Doga Alper to Transfer from WBB

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Doga Alper to Transfer from WBB

Postby mainejeff » Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:06 am

Not a big surprise here. Her recent trip to LA probably was the nail in the coffin. She never seemed that engaged or committed to improving.

So another scholarship available!
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Re: Doga Alper to Transfer from WBB

Postby Blind Zebra » Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:27 pm

In my opinion, Doga should’ve played more this season. I’m not in the gym at practice everyday but she Showed flashes of athleticism and ability in limited game minutes. Had good potential as a scorer and defender. I hope the staff can replace her with an equally talented player. I have to say I’m a little worried about the recruiting...actually a lot worried. I’m not seeing top tier signings. By that I am mean instant impact players in the America East. All Conference potential. Is the staff capable of identifying and closing the deal on a Sigi, Liz, Tanesha, Fanny, Blanca, Julie B level talent? Let’s get things done on the trail!
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Re: Doga Alper to Transfer from WBB

Postby turkeyman » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:08 pm

It looked, starting with the Northeastern game (her first), like Doga would develop well. Quite athletic, long, etc. But it didn't happen. At UNH Coach Vachon cleared the bench with a huge lead in the fourth, and Maine-Clemson happened all over again, when Coach Barron had put the starters back in because Clemson was cutting deeply into Maine's lead. At UNH, all eyes -- and there were probably mnore eyes there from Maine than from UNH -- were on Doga because of her size and presence on the perimeter and because everyone wanted to see how she would do, Doga stood right out, butnot in a good way. She got beat on defense several times and, to me, looked lost on defense. Coach Vachon put starters back in to stem the run.

After that game, Doga didn't get many minutes. She wound up with 82 minutes for the season, all in the second semester.

Any idea where she's going? I googled several possibilities today and found nothing. Nor on WBB Blog or on Women's Hoops World, both of which report transfers, signings, etc. Also checked Loyola Marymount, thinking she might have been recruited to Maine by Jhasmin Player and might be going west to play there. Vanguard is also possible. That's where Christiana Geristergiou transferred after two years on the Maine bench, and she got a lot of PT out there. Vanguard is a high-profile NAIA school that takes on all comers as opponents. Played an exhibition against Maine at Gorham about four years ago.

Anyone know of others likely to transfer or just drop out? After the first seven players this year, no one got much PT. Even Maddy's playing time seemed to decline late in the season.

Coach Vachon tweeted on April 4 that it had been a great week, and the photo showed a passport and what looked like an airport waiting room. I take it she wasn't talking about tourism experiences. Eager to see if she turned up any Maine-ready recruits. By the way, Jhasmin Player was on a panel at the Final Four in Tampa about recruiting in Europe.

Recruiting looms more and more important as the three remaining stars move toward the ends of their time at Maine. Not sure what help Coach Vachon has. I've read on this board that Coach Biskup has been making European trips. But Gary Fifield was one-and-done so far as UMaine was concerned, so his recruiting genius can't help. Coach England is going to have other responsibilities soon, so she won't be on the road much. Need a top-notch recruiter. Does Grant Standbrook know anything about basketball?

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