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A wins a win but...

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A wins a win but...

Postby mbr_admin » Fri May 16, 2008 5:13 am

patsfan07 wrote on 5/6:
76 - 72...James goes 2 - 18 with 10 TOs, Ray Allen throws up a goose egg, Pierce is 2 - 14 with 6 TOs, but the Cs prevail behind KG. That game won't be on ESPN Classic, but the Cs are up 1 - 0 in the series.

coachhawk replied:
You're right...this one probably won't end up on ESPN Classic; however, I believe it set the tone for how this series will be played...physical and ugly. I thought the Cs got away from any type of running game or even attacking the basket in the 3rd quarter...and settled for individual chuck 'em up b-ball. I believe Doc only fed into this by having Cassell in and Rondo on the bench...especially with how aggressive Rondo was at attacking the basket in the first half; however...with that said....Cassell came up big offensively when the Cs needed it most. Also, it was mentioned in passing by the announcers, but Perkins was a big factor on the glass tonight...as it seemed that the Cavs did a better job overall on the boards and coming up with the loose balls.

X31 replied:
coachhawk wrote: but Perkins was a big factor on the glass tonight...as it seemed that the Cavs did a better job overall on the boards
Seems like you're playing both sides here, saying Perkins was a big factor.....as it seemed the Cavs did a better job. Are you setting yourself up for a future bandwagon jump? Either that or you are saying Perkins either was a factor before he wasn't (or wasn't before he was).

stonemitt3 replied:
UGLY but, do you think the Cavs got the message they can hold pierce and allen to a combined 4 pts and lose?

baseketball replied:
Garnett played like an MVP last night. Posey was excellent on both defense and offense. The Rondo/Casell point combo was as effective as they've ever been.
On the flip side of stonemitt's message, it has to concern the Celts that they the Cavs were able to make it a game, despite LeBron having a terrible shooting night and hitting double digits in turnovers.

coachhawk replied: No set up intended...no bandwagon jumping here. You're probably thinking that I was jumping the bandwagon before I didn't. I could have worded it better...but I didn't. What I was trying to say was as a team...I thought the Cavs outperformed the Cs on the boards and if it hadn't been for Perkins...the game could have been uglier. There...how's that for playing both sides of the glass?

X31 replied:
Team rebounds - Celtics 43, Cavs 41. Unless you're saying Perkins isn't part of the team. Ok, so I understand what you are saying.
But isn't it time to change your name from coachhawk to coachcelt or coachcav?
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