Maine 11 UNLV 9

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Maine 11 UNLV 9

Postby mainejeff » Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:36 pm

Maine FINALLY gets over the hump and gets a gritty win in the last game of the series.

Freshman Matt Klaczkiewicz went from Saturday goat to Sunday hero as he came on and pitched 3 solid innings of relief. He gave up 5 hits, but only 2 runs and had 3 Ks.

Lugbauer had a big day at the plate with 3 hits and 4 RBI.
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Re: Maine 11 UNLV 9

Postby SeaDogsFan » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:11 am

Overall Maine had a successful series IMO. Two oustanding performances by the starters, and then in the last game, the man who blew it last time has a solid outing. It's February - the positives matter far more than the records
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Re: Maine 11 UNLV 9

Postby chbazdanes » Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:16 am

Congrats to Klax on coming back strong and doing damage control. At least we got 1 W out there but realistically we could very easily be 3-1. I don't know how Coach Trimper is going to balance a couple of good sticks in the lineup. It seems as if they have an extra 2 infielders that could start as an every day player so it sure will be interesting to see how he balances everyones at-bats. Definitely a nice probelm to have and kudos to the Freshmen Stilphen who tore the cover off the ball as well as Bilodeau who threw lights out. Sure looks so far as a start to a very fun ride this season.

Any news on Cox's arm/injury? That as well with Benoit's arm issues puts us as possibly 2 pitcher sshort.Do we think we can withstand that when we already don't cover the full 35. Who will step in as closer as Maine's bullpen looked shaky at best.
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Re: Maine 11 UNLV 9

Postby JeffMESN » Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:38 pm

Is that the same Lugbauer that some were wondering why he was named a Pre Season All American...hmmmmmmm
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Re: Maine 11 UNLV 9

Postby TAL1957 » Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:40 pm

Well, having successfully returned from Vegas this morning via the overnight red-eye, as did the team later this afternoon, I will keep the "at the game(s)" summary brief.
1. A VERY Entertaining Game this last one, although a bit less "entertainment" would have been okay !
2. Balentina's efforts as the starter were the perfect compliment to the 2 respectable and one outstanding start that preceded him ! We get Scanlan back in the mix, and also get a sense of where the Bazdanes and Quinn kids fit in over next couple weeks (with Quinn currently recoverying from we all hope is only a "slight" arm strain), and the starting rotation for the 4-game, Sat/Sun. DH conference series' could (should ?) be VERY solid.
3. Depending on how starting rotation shakes out, it's looking like Maine may have 3-4 very credible options for middle-relievers (Jebb, Balentina, Bazdanes, Quinn, Forrest, ?Pillar?), although I'm not convinced we should place to much weight on the results of Klack's performance Sunday (but certainly not Saturday's either, which was a very "goofy" coaching call ?!).
4. Closer ? ............. Uh-Oh ? Closer by committee and last man standing approach ?
5. Offensive ? Well, we generally managed to produce hits on a par with our opponents, even to the point of the "key" hit situations, although I actually thought we might have swung the bat even better. There were some VERY ugly at bats, some by experienced guys and many by not so experienced guys. Likely that will not be the case as the season progresses and a more consistent starting line-up falls into place and gets more fully in the zone top to bottom. Also quite "interesting", is that while UNLV finally jacked a couple boomers on Sunday, Maine was homerless despite what would appear to be a lineup with more power ???
6. Strategic/Small-Ball Offense ? Largely non-existent !? Very puzzling, that throughout the weekend Maine chose not to play small-ball, even in the many opportunities of runners on first or second with no-outs ? Sure they bunted occassionally in the most obvious situations that screamed for it, but many times also swung away in these situations (runner on with no outs) only to be rewarded with zero advancement of the runner and now 1 out (often followed by two outs, and then ....). I say Take The Sac. Out !!, and move the runner into scoring positon (or better yet 3rd), with one out and two chances to score him (and DP unlikely !).
7. Base Running ? One word ..... Lousy ! Definitely time for some "Back to Basics" reinforcement, and the guys at first in particular don't seem to be getting a whole lot of help over there !? No fewer than 6-8 base-running gaffes and blunders, several of which almost certainly cost us a run (or more). The attempted "steal" of home yesterday was the icing on the cake !

Over and Out for now Boys and Girls; 5-days until the doubleheader at Del. St. ! Given all the positives I did see this weekend, a three-game sweep by the Bears is to be expected now ! However, there's always that "on any given day" possibility in the greatest game ever invented, and they ain't good enough to simply win with ease just yet !
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