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It's being reported on web-sites like Huffingtonpost.com and the web-site Politico.com that Barack Obama might already have enough Super Delegates to claim the nomination on Tuesday night in St. Paul, Minnesota. It's believed that Obama might have 30-40 Super Delegates in his back pocket and those delegates will come forward on Monday or Tuesday and that will finally put an end to this long but very entertaining Democratic race. Now the big question is what about Hillary Clinton?

HRC's voters can't be ignored and her campaign has come up just short of getting the nomination. So my question is... Does Barack Obama have to offer the VP slot to Clinton? :roll: Will Clinton accept such an offer?

I'm interested to hear what you all think. As an Obama supporter I want to win in November and I think Obama could blow out John McCain on November 4th. Polling data says that Clinton would help Obama with hard line Democrats and women. Other polls suggest that Clinton might take away some of the Independent vote from Obama because of her high negative numbers. I think Obama might very well have a female running mate but it won't be Senator Clinton. Obama needs Clinton more in the US Senate and there is no guarentee that her replacement in New York will be a Democrat. So who are my top three female VP choices?

First up is Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Sebelius is a moderate Democrat who is the first Democrat to win the Governorship in the Jayhawk state in 50 years. This is her second term to boot and is well liked by the Kansas voters and the Kansas GOP. She is fiscally Conservative and not affraid of a good political fight. I think she might be Obama's top choice.

Next up is Arizona Governor Janet Napolitana. Napolitana is well liked in the hispanic community and she is also a center/moderate Governor who won in a Red State. She is a possibility because of the state she is from but's it's unlikely that she can deliver that state for Obama since Obama's opponent is from that state.

The final female candidate I really like is Louisiana Senator Mary Landreau. She is as tough as Hillary without the HRC baggage. I've watched Mary tear apart Republicans on the Senate floor many times and she does it with a smile on her face. She seems to enjoy taking it to her political opponents. Louisiana voters have called her their little scrapper who never backs down from a political fight. The big issue if Obama went with Landreau would be her US Senate seat. She is running for re-election in the Byou State and is a lock to win her third term. If she were to accept the nomination of her party for VP it's likely the Republican Governor would replace her with someone from the GOP in that state.

I think Obama will pick Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas and that should help the Clinton supporters especially the female Clinton supporters, along to Obama in the fall. Not all of them will come along for the ride but enough will to give Obama the edge he needs to run rule John McCain in the general election... Recent polls show that Obama is beating John McCain in some key Red States like Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana. Obama also appears to be making head way in Red state's like Indiana, Colorado and Nevada. Add Sebelius to the ticket and perhaps the Jayhawk state will be in play for Obama. A lot can happen between now and November but Obama would have to really blow it in order to lose to Senator McCain. It could happen but it's not likely.
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