One good turn... MPA & MAISAD Lax

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One good turn... MPA & MAISAD Lax

Postby phoenix » Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:13 pm

If Reese Norton ’18 was not the best player Hyde has ever had, he was certainly the most complete. (Reese is headed to Dickinson next year.) That’s saying something given that Hyde has had many, many great players since we first fielded a team in 1969. (Fun Fact: I played on that team.) Since our first All-American in 1975, Hyde has had 12 AA’s, numerous players who went on to star in all three NCAA divisions, and one who, after being named NCAA D2 POY, played professionally for the Boston Blazers (Bob Felt ’90).

So, one thing for sure: Reese Norton is a great player. However, one thing is far less certain: When Maine sits down to select its 2017 All-American players, will he receive any consideration?

To qualify, my Maine lacrosse resumé includes 4 years playing at Hyde, 4 years playing at Bowdoin, 5 years playing on the Maine Lacrosse Club, and decades of both formal and informal coaching since the mid-70s.

In case you don’t know your Maine lacrosse history… Before Brunswick fielded a team in the late 70s, Maine lacrosse was strictly a private school affair. When the Dragons were joined by Cape and Yarmouth in the early 80s, they had no place to play. So, the MAISAD (i.e., Maine prep schools) invited them in. Then, in the early 90s, Cape hit its stride and there was a stretch where the Capers thoroughly dominated the championship trophy. (I wonder what would happen in ANY Maine high school basketball classification today if a private school took home the gold ball even 3, to say nothing of 10(!), years in a row? Hmmm...) Nonetheless, they were welcomed as long as they wanted to stay.

After more and more schools picked up the sport, the public schools split off and started their own league. That was appropriate. What does not feel right is the fact that the privates have been kicked to the curb when it comes to All-American selections. They're between a rock and a hard place: Too small a minority constituency to command requisite votes among the public school majority; too few schools in number to warrant an All-American slot from US Lax.

Here are two solutions:
1) Match the MAISAD’s early spirit of “magnanimousity” (I know, not a word), sacrifice one of your 10+- apportioned slots, give it to the MAISAD’s, and then have Gould, Hebron, Hyde, and Kents Hill fight over it.
2) Ask the MAISAD teams to come to an agreement on 1 or 2 candidates and allow one of the MAISAD coaches to come to the selection meeting and make a case for one or both before the vote is taken.

Lest anyone dismiss me as an agent for Hyde, I will close with a shout-out for Hebron's Davis Cronin '17 who for the past two seasons has been as good a faceoff specialist as Maine has ever seen. And down the road, keep an eye out for Gould’s Greg Bulzacchelli '19, an awesome LSM.

So, how about it MPA laxers? One good turn deserves another. Do the right thing.
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