Maine AAU Standouts...Playing Well For The NE Crusaders!

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Maine AAU Standouts...Playing Well For The NE Crusaders!

Postby bballnut » Wed May 21, 2008 6:12 pm

TheBigMan Maine AAU Standouts...Playing Well For The NE Crusaders! Lead [-]

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(04/16/08 2:15 PM)

On March 30th, I attended a New England Crusader AAU Tournament which was located at UMass-Lowell. At the tournament, there were several DII and DIII scouts. Among some of the DII scouts i noticed were...Stonehill, Assumption, Bentley, American International, Southern Connecticut, Southern New Hampshire, UMass-Lowell, Merrimack and St Anselm. The play was very competive and many of the athletes got a chance to show there stuff in front of coaches, fans, family and recruiters. For me, it was a chance to reconnect with old friends, tell a few jokes and watch some good basketball.

First watching the New Crusaders u17 team, I noticed (Waterville) Morgan Frame, (Noble) Sloan Sorrel and (York) Nicky Taylor. These three young ladies played excellent as the NE Crusaders went on to dominate their opponent. In particular, I notice how well Morgan Frame made that nice and low bounce pass into the post (Sorrell), and how Sloan caught the ball and made great power moves to the basket. All three players ran the floor well, rebounded well and made plenty of shots.

The third game I watched consisted of two NE Crusader u16 teams playing head to head. One team was coached by Michaela Leary, Kara's (baby) sister ...(no harm intended, Michaela) and the other team was coached by Kindyll Dorsey, Boston College's former basketball star. On the two teams were players, Katelyn Cimino (McAuley), Rebecca Knight (McAuley), Nicolette Kapothanasis (McAuley), Ansley White (Cumberland, ME/Phillips Andover), Katie Mathieu (Thorton Academy), Courtney Anderson (Levitt) and Kayla Burchill...but please don't hold me to the spelling of all of these names.

That was 10 Maine girls total I saw play at the tournament on March 30th, and they all play for the Crusaders. In addition, there is yet another 10-15 younger Maine players who play for the Maine-based NE Crusaders team, coached by current Bowdoin College standout, Maria Neukus. They were not at the event. Overall, that totals at least 20-25 Maine players playing for the Crusaders! Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!

Good job Coach Leary and good job Maine parents for making the move! Of course, we know that playing for the NE Crusaders is not for everyone, and there are other ways Maine players can play competitive AAU basketball ()...however, this is one GREAT way to go! Good luck with your upcoming summer AAU season and I'll do my best to keep up with all of your success!

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By the way...Great article on Morgan Frame in the Maine Sunday Telegram on April 12...
"Frame is playing these days for the New England Crusaders, an AAU team out of Nashua, N.H. She makes the three-hour-and-15-minute trip on Saturdays for a four-hour practice -- doing her homework in the car and "studying as much as I can" -- because she knows she has areas to improve. "Dribbling and shooting," she said. "I need to improve on my guard work."" -- Mike Lowe, PPH
I can't believe that Matt Lowe even managed to mention the New England Crusaders. He still is yet to mention Kara Leary's name however or all the good work she's done over the years for great Maine high school basketball athletes, like Sarah Marshall, Whitney Morrow, Ashley Cimino and others. But at least this is a big step in the right direction for Mr. Mike ('how low can you go') Lowe. Check it out! ... id=7160865

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(04/16/08 9:36 PM)
I thought White was playing for Maine Hoops?

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(04/17/08 7:37 AM)
White is playing for both. I've seen her at the Maine Hoops tournaments. Maine Hoops has tournaments every weekend, so she must doing that to get more playing time and experience. The crusaders schedule is pretty light for the next few weeks with no tournaments till Mid May. So she can get some practice and games in with Maine Hoops.

By the way... Maine Hoops Gold team went undefeated this past weekend at the RI Breakers tournaments.

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(04/17/08 8:09 AM)
Who is on Maine Hoops Gold?
Hoops22 #5 [-]

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(04/17/08 8:31 AM)
Maine Hoops Gold
Dianna Manduca Reegan Brackett Amy Mortenson Ainsley White Mary Louise Robert Claire Ramonas Brianna Hawkins Mariah Callander Keila Grigware Lauren Rouseau (Injured Rachele Burns)

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(04/17/08 10:14 AM)
Yeah, wood disciple...Ainsely White must play on both teams.

And speaking of Ainsely White...
Of all of the Maine players I watched play during the NE Crusaders Jamboree Tournament on Sunday, Ainsely White stuck out the most! This kid has a lot of things going right with her game. Ainsley drives very hard to the basket and can finish...she sees the court well and will hit the open player while driving if she's doubled...has a very nice mid-range jumper...plays tenacious defense, rebounds well and lots more. Eventhough she is only a sophomore and has a lot more work ahead of her, I already see a bright future at the next level!
(And I know you were going to say the same thing, Hoops22, but I saved you the labor )

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(04/18/08 7:21 AM)

I agree with you 100% about Ainsley White..... great player.
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