Gorham high 2019
Connor Clock Midfielder Maine maritime academy
Curtis Knapton Midfielder Bates College
Danny Casale Midfielder Freeport high school
Deven Hannan Defense Freeport High School
Erik Tiner Attack Briarcliffe College
Ethan Richard Defense Saint Joseph’s and oak hill
Ethan Richard Defense St Joe's/Oak Hill
Evan Arnold Defense Yarmouth Highschool
Evan Schindler Defense Saint michaels college
Gabriel Martin Midfielder Westbrook
Garrison Thompson Goalie UMO
Griffin Primeau Midfielder Yarmouth\Hobart
Griffin Johnson Midfielder Freeport High School
Griffin Agnese Attack University of Rhode island
Harrison Bowen Attack Freeport High School
Harrison Johnson Attack UMO
Hayden Mitchell Defense Oak Hill Highschool
Henry Venden Attack University of Rhode Island
Isaac Small Midfeilder Portland High School
Jack Curtis Goalie North Yarmouth Academy
Jack McDiarmid Midfeilder Brunswick High
Jack Kingsley Defense South portland
Jackson Wilson Midfeilder Cheverus High school
Jackson Carr Midfeilder Freeport high school
Jacob Tomm Midfeilder Hobart College
Jake Linkletter Attack Maine Farmington
James Knighton Defense College
James Borkowski Defense Oak Hill High School
Jayson Martin Defense Oak Hill High School
Jonah Eng Midfeilder Falmouth
Josh Musica Midfeilder Brunswick High School
Kaleb Barrett Attack FHS grad 2019/ UMO 2019-20
Kieran McGrath Attack Camden Hills Regional High School
Killian Marsh Midfeilder Yarmouth High School
Kipling Samuelson Midfeilder Hyde school
Kyler Kelly Attack Kingswood Regional High-school
Luke Macarthur Defense Greely
Mason Parks Attack NYA
Matt Ahearn Defense University of Maine at Orono
Mattie coffin Midfeilder Freeport middle School
Maxwell Hornblower Defense University of Maine
Mike Williamson Defense Bonny Eagle Class of 2011
Miles Lipton Midfeilder Boston University
Mykel Henry Defense UMD
Nate Thomas Midfeilder U of Rochester
Nate Cusson Attack Scarborough high school
Nate Girardin Midfeilder Brunswick High School/Franklin Pierce University
Nathan Begin Attack Freeport High School
Navaar Naimie Attack Bates College
Nico Leavitt Midfeilder Portland Highschool
Nico Nason Midfeilder Cheverus High School
Noah Thomas Defense University of Southern Maine
Olivia Ulrickson Defense Freeport high
Pat Alberding Defense Nya
Preston Briggs Attack Thornton Academy
Quinn Fogarty Attack Scarborough High School
ryan baker
Ryan Illig Defense Massabesic
Sam Tourigny Goalie FHS
Sam Tibbetts Goalie Gray New-Gloucester
Sam Larochelle Midfeilder Freeport High School
Sam Wogan Midfeilder Freeport High School / Clark University
Satchel Kaplan Midfeilder Falmouth high school
Scott Lynch Midfeilder Gray-New Gloucester
Sean Mitchell Goalie Oak Hill Highschool
Silas Cunningham Defense Greely High School
Tanner Cole Midfeilder Falmouth
Taylor Cunningham Attack brunswick high school
Thanh Kieu Goalie SPHS/SMCC
T-Moe Hellier Goalie South Portland
Travis Caron Midfeilder Gray New Gloucester
Tyler Nadeau Attack Brunswick/Southern New Hampshire University
William Haley Attack Cheverus
Zach Dubinsky Defense Union
Zach Owen Midfeilder Freeport High School Alum/ Andrews University
Zachary Hamm Defense University of Southern Maine
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