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Center midfield is a busy and pressure-packed position

PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:36 am
by CM Newspapers
Center midfield is a busy and pressure-packed position on field hockey teams
It takes a special skill set to thrive in middle of field.

...Perkins is one of several outstanding players in central Maine to play that position, one that comes with several requirements.

“Center mid is the point guard of a field hockey team,” Messalonskee coach Katie McLaughlin said. “(She) needs to be a player with incredible endurance, can see the field better than anyone and make smart decisions under an immense amount of pressure.”

McLaughlin has one of those players in senior Haley Lowell. So does Skowhegan (Maliea Kelso), Gardiner (Mikayla Bourassa), Winslow (Weslee Littlefield), Maine Central Institute (Alison Hughes) and just about any team that enjoys success at this time in the season. It’s no coincidence that the aforementioned six teams are all at or near the top of their respective divisions. Three — Winslow, Gardiner and Messalonskee — are unbeaten. ... key-teams/