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basketball Coaching Positions

Postby bballnut » Sat May 17, 2008 8:35 am

baseketball Coaching Positions Lead [-]

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(05/07/08 7:03 AM)
Does anybody know who got the Leavitt job? Any word on Winthrop?

Bballnut #1 [-]

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(05/08/08 7:09 AM)
As of last weekend, neither job had been decided.

RedBox1 #2 [-]

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(05/08/08 10:06 PM)
Could some one who has in inside loop keep the rest of us filled in on this subject please

deucecat #3 [-]

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(05/09/08 6:51 PM)
any owrd on the Lewiston job?

deucecat #4 [-]

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(05/09/08 6:52 PM)
any word on the Lewiston job?

rmblrsu1 #5 [-]

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(05/11/08 2:56 PM)
I don't know any names but I have heard at least 15 people have applied for the Winthrop job.

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coachjason213.mainebasketball... #6 [-]

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(05/12/08 7:35 AM)
Reply Quote Edit Del MoreMy Recent Posts Message Me Connection Blocking Invite Ignore User's Posts Report Post Show/Hide User's Posts Ban Manage Hide I know someone who was called by Mr. Turner for an interview with Winthrop, they do have a number of applicants....
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