Some interesting UMaine basketball teams stats and facts!

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Some interesting UMaine basketball teams stats and facts!

Postby bcbc55 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:44 pm

How many international players do the Maine women's and men's basketball teams have on their two rosters this year?

Combined they have 18 Women 6 of 13 ( 46.2%) and men 12 of 16 (75%) totals 18 of 29 players or 55.5%

Reasons for more international players in my opinion is that they have good contacts established in other countries, they are more coachable, usually better fundamentally, play game from shoulders up, better basketball IQ's, less likely to transfer, players if they are legitimate freshmen have more experience the stateside players because there is not high school basketball internationally, it is all done by club basketball and players are assigned by age. but can play up their actual grade. That is what Sigi Koizar did and she was ready to play at UMaine as a freshmen and so have other women and men international players aat Maine

The NBA has 450 players 30 teams times 15 player rosters and over 25% or 110 international players are on those rosters. Also, several NBA coaches are from the international game. How about this years Luca Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks, the 19 year old who to me was the most talented all around basketball player in the draft. He was 3 times MVP in the top European Pro leagues this past year.

Also, if you look on the top D-1 college teams you will find international players on those rosters.

Both Maine teams have been recruiting international players ever since Doug Lesicnher an assistant when Ted Woodward was at Maine. He also coached overseas in the summer time and developed many great recruiting contacts. The Maine men started the international recruiting and the Maine women followed under Barron's time as the women's coach and Coach Vachon has followed through in her time as head coach. Coach Barron is also doing that with the men as of his 8 incoming recruits this year 6 were international players.

I certainly like going after recruiting Maine high school players first, international players second and state side players third.
% of FGA's as 3 pointers so far this season!
Men...... AFG 477 A3's 191 % of FGA's as 3's 40.1%
Women..AFG 448 A3s 215 % of FGA's as 3's 47.9%

Players shooting over 30% minimum of 10 3 point attempts

Men: Fleming 37.5% and White 32.2%
Women: Rossignol 40%, Saar 34.1%, McVicar 33.3%, Fogarty 31.8%, and Sutton 30.8%

3 point team %: Men 28.8% and Women 33.3%
3 point oppts %: Men 40.4% and Women 30.9%

Next games this coming Saturday, December 8. Men vs. Dartmouth 2:00pm..Women home vs. Brown 1:00pm.
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