Why no writeup of the Maine men-women vs. UNH games!!!!!

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Why no writeup of the Maine men-women vs. UNH games!!!!!

Postby bcbc55 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:42 pm

Before someone jumps all over me for not having a write up and or stats for tonight's men's tam embarrassing 15 point loss to UNH tonight or the great 30 point women's team win over UNH it was because I did not watch the games. Because the many of the so called basketball MBRers here don't think I should write up the game unless I attend it. Well I didn't even watch them on line tonight so that is why there is no write ups. And there will no longer be a write up of a UMaine men's or women's games unless I attend the games in person which I will not do. I will just let someone else who went to the game do it or there will be no write up and with stats.

I missed the Maine men's and women's games tonight because I went to the Edward Little-Bangor Boys High School game at Bangor High which EL won at the end of the game by 3 points.

Which MBRer who attends the games is going to write up the game with all the stats?
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