UMe men solve 3 pt & too many sub problems tonite upset UNH

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UMe men solve 3 pt & too many sub problems tonite upset UNH

Postby bcbc55 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:49 pm

Go to my blog or and go to Maine Blog and scroll down for this article of the GAME WRITEUP as Maine did the two things that they had to do....... to change things around immediately which they did tonight when they reduced the number FGA's as taken as threes from 43.8% to just 33.3% on 19 of 57 FGA's which improved their 3 point shooting percentage from 29.1% coming into the game to 36.1%. for the game. They were averaging 25.6 3 point attempts coming into the game tonight and only took 19 tonight which is a 25% reduction in the number of 3's taken per game.

They also solved the problem of reducing the number of players 12 getting double figure minutes to just 6 players (ILKer Er was out with an injury) which allowed the better players to be on the floor enough so that they let the game come to them and not take themselves to the game as they have been in the past 19 D-1 games as because of doing this it allowed the players to play the game from the shoulders up not from the shoulders down which had them making better basketball decisions that lead to better shot selections (fewer three's), fewer turnovers 13 instead of their ave. of 15.3 per game, committed only 15 fouls compared to averaging 19.4 fouls per game coming into tonight's game and better and smarter defense, especially in the second half holding the Wildcats to just 28 second half points after giving up 40 in the first half.

By only using 6 players double figure minutes they cut that problem in half by 50%.Calixe 39 minutes, White 37 minutes, Araujo 34, Ilija S. 28 minutes, Fleming 26 minutes and Lowndes 24 minutes.

If Maine can continue to do these two so very important things....REDUCING NUMBER OF 3'S ATTEMPTED AND ONLY PLAY 7 PLAYERS DOUBLE FIGURE MINUTES).... and get Ilker Er back quickly they could finish 4th and get that so important quarter-final home tournament game.

Tonight they looked like and played like a confident basketball team and as well as the players played the coaching staff should be given full credit for making these two important changes that changed things around so quickly.THEY PLAYED THE WAY THEY ARE CAPABLE OF WITH JUST THESE TWO CHANGES AGAINST A VERY GOOD AMERICA
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