UMe mens BB staff deserve as much credit as players in upset

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UMe mens BB staff deserve as much credit as players in upset

Postby bcbc55 » Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:36 pm

As well as the players played in their upset 69-68 win over a strong solid UNH team Wednesday night it is Coach Walsh and his staff that deserve as much or even more credit then the players because of 2 excellent coaching moves they made and had the players carry out for the entire game.

The most important of the 2 moves was playing only 6 players double figure minutes which gave the better players the opportunity to stay on the court so they could let the game come to them and not have them take themselves to the game.

This had the players playing from the shoulders up and not from the shoulders down which had them making excellent basketball decisions for improved shot selection, decreased turnovers, reduce player out of control fouls and cut down on defensive fouls. This move allowed the better players the needed time to play better which they all did.

The other move was reducing the number of 3 point attempts by 25% from 25 a game to 19 for the UNH game. Which reduced the number of 3's they took by from 43.4% to 33.3% on 19 3' of 57 FGA's.

They improved their 3 point shooting percentage from averaging 29.1% to 36.7% for the game.

All 3 point shooting improvements.

Hope when Ilker Er returns from an injury that they will just use 7 players double figure minutes by staring Er, Fleming, White, Lowndes and Calixe. Two subs Ilija S. and Evans.

Again, it was the coaches who made the move that allowed the players to perform at the level that they are capable of performing. If they continue on with those 2 moves they have a real good chance of finishing 4th at 8-8 to get that all important position so that they host a home quarter-final tournament game.

Great job by coaches to give the better players the opportunity to play at the skill level that they possess.

Good luck tomorrow on the road@ UMBC. Play and coach like they did against UNH and I think they can home with a road victory to go 3-5 which means they will only have to go 5-3 the rest of the way to finish at 8-8 and hopefully finish 4th.

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