UMaine men 2-19 for 3's & play 10 players 10+ min. in loss

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UMaine men 2-19 for 3's & play 10 players 10+ min. in loss

Postby bcbc55 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:38 pm

The title above explains why the UMaine men's basketball team got hammerd by the 7th-8th place UMass-Lowell Riverhawks a team that was tied with UMaine men for 7th-8th places at 2-6 before tonight's game. After getting beaten 88-64 at home at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor tonight. Maine falls to 2-7 to 8th place.

The above title explains it all. 2-19 for 3 's for 10.5% and using 10 players 10 plus minutes. ENOUGH SAID FOR THIS GAME. THAT'S ALL I AM GOING TO WRITE ABOVE THIS GAME.I AM NOT GOING TO WRITEUP AND GIVE STATS FOR A COLLEGE INTRAMURAL STYLE GAME where everybody gets to play double figure minutes at the expense of winning a game. Looks like all Walsh wants to do is to keep everyone happy, but why should he do that especially now after only using 6 or 7 players double figure minutes was successful for the UNH win and the first half of the UMBC game. this year. Those 3 halves is the only time I can rememebr that Waalsh has only used 6 or 7 players double figute minutes since he has been at Maine.

Especially if he isn't be back for next year either that or he has given up the ship. But wait a minute that has been his job "Supervisor of All the Substitutions" for 114 1/2 games out of 116 games at 23-93.

Somebody else can waste their time doing a complete write up with stats that I usually do.
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