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Postby TAL1957 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:05 pm

dbarr - Obviously you're very knowledgeable when it comes to UMaine and college baseball, and it's great to have your input and insight offered here; it certainly raises our collective MBR baseball IQ considerably. All your observations sound pretty much on target, or at least close enough with my own thoughts, to say "Ayuh".

No question the new field is a Great Asset; I just wished they had designed it with an "auto-defrost" option ! ;)

I absolutely believe that the current players on this team have the requisite skills and qualities, IF developed and used to their potential, to compete very successfully in the AE Conference. I even think they have a legitimate shot at earning that trip to the Regionals This Year ! (If they are developed and coached appropriately)

I just don't see the level of player development and game time coaching that I was hoping for by now, especially at a D1 program and one with the history of UMaine baseball. But, I guess that's a pretty typical opinion of us bleacher coaches !? Hopefully a lot of valuable lessons were learned last year and over the first few games of this season, but I'm still waiting to see the evidence of that. Still doing most of the same things that didn't, and still don't, seem to work out to well, and not doing some things we could (SMALL BALL !!!). I am growing fearful that time is running out to make some obvious and necessary "adjustments", but will continue to watch closely for next 2-3 weeks before making any final conclusions.

Re: Vermont players ? Haven't heard anything about who might be going where, but I just don't see how Maine could have even the minimal amount of athletic aid to offer anybody else right now. It's likely the best players (e.g., Duffy) would have options for some $$$ or prefer to "walk-on" elsewhere ?
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Re: UMAINE Baseball @ Dela-where ?

Postby chbazdanes » Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:34 am

Considering that Duquesne has yet to win a game let's hope we can keep it that way at 4:00 game time. Do we think Scanlan is pitching or Jebb??

02/21/09 at South Carolina Columbia, S.C. L, 13-0
02/22/09 at South Carolina Columbia, S.C. L, 8-4
02/23/09 at South Carolina Columbia, S.C. L, 6-0
02/28/09 vs. Rhode Island Winter Haven, Fla. L, 10-6
03/01/09 vs. Rhode Island Winter Haven, Fla. L, 13-2
03/02/09 vs. Northeastern Winter Haven, Fla. L, 10-9 (11)

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Re: UMAINE Baseball @ Dela-where ?

Postby UMaineSuperfan » Tue Mar 03, 2009 12:28 pm

notice the run totals that duquesne has given up. maine has lost games, but a few of them were close losses with low run totals.

maine seems to me like a team that can win any kind of ballgame despite the win/loss so far. we can shut teams down with pitching, but also can score if the pitching is a bit off that day.
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