D3 Week Profile: Fred Knight ( Hampden / USM )

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D3 Week Profile: Fred Knight ( Hampden / USM )

Postby Tom Nolette » Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:00 am

D3 Week Student-Athlete Profile: Fred Knight - Center, Engineer, Leader

... Standing at 6-7, not much is out of sight for senior Fred Knight, a four-year member of the Huskies men's basketball team. A senior in the grueling engineering program, Fred is a double major in Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

"One discipline is directly correlated to the other. You can't have a robot without both disciplines combined. The beauty of this double major is the ability to see the big picture of a design. One that is well versed in both disciplines can design a system that will smoothly connect the mechanical operation with the electrical operation."

Despite the rigorous academic regimen that Fred has faced, he has loved his time learning from his professors: Dr. Mehrdaad Ghorashi; Dr. Lin Lin; Dr. Mariusz Jankowski; and Dr. Carlos Lück, along with the remainder of the outstanding Engineering Department at the University of Southern Maine.

"The engineering program here is personal in terms of attention. The faculty is amazing at providing one-on-one time with you. Engineering has many complex concepts, but the faculty teach you in a theoretical way, then back it up by giving you lab experiences that show you more of a real-world application. Engineering concepts are thoroughly understood when professors show how to design in theory, and then bring that theoretical design to life in real world application. The University of Southern Maine engineering department faculty have a firm grasp on what it takes to be a top tier engineer in today's rapidly growing industry. The futuristic vision of the faculty is given to the students with such passion and precision. When I came to USM I had an empty tool shed; I leave with a tool shed that has been completely remodeled with more tools than I can count, and more importantly, the knowledge of how to use them. I am so thankful for all of the faculty that have helped put me in the best position I can be in, to conquer the challenges that lay ahead."

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