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Re: Next New Coach For UMaine Mens Basketball

Postby Blackbear28 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:09 pm

19: I appreciate you fighting the good fight but if someone honestly believes that UMaine should be composed of mostly Mainers than they clearly know nothing about D1 basketball and you’re just arguing with a brick wall.

A month or two ago Cim said he would rather have Michael Oliwakandi over Draymond Green. Basketball has passed him by, let him talk to himself about his glory days (which was before minorities were allowed to play basketball, which shows the competition level he coached against)
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Re: Next New Coach For UMaine Mens Basketball

Postby Maine19Fan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:18 pm

Here we go again:Bcbc55's faulty list.
One real D1 player (Mayo), who never considered Maine and is far too good to play in AE, and a role player (Fleming).
Cimino washed out at GW, and is barely playing at very mediocre American (2.1 points per game). Would he help?

The rest are a bunch of D2 players who wouldn't be any sort of impact players on the D1 level.

55 continues to prove my contention.
Thanks for your help, 55.

It's one thing to have pride in players from our state, and no one is happier to see them succeed at any level than I am. D2's scholarship money is just as good as D1's.

But, let's keep this in perspective. This group would not in any way, shape or form turn around Maine's basketball fortunes.

Oh, and now 55 is advocating tryout candidates to fill out rosters. That makes a lot of sense.

Bernstein? He got pressed into duty last year only because Calixte got hurt.Did a decent job, but did anyone who watched Maine's games last year perceived him to be any kind of answer to Maine's woes.
So, he transferred to Kent State, where he remains a walk-on. Three 11 games, he has scored 1 point so far this season.
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Re: Next New Coach For UMaine Mens Basketball

Postby Maine19Fan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:25 pm

Hey Blackbear ... another voice of reason.

Yes, trying to argue with bcbc55 is indeed like going up against a brick wall. He's got a closed mind that, very clearly, stopped gathering information beyond the 1950's, and beyond the high school level.

Good point about Olowikandi over Draymond Green. Yes, indeed, basketball appears to have come into the modern era when he clearly has not.

Another good point about the level of basketball he coached in and against.

Honestly, 55 is a lost cause. But, we'll keep trying.

Seriously, all I've tried to do is to bring some perspective, insight and a little knowledge into the conversations.
But ... brick wall!

I really don't care what 55 thinks because, yes, he's proven over and over (mostly at great length) about how the sport has passed him by.

I'm not trying to demean anyone, or be overly critical of anyone. I just dislike seeing erroneous information posted, or convoluted theories expounded without trying to counter that with some good common sense.
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