Trainer: McCourty 'completely healthy' heading into camp

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Trainer: McCourty 'completely healthy' heading into camp

Postby Tom Nolette » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:04 am

Trainer: McCourty 'completely healthy' heading into camp
by Mary Paoletti

Good Energy Training owner Pete Ohnegian can say this about client Devin McCourty:

"He really has no limitations at all for his shoulder."

The AC joint separation, suffered in 2011's Week 10 win over the Jets, forced the second-year Patriots cornerback to miss two games and more practices.

There was some question last year as to whether McCourty's sophomore struggles were exacerbated by the injury. Though McCourty resembled a shell of his rookie, Pro Bowl self even before that November night, it's fair to think a bungled shoulder might have hampered his attempts to break the slump.

McCourty maintains one had nothing to do with the other. Still, his trainer isn't taking any chances.

Full story: ... eedID=3352
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