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Friday Feature: Alex Hart - Thornton Academy 2018

PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:14 am
by Tom Nolette
This week’s Friday Feature dives into the basketball journey of Alex Hart. As you hear from her AAU Coach (and Uncle), Alex played every role on a team over the course of her basketball career. Each week, we hope to provide a glimpse into top committed seniors basketball journeys to share with other aspiring college basketball players.

Please continue reading to read more about this week’s Friday Feature, Alex Hart (ME)!


Alex Hart, Class of 2018, 5’7, Pos: PG, Thornton Academy/Maine Firecrackers – COMMITTED TO: BRYANT

When did you first start playing basketball?
I first started playing basketball when I was 6 years old through our community rec program and my mother was the coach.

What was your overall recruiting process like and what were some of the schools that showed interest in you?
The overall recruiting process was intimidating at first. Talking with coaches made me nervous, but it was exciting as well. Some of the schools that were interested in me were Stonehill, Wofford and St Anselm.

Did your family, friends, etc. play a role in your decision and how so?
My family played a role in my decision because they put some things into perspective for me. My family has always watched me play and going to Bryant University would still allow them to do that, as I won't be that far from home. ... -alex-hart