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Here are 20 little things that players at any level of basketball be it middle school, high school, college or the NBA or the WNBA should know and all they have to do is read and do them and they will improve their game all by themselves. These are little things that I see players do or not do in games. You don't need coaches to tell you about them, just read them below and do or do not do them.

When watching games this winter so far I see these 20 little things done or not done time and time and time again by high school, college and NBA players. The reason I see them is that players do not know about them and that is probably because their coaches have not taught them or they would do them or wouldn't do them.

So this off season woud be a great time for you as a player to coach yourself and all you have to do is read about what to do or not do below. Good luck with them as you are now going to be a player-coach to yourself.

1. Guarding player with the ball who is right handed shooter keep your left hand up at all times on the shooter, Rest your shooting arm.

2. Don't block a shot until the ball has left the shooter's hands then you won't get called for a foul

3. Don't leave your feet when guarding a player with the ball until that player leaves his feet

4. Only time a defensive player should not know where the ball is when playing defense is when the offensive player releases the ball on a shot and then the defender guarding a player with the ball should go and find his man and then block him/her out depending on which way they go to try for the offensive rebound.

5. Guarding a player without the ball always keep the defensive triangle, yourself, the ball and the man you are guarding. Use your hands to point at the ball and your man and yourself as the triangle

6. If you ever lose your man on defense behind you then automatically go to the block on the side of the ball

7. With the ball in your possession never leave your feet and NOT SHOOT THE BALL

8. Guarding a player with the ball force the player to the middle so that your teammates know who has help defense assignment

9. When you have help responsibility assignment on dribble penetration to gain an extra step to get back to your man just watch the dribblers non dribbling hand and as soon as the dribbler starts to raise the non dribbling hand then you know he is going to pick up the dribble so you can leave and that gives the needed time to get back the player you are guarding without the ball.

10. Whenever you catch a pass on the court pivot first and face your basket so you can see what is ahead of you before you dribble, pass or shoot

11. Don't pass off the dribble. Stop the dribble and then do not pass the ball to the teammate if you see a defender within 10 feet of the player you want to pass to or unless there is not defender between you and the player that you want to pass to in a straight line to the basket, as defenders can read your pass as you bend your elbows to prepare to pass the ball

12. Think before you do, that is called reading the court

13. When shooting aim for the middle of the basket, not just over the front or just in from of the back of the rim

14. Keep the ball flat in your hand when shooting, no space between palm and the ball

15. Release the ball on any shot when your legs are straight

16. Let the game come to you, don't take yourself to the game by forcing things like passes, dribble or shots

17. A good matchup for any player to post up on the block is if the defender is the same height as you or smaller

18. Toughest spot on the floor to defend is on either block because you know when you are going to leave the floor and your defender doesn't. Use ball fake, head fake, or combo of both or go immediately as soon as you catch the ball this will get the defender in the air and he may foul you and cannot defend your power layup when in the air and starting to come down

19. Know the 3 second rule when posting up. If you get the ball before 3 seconds is called then you have an additional 3 seconds more to dribble to the basket. if you dribble out of the 3 second lane or pass the ball out to a teammate then it is a 3 second violation

20. Know how to foul so as it does not look like an intentional foul when you coach wants you to stop the clock by fouling late in the game, try to steal the ball when the ball handler is dribbling and if you don't get the steal then bump into the dribbler accidently to cause the foul.

These 20 things you can learn on your own just by doing them enough times so that become automatic for you without even thinking about doing them.

These are the little things that many players do or do not do so they are not as good as they could or should be if they knew them. If you have not been taught these things just do or not do them and your coach next season will be surprised how much you have improved your game and you did it all by yourself and maybe even move by some of your teammates who were ahead of you in playing time at the end of the season last month..
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