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Time to Give Youth Sports a Much Needed Enema

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Time to Give Youth Sports a Much Needed Enema

Postby Tom Nolette » Mon May 22, 2017 5:33 am

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Time to Give Youth Sports a Much Needed Enema

... Davidson College Men’s Basketball Coach Bob McKillop perfectly described the reason for society’s ills the best. The reason our society is in the mess it’s in today is because those in leadership positions have abdicated their responsibility to lead. Unfortunately, too many administrators in an effort to avoid conflict at all costs, cave whenever parents have a complaint.

Some who are concerned about this issue have stated we need contracts developed by the MPA for coaches. While this may be helpful, why do we need to have a larger governing body involved if administrators simply did the right thing? Besides, remember what the voting membership consists of: local principals. If administrators aren’t willing to step up and be counted then why would the same people initiate a contract to protect coaches?

So what can be done to change the culture? Those of us in the majority have a duty to ensure this is turned around. If you support a coach, let your school administrator know. Be an example to others at sporting events. Each of us must do all that we can to return athletics to what it is supposed to be: a vehicle in teaching positive life lessons.

Going forward, let all of us resolve to be a solution for cleansing in a sports culture that sorely needs it.

http://pressbox.bangordailynews.com/201 ... ded-enema/
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Re: Time to Give Youth Sports a Much Needed Enema

Postby ExpoEddie » Mon May 22, 2017 5:25 pm

I have interviewed for 7 coaching positions, recommended twice, hired once. My experiences come with these comments. 1. Do not have parents on the interview committees. Parents are always split, so you will have 50% who think they are represented, the other half think they are shafted. Keep the kids, they know what they want and are unabashed in their questions. 2. The interview process should be 25% of the decision making. 75% should be interviewing other respected coaches (both school & AAU if applicable), referees, former players whether AAU, Travel or school teams. Community references if possible to determine what is this applicant really like. Coached elsewhere, relationship to that AD. A 60 minute interview does not show enough, but rather confirm prior due diligence and homework.

School District should have guidelines for discipline and each coach should follow to the T. I had to go thru a tough process with a Facebook posting that made national headlines. Once I was cleared of non-involvement, I was expected to be at every meeting with players, parents and administration. When the discipline was decided, every stakeholder had a seat at the table and the parents had to comply. I was allowed to tell the kids privately. A few years later I left, but was a personal choice and to this day felt great support from players, AD & parents. If administration does the hiring with input from the players, they own the hire 100%. Ultimately the Superintendent has to sign off on each hire. If coaches keep getting fired or not rehired, the chain from AD, Principal, Superintendent is the issue. What are they not doing? Just a couple of thoughts.
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