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Postby hawksfan » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:29 am

Pirates79 wrote:
hawksfan wrote:
Pirates79 wrote:Am interested to hear any comments from all the non bigoted types on Steve King's (R)Iowa tweet regarding "somebody else's babies,,".

I'd suggest Sid that you read the transcript of his interview with Chris Cuomo. Mensa Cuomo, being a racist, naturally tried to make it a "white" thing. Steve King, because he's not a racist, tried to explain that the issue we face is the pervasive problem of NON-ASSIMILATION of immigrants over the past 25 years. It used to be people emigrated to America because they wanted they and their descendants to be AMERICANS. To often now, people emigrate to America, sign up for the dole & dive into enclaves of "their" culture.

Assimilation is the word of the day....people who come here legally & set to becoming Americans while enriching our culture by melding theirs to ours is a great and unique American strength. People who come here....legally or illegally... with no intention of American-izing themselves and instead hide in enclaves of "their own" are a degradation of our society.

Read the Cuomo transcript...its safe as its CNN, right?..and then tell me you feel differently. I don't believe you will because its not a D or R thing, its an American thing...white, black, brown, yellow, straight, gay, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, non sharia Muslims and so on....we all bleed red, (white & blue)...

The guy's a racist. Defend him all want. He's still a racist.

Actually...its possible you're right. I'll let my post stand on its own re: the problem that is growing here (& that is decimating Europe) with our not insisting that immigrants fully assimilate in exchange for citizenship.

But MJ's post spurred me on to look more closely into the guy. Has definitely said some cringeworthy stuff that at the very least makes you wonder if he'd prefer to just come out with what he really means.

Chris Cuomo, by the way? Is also a racist...
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Re: Check this Jeffie

Postby Pirates79 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:38 am

Who is Chris Cuomo and what causes you to call a rascist?
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