Lenny's AAU league (for max viewing)

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Lenny's AAU league (for max viewing)

Postby geezil » Mon May 15, 2017 9:10 am

.........Last Saturday a team from the Hill Country went south to Saco to see how they stacked up against the competition in Suburbia. The team that they played decided to taunt the "inferior" HIll Country team with the usual hand clapping in the face deal, along with the "you're not going to win in our house" bit. On one instance, a Hill player drove for the basket and was promptly deposited into the concrete surface at the end line (which was fine), but upon getting up the hand clapping deal was utilized, and the mild mannered Hill player stated "I made it didn't I". This is 6th grade Lenny--What the hell is next?

........The problem is the coaches cannot control their prima donnas, and the refs didn't do their job. Two sundays ago, at Cony, you had a player go really bananas after getting a couple of intentional fouls (refs were ok here), and the coach could not control the antics of the player banging on the walls and furniture. As a taxpayer I thought about presenting a bill to "coachie" if any permanent damage was done.

........And yes--The Hill Country team beat Suburbia (naturally). [edited for more clarity--thank you for your patience]
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