2017/18 Zebra of the Week

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2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby reffan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:43 am

Santa brought the reffan the greatest gift....(reffan has pretty good idea that it was Mrs. Reffan)....20 Zebra of the Week bumper stickers!!! Reffan will start awarding the Zebra of the Week, starting this weekend. Reffan will send the winner the sticker in the mail along with a letter of authenticity! Will be like the Vynal Trophy for refs!


Since 2017 is almost over...reffan will give out one ZOW award for the last three weeks....remember to get the award the zebra has to make a call or calls that make it "all about him"!

This award is for all areas in Maine! Reffan wants this to be an All State ZOW award!

Please send in your nominations.....you will have until Sunday

Nominations so far:

Skip "Eagle Eye" Capone: In the Scarborough/Gorham game last week....at the end of regulation...Scarb player makes a great dunk! crowd erupts!!! But Skip, who knows how Webb hates the dunk, waves it off...calls an offensive foul! reffan has no idea how he came up with this......but it will get Eagle Eye in the tourney....but it also made him the favorite for the ZOW award!

Georgie Porgie Ayoob: a multiple past winner of the ZOW award...George called 79 fouls in the Greely/Falmouth game last week! game went on for so long....reffan heard dozens of teenage fans were grounded for missing curfew....none of the parents believed their kids that a basketball game could go on for 3 hours!

get those nominations in!!!
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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby reffan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:48 am

Another nomination:

Dave "I have a dream" Brown: Reffan saw this guy at the Expo....wow.....is this guy a big dude!! 6'8" at least!!!
Last year Brown became the first African American to work Webb's tourney in 25 years!!! Reffan thought he did a great job.....but for diversity sake (like the Academy Awards) reffan feels pressure to nominate him....

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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby reffan » Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:52 pm

another nomination from a text from a fan of the reffan:

it reads:

"Hey reffan, I have a nomination for you, Bob "the belt" Foster. You were misinformed last year when you announced that the legendary Bob Foster retired from reffing. I can tell you, he HAS NOT! My boy played a game against Lincoln Middle School and Foster was working! He ended up T'n up the Lincoln boys coach and almost had to toss him and yes Mr. Reffan, he in fact did have a belt on his pants!"

Ok....nomination number 4.....Bob "the Belt" Foster!
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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby reffan » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:48 am

nomination number 5

From the Portland AD (reffan over heard him talking to a parent)

reffan will quote him to the best of his recollection:

"F*#@...I wish the Reffan was here for the girls game.....those two bozo's would make him proud!.....one of them has to be up for the Zebra of the Week award. Mike Woods who our team really wishes he stayed in the woods......he might be the worst official I have seen in my 20 years as an AD!...."

Reffan has to nominate this guy......so Mike "I should have stayed in the" Woods is an official nominee for the ZOW

Good luck Mike!

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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby county hoopster » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:39 pm

Seen Ayoob in the Bou yesterday doing Caribou girls game. Long ways from home.
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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby reffan » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:17 am

Georgie Porgie in the County??? George must really want the first ZOW bumper sticker!!

Reffan did some checking...guess George charges the schools an appearance fee.....

He gets the going rate to ref. $70.00 (approx.)

He gets milage..... $173.50

He gets a hotel room...... $100 a night

He gets per diem......$60 a day

and he gets a $200.00 appearance fee.....

Ayoob told the reffan the officiating is so bad up in the county....schools will pay whatever it takes to get the top refs up there!

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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby O Head Man » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:19 am

You cannot have a ZOTW thread without a Rocky Buck Naked nomination. He and his gray shirt friends were in mid-season form at the ACC last night. I believe there were at least 4 stoppages in play while he and his two buddies had to huddle to figure out the call. I thought I was watching the NFL! And one of those huddles included a discussion about an "and one" situation where the ball wasn't actually even shot! Truly a ZOTW performance if there ever was one. Rocky hasn't lost a thing!
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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby reffan » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:15 am

O head man...you made the reffan's day!

love Rocky Buck Naked! although how old is this guy now? he was reffing when the reffan was playing...and he wasn't a spring chicken then.....Buck Naked has to be in his mid 70's???

and at Scarb yesterday....Dick "Corky" Draper.....he is in his late 60's.....what is up with all the old guys reffing?

AARP should start doing commercials showing how old age does not slow you down....at least not on the basketball courts in Maine!

Buck Naked is officially nominated for the first ZOW bumper sticker!

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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby bcbc55 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:01 pm

With age (I reffed a full schedule of high school, prep school and college ball until I was 75) comes experience and with 3 person official teams it should be expected that officials will work longer. Rocky Buck and I worked together, very good official. Of all the things I did in basketball, playing, coaching, officiating, Radio/TV color commentator, author and currently writing a column and BLOG for the Bangor Daily News the most enjoyable was officiating.

Where else can you get your exercise, are well paid and don't care who wins or loses the game., especially the college games because games are longer, better pay and 3 person crews and you don't care who wins or losses.

No sleepless nights after like playing and coaching. Just ref the game, go home get a good night's sleep and then of to the next days game assignment. Used to ref over 500 games a year including AAU and summer hgh school basketball. Made a lot more money officiating then I did coaching. Coached for 33 years. Reffed a full complete schedule for 25 years.

Also when blowing the whistle was only half right. So that is batting .500 which is not to bad as the team and their fans the call favored were happy the team and fans that the call was aginst were unhappy. "You can't please all the people all of the time, but you can please some of the people some of the time" and that is what refs usually do.

Stopped reffing at 75, 5 years ago because the travel got to be too much going all over the state. One week I went over 1600 miles as I went to UMFK, UMM, UMF and UNE, Rest Day at Husson right in Bangor, then other 2 days Lewsiton and Bowdoin. Most of that travel was by my self.

Reffed men's league, semi-pro, middle school, high school, prep school D-1, D-2 and D-3, NAIA 1 and 2 and even was a sub for the old CBA (Continental Basketball Association NBA D league now or is it the G league) when they had the Maine Lumberjacks franchise in Bangor.

Really miss officiating Reffan.Glad to see yo are back evaluating the zebras. I never liked those grey shirts we had to wear for high school. Give me those striped shirt anytime.
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Re: 2017/18 Zebra of the Week

Postby Archer Bunker » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:36 pm

I think Cimmie should get the Zebra of the Week Award even though he is retired, but for all he did in his time. They should have a Hall of Fame for refs like him.

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