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2 Relevant HS media articles must reads for players/parents

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2 Relevant HS media articles must reads for players/parents

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:28 am

On Friday August 11 the talk media WMTM posted an article entitled, " Have summer schools sports gone too far?" and the next day Saturday, the 12th the print media the CM Newspaper posted an article entitled "Committing to 1 Sport year round comes at a cost".

These are two articles are must reads for every athlete and their parents/guardians. "To specialize or not too specialize that is the question"?

Being a writer of a basketball column and BLOG entitled "Off the Rim" for the Bangor Daily News I found these two articles very interesting and also having been a former high school basketball coach 29 years and baseball coach 3 years and athletic director for 16 years (5 in a big public high school 1400 students and 11 years in a private high school in the same city..

So much so that I think this material combined would make for an very needed article here in Eastern Maine especially as the fall sports season starts tomorrow.

Playing one sport versus playing 2 or 3 high school sports is a very timely and important topic for high school athlete and their parents/guardians to be informed about.

Using basketball as an example there are 172 high school boys teams in Maine and 172 girls teams. If there are 12 teams on a team average wise that is 8,256 participants.

How many if you think of that 8,256 number in a high school basketball season are going to receive a D-1 or D-2 basketball scholarship? 2016 season on the boys side there was just 1.

So putting your eggs all in one basket in Maine doesn't seem to realistic by playing just one sport and putting all the money in AAU, all-star, travel and club basketball gambling that the player will have that specialization, time and money will pay off with a basketball scholarship. Remember D-3 do not give athletic scholarships.

Also, I fervently disagree that a player gets better athletically the more that they play that one sport. Most athletic talent is GOD given at Birth and it is very hard to improve a basketball players athletic skills like, quickness, speed, vertical leaping ability, strength, etc. any athletic skill that would make you an above participant in any track meets jumping. throwing, or running event.

What physical skills basketball players can improve upon by specializing is develop shooting skills (which only has one actual physical kinesology athletic skill...releasing the ball from the wrist with a snap release when the legs are completely straight) is to develop higher basketball IQ's to improve their basketball decision making and that does not take specialization if the player has good high school coaching. High IQ basketball players play the game from the shoulders up, while athletes playing basketball play the game from the shoulders down.

Weightlifting exercises can increase jumping vertically and give a player more strength.

I have had 2 players that specialized and one that was a 3 sport athlete. I only had two players in 29 years of high school coaching receive D-1 scholarships directly from high school. One had 66 D-1 offers and he was a 3 sport athlete and chose the University of Maine to be closer to his family and one who had over 30 D-1 offers and he went to Fresno State in California and then transferred back to New Hampshire to be closer to his family and friends. Both had excellent college careers. The player who was a 3 sport athlete who had 66 offers was a 6'7" point guard who did not specialize and the one with 30 offers was a 6'11" center who specialized.

I had another player who specialized in basketball after being a sophomore in high school who gave up football and he ended up going to a D-3 school in Maine and then transferred to D-1 UMaine.

I had one other player who only played 1 sport and specialized some and he also received a D-1 scholarship after attending an out-of-state D-3 school who transferred and was given a scholarship at D-1 Maine.

The only one that played AAU and who played year round after giving up football after his sophomore year in H.S. who specialized year round was the one that went to Fresno State and transferred to UNH.

Also, none of these players who went D-1 took my advice of needing to go to Prep school after graduating from high school. All said afterwards that they should have gone to prep school.

My advice based on my 72 years of experience in basketball as a coach.player, official, radio/TV commentator and basketball writer it is an individual choice but a Maine high school basketball players chance to receive a scholarship for basketball is based more on his/her God given athletic ability then it is in their specializing in just basketball year round. The money saved would be put to better use towards the athletes college tutition.

Where a basketball player lives, their athletic ability, their size and their specializing are more of factors then specializing especially living in a low population state like Maine.

A big reminder...Any Mainer who wants to try to be an impact D-1 player by their sophomore year in college have got to go to prep school. The Nick Mayo's in Maine are few and far between.
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Re: 2 Relevant HS media articles must reads for players/pare

Postby BDN » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:17 am

Hoping my basketball withdrawal symptoms will improve!

...I usually shoot for an hour a day when I am able to shoot. Sometimes it takes me a little longer than an hour as I have a ritual of having to make 3 consecutive foul shots and the 3 consecutive college 3 pointers back-to-back. Some nights I do it on the first try, some nights it takes longer.

All I know is when I am having a hard time making 3 fouls shots and 3 3’s in a row back-to-back, my wife hollers out the window, “USE MORE LEGS” as she knows that if I am not in the house in a hour then I have had not made the ritual immediately and the longer I am shooting the more trouble I am having make the consecutive 3 and 3’s and it is usually because I am getting tired and not using enough leg depth..

This four month period of not being able to shoot hoops certainly hasn’t helped my basketball withdrawal problem.

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