UM Football - Biggest Disappointments of 2019

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Postby dunbar » Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:13 am

augie wrote:
bcbc55 wrote:
SMAA wrote:Just wait until mens basketball starts then you are really going to be disappointed.

SMAA: Don't think the Maine men's basketball should disappoint, they have got enough size, (2 6-7, 3 6-8 and 3- 6-9) guards 1 @ 6-6 2 @ 6-5, 1 @ 6-4, 2 @ 6-2, 1 @ 6-1 and @ 6-0)). 4 excellent point shooters Darwich, Stumer and Yagodin and Schildroth, 2 excellent point guards in Darwich, and Odeh.

12 of 15 players are international players and they are usually more coachable, usually play the game more from the shoulders up, usually have higher basketball IQ's, usually make better basketball decisions and usually are more team players then most USA players, especially those that come to Maine.

They have the talent to go 8-8 in conference a fight for a 4th place final standings to get a home playoff quarter-final tourney game

Only 4 players returning from last years team, 4 red shirts that sat out last year and 7 above average freshmen coming in.

Just my opinion.

I think we really know why Bob likes these international players. We should start calling you Archie Bunker. WOW, just WOW!
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