The Way To Early Look Ahead to 2018

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Re: The Way To Early Look Ahead to 2018

Postby TAallday » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:29 pm

From what I know about A North, I would put both Oxford Hills and Windham ahead of Portland to start the year. Neither of those two will be particularly strong either, but Portland loses a lot on offense, and really, they were not that strong there last year anyway.
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Re: The Way To Early Look Ahead to 2018

Postby BrowardHandicapper » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:32 pm

Saw some highlights for the the RB/DB Flaker- for Indoor Track. The kid definitely has a great motor. A motor probably rarely seen in Maine. My concern is track athletes do not always convert to football well and respectfully speaking if he is a potential great in them making , someone is doing him a injustice with the fact that he has no football hudl film uploaded yet....

I'm not trying to push the envelope for him and not denying he has the potential of a great player in the making. I would just like to see the dominance on the football field from last year (just a few highlights or stats) before we are sure he will be a one man team wrecking force for 2018.

I would imagine with that speed he would have got some quality PT and run in Maine HS football last year?
Any numbers or highlights?

On another note, following track and field and football nationally...I highly doubt there will be any kids as fast (or close to) as Flaker on a football field in Maine (Probably few in New England for that matter). However keep in mind defense can be a game of zones and angles relative to running players down. A good deceptive zone defense with several LBs and DBs in the 4.6 - 4.9 range can usually somewhat contain a quick RB in the 4.5 range.
Wish him the best and look forward to how Scarborough can use him this season. I know what offense I would run with him in Maine.
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Re: The Way To Early Look Ahead to 2018

Postby TAallday » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:51 am

Here's my view on Flaker when it comes to football...

1) Unmatched athleticism and speed in Maine.

2) Loses a lot of guys who carried the load last year and will likely be the best player on the offense beyond the lineman this year.

3) I am not sure he is an every down back who can handle the load and run between the tackles.

4) We shall see, because hey, the only opinions that matter are those of him and his coaches.
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Re: The Way To Early Look Ahead to 2018

Postby jpeters4 » Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:21 pm

Flaker is the fastest for sure, but who will be able to get him the ball? TA returns a quarterback that beat the Storm once early (center was out)and another one that beat a great Bonny Eagle team before elimination.

Speed said it best sometime last year when he said, "TA is the team of the future, built for the long haul." I believe that time is here.
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Re: The Way To Early Look Ahead to 2018

Postby interloper » Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:29 am

Flaker is the fastest kid in the state playing football. For that matter, he is the fastest high school in the state, period. Don't start with the kids who don't run track and are as fast as he is, there are none. He scored in the New England championship in the 300 meters this year as a sophomore. He will almost definitely be running track in college, which is why there are probably not much football highlights for him. He ran back several punts and kickoffs for touchdowns last year and had may long runs for touchdown. However last year he was not the only option on the team, although he was probably the most dangerous. I think we will see a lot of punt by opposing teams going out of bounds and a lot of squib kickoffs by Scarborough opponents for the next 2 years. Whenever he finds a seam on offense it will probably be 6 points for Scarborough. The question is how durable he will be depending on how many times he touches the ball per game.
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Re: The Way To Early Look Ahead to 2018

Postby TAallday » Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:39 pm

If I were Coach Johnson, I would keep Flaker where he was last year in terms of position. If Scarborough has a decent option to replace Garrard, which I am sure they have, Flaker would be best used for the big plays and special teams situations described above.

It'll be tough for him to break as many big plays though due to the departure of Garrard, Panyi, two big lineman, Lagerquist, Kelly, Dudley, and Seme.

Should be an interesting year for the SMAA in general with BE and Scarborough looking to reload and stay with TA.
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