Maine men's zone offense effective in comeback try today!

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Maine men's zone offense effective in comeback try today!

Postby bcbc55 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:39 pm

When the UMaine men's basketball team battled back from a 12 point deficit of 23-11 with 9:54 to go in the first half and raced to a 51-44 2nd half lead with 12:18 to go in the game. It was because of having Fleming at the high post as he looked to look for the shot or feed the short corner baseline player cutting behind the zone as Maine went on a 40 to 21 run of outscoring the Bearcats and then all of a sudden Fleming moved to the baseline and the offensive set bogged down as Maine went from being down 23-11 to up 51-44.

Maine got some good 3 looks on the wings and some real easy layups behind the 2-3 zone and why Fleming moved to the baseline is a question I wondered about. Also, got some good layup looks when the weak side wing also cut to the baseline after the baseline cutter cut across the lane.

For some strange reason the offense was much more effective with Fleming at the high post as the streaming broadcasters kept pointing out when it was working well and then when it didn't work any where near as well and was less effective without Fleming at the high post.

I really liked what Maine was doing on that stretch that they out scored Binghamton to go from down 23-11 to up 51-44 a 40 to 21 swing. Surprised that Binghamton stayed in the zone so long as they were really getting hurt by Maine's offensive setup.

Did anyone else who watched the game also notice and wonder about this too???????????
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Re: Maine men's zone offense effective in comeback try toda

Postby waltwhite » Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:40 pm

Love the 2-3 ameeba zone.. Like the cuse! Extend and then rebound . BCBC taught me that
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