Maine men's Basketball Roster now has Barron's stamp on it!

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Maine men's Basketball Roster now has Barron's stamp on it!

Postby bcbc55 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:41 pm

It didn't take first year Maine men's basketball coach Richard Barron very long to put his stamp on the roster for next season. It took only took a year from the date he was hired last March in 2018.

In one season he has only 2 players coming back on the 2019-20 roster that played under the previous Bob Walsh regime. 6'7" Fleming and 6'8" Antoms.

Gone are senior 5'10 Araujo and 6'7 Illija S. and transfers 6'6" White and 6'8" Eze and walk ons 6'1"Ashley and Barron walkon red shirt 6'7" Begic.

White and Eze will be really missed and walkon Ashley also gave Maine needed valuable minutes with his 3 point game.

Returning who received playing time as starters are Barron recruit's 6'5" Darwich, 6'8" Larsson and 510"' Moss.

So Maine returns 4 players that started most of the 32 games last year.

Barron recruits red shirting because of injuries were 6'5" Yadogin and 6'7" Illuyomade, transfer sit out 6'7" Prijovic and red shirting 6'9 Ingo and the 3 new recruits signed in November 6'9:" Radakovic, 6'6" Stumer and 6'4" Wright-McLeish,

That currently gives them 12 scholarship players on the roster so that leaves 1 scholarship available and the need for walk ons either recruited or have open campus tryouts to give Maine a 15 Man roster.

So currently 10 of the returning 12 scholarship players are Barron Recruits. Of the 12 only 5 played last year so this team is going into the next season campaign untested and unknown ability wise in actual games.

They do return excellent height and reach and experienced guards as Fleming, Antoms, Larsson, Ingo, Prijovic, Illuyomade, and new recruit from Lee Prep 6'9' Radakovic making 8 players of the 12 6'7"to 6'9".

Only Moss, Darwich, Yadogin, and 2 new recruits Wright-McLeish and Stumer under 6'7" but Darwich at 6'5", Yadogin 6'5" and one of the new recruits at 6'6" Stumer and one at 6'4" Wright-McLeish give Maine excellent size at the guard positions.

Interesting how Barron will use the 1 remaining scholarship and how he will get walk ons to fill out the roster unless he does what the women's team did this past year and go with just 13 scholarship players.

Maine should have one of the tallest, if not the tallest overall roster in the AE Conference. Question is can Maine between Antoms, Radakovic and Prijovic between them give Maine enough offense and rim protection as back-to-the-back post players.

Should be good competition for starting and playing time depending on how the Barron recruits that did not play last year and the 3 new recruits pan out.
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Re: Maine men's BB now has Barron's stamp on roster!

Postby bcbc55 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:48 pm

Roster By positions and heights

Returning players who played

Fleming 6'7".......Antoms 6'8"...Darwich 6'5"
Larsson 6'8".........................Moss 5'10"

4 Red Shirts and 3 new recruits

Illuyomade 6'7"...Radakovic 6'9"NR...Yagodin 6'5"
Ingo.........6'9"...........................Stumoc 6'6"NR
Prijovic ....6'8"............................Wright-McLeish 6'4"NR

One scholarship still is available.
NR=new recruits and others are red-shirts
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