Obama & The Mullahs of Iran...

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Obama & The Mullahs of Iran...

Postby hawksfan » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:29 pm

Why does he love them so much?
Why, at every opportunity, does he choose to ease the Mullahs burden?
What is it that the Mullahs have of value to America that Obama is seeking? Anything?

There is no evident common sense at all to the nuke deal. Or bailing on the Iranian "Green Revolution", or allowing the humiliation of our sailors, or ZERO response to repeated buzzing of our Naval fleet by the Iranian air force...& now we learn The Regime paid a $400M ransom for hostages...& their only response is that somehow, in some bizzarro alternate universe, WE are the ones who OWE them money from 19 friggin' 79..?!!?

Does anybody remember, does anybody care, does anybody remain outraged about what happened in 1979, 80 & the 1st 19 days of '81...when the new sheriff arrived in town?

Why does our President consistently side with those who emphatically preach "death to America"?....am I wrong, am I a card carrying member of CF's crazy right base for wondering why POTUS sides...always with the lunitic sharia death cult vs America?


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