What did Texas Tech have in common with 8 AE women's teams?

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What did Texas Tech have in common with 8 AE women's teams?

Postby bcbc55 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:04 am

Thought was watching the America East women's teams playing the UMaine women as none of the 8 other AE teams in 19 games (and Maine's 14 non-conference opponents) ever posted up 5'6" Door Saar on the block to take advantage of her size as I watched Virginia's 5'9" Kihei Clark guarding 6'3 Mike Mooney of Texas Tech and they never once posted Clark up to take advantage of the 6 inch height difference advantage.

Also, at least 5 offensive possessions Clark was guarding one of the Texas Tech's BIGS on switches on the block and Tech never took advantage of that either.

Can't believe coming in that Texas Tech didn't have that as part of their game plan as Clark was going to have to guard either the 6'3" Mooney or the other guard from Italy Davide Morette who was 6'2" knowing that Virginia was going to play man.

Also, non of the other of Virginia;s 5 NCAA opponents posted Clark either.

When players are the same height that is a good mismatch to post up on the block as the offensive player has the advantage as the block is the toughest spot on the floor to defend one on one because the offensive player knows when he is leaving the floor and the defender doesn't and most defenders leave their feet before the shooter does because they bite on head or ball fakes or a combo off and guard defenders are not used to defending the block which gives the offensive player a big advantage.

But then again none of the other 5 coaches Virginia beat did it either. Just like the 8 America East women's coaches and 14 non-conference coaches. So that is 22 D-1 coaches making BIG BUCKS that didn't take advantage of that advantage.

Guess nobody believes in taking advantage of mismatches anymore!

Unbelievable that nobody broadcasting the 6 Virginia games picked up on that either. Their supposed to be basketball experts aren't they?

Congratulations to Virginia from coming back from last years biggest upset of all time to NCAA Champions in a year after losing to 16th seeded UMBC of the AE Conference and that being the foirst time a 1 seed ever lost to a 16 seed in the history of the March Madness's BIG DANCE..

Also, I would like to have had a penny for every time I saw a defender in the Tournament close out the right handed shooter with their right hand instead of their left hand. I would be a pennyaire.
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Re: What did Texas Tech have in common with 8 AE women's tea

Postby Countryboy » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:28 am

IMO NAIA Chaminade knocking off #1 Virginia and POY Ralph Sampson was the biggest upset in history
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