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Here is "uptheriver's" topic suggestion which is interesting, timely and relevant to Maine high school basketball for next year. With the North's class C teams having 20 teams and class D having 16 teams they combined are 36 teams of the 72 North's teams or half of the North's high school basketball teams.

The MPA needs to do something to even up the teams in each class. 6 of the 20 teams in class C are from Aroostook County and 8 of the 16 in D are from the far north. So of the 36 teams combined in C and D only 14 are from Aroostook County so they could be forced to play the 2 B teams in the county or D teams out of the county. There are only 16 total teams in the county.

Basketball is the easiest team sport to be competitive in Maine high school because they only need 5 players at a time and a couple of subs. There have been some years if the A-B-C-D state champions had a single elimination tournament after the state games to determine the true state best team champion in the state regardless of class the A team would not be the winner. There have been years that the B C or D state champions would beat the A team.

So enrollment is not as big a factor in basketball as a team sport that it is football, soccer, field hockey that takes 11 players to play the game or baseball and softball that takes 9 players.

With many schools losing and having declining enrollments it makes for a depopulation of schools especially in Northern Maine which is made even worse by having 5 classes currently.

When going to 5 classes several years ago it has put Maine high school basketball in one of the poorest if not the poorest position it has been in a long time, if not ever in uneven classes due to classification enrollment. The best and fairest Maine basketball for classification and classes wise was when the MPA took the total number of teams in Eastern Maine and Western Maine and divided each of the 4 classes up evenly by enrollments. This means divide the total teams in the north and south and set the enrollment numbers so as to divide the classes up evenly.

If they would do that now along with changing the north back to east and the south back to west it would have the East's 4 classes of 18 teams and the West's 61 teams having 3 with 15 and 1 with 16.

Also, going back to East-West it might be able to have the 133 teams in the state divided up to 66 and 67 teams each and 1 with 2 classes of 17 and 2 with 16 and 1 with 3 classes of 17 and 1 class with 16.

In my opinion based on my experience over the years, the reasons for the changes to what is in effect now has been because some schools that were being forced up a class when there was 4 classes were unhappy and put enough pressure on the classification committee, basketball committees and the entire MPA membership to protect their own school's interest at the expense of the entire high school basketball here in Maine.

I cannot believe that this 5 classes was developed, voted on, and approved by the entire MPA membership.

Also, the enrollment should not be on total enrollment it should be based on boys population for the boys and girls population for the girls. Boys and girls teams do not have to be in the same class.

I speak from experience as I was on the MPA's classification committee as an athletic director's representative and it was the same back then between 1987-2000 schools that were forced up a class and were low teams in population in the class they were assigned too would be upset and unhappy, just like when it happened to force the MPA to vote in 5 classes.

The MPA allows schools with low enrollments to use 8th graders and also allow school and individual comprehensive teams but that has nothing to do with 5 classes and uneven classes.

No matter what method is used in enrollment teams that are forced up to be the bottom of the class they are assigned too because of their school's enrollment are going to be unhappy. The old sayin "You can please some of the people (schools) some of the time, but you can't please all of the people (schools) all of the time" is very appropriate for this problem.

So the answer to "uptheriver's" topic and problem in my experience as a high school coach for 29 years and coaching in 3 classes A-B-C and being an athletic director in the same 3 classes for 16 years tells me that the answer is to be truly fair to all involved in basketball in Maine high school basketball is to go back to 4 classes A-B-C-D, rename the 2 sections of the state to East and West and for the first time in the MPA 's classification method to determine the class each school plays in is by Boys population for boys teams and girl's population for girl's team and not combined as it has been forever.

Again, this is just my opinion on this depopulation of the north's C and D teams and "like noses every one has one"
and they are all different shapes and sizes, but they are all noses. It is just that the noses should be divided up evenly not unevenly like the basketball classes.
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