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Ilker Er

Postby Tom Nolette » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:19 am

Learn how Ilker Er went from not knowing where Maine was on the map to making his decision to play for @BlackBearMBB! #AEHoops
Watch Video: ... 3612463104
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Re: Ilker Er

Postby mainejeff » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:01 pm

How can Er go 0-16 in his last 2 games? :?
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Re: Ilker Er

Postby bcbc55 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:33 pm

mainejeff wrote:How can Er go 0-16 in his last 2 games? :?

MJ: VERY SIMPLE: Because he doesn't start and play enough minutes. He has a tendency to try to make "hay while the sunshine" because he knows he is not going to get 35 minutes a game like he and Calixe, with White an Fleming getting 30 minutes each, Lowndes 25 minutes and the 3 subs Ilja S., Evans and Antoms 15 minutes each who are their best 3 subs should get so they all don't have to feel like they have to take themselves to the game instead of letting the game come to them.

When players take themselves to the game they have a tendency to force the action by making poor low IQ basketball decisions like poor shot selection, think shot first and pass second, increase turnovers by trying to make something happen and the same with increasing their play out of control player control fouls and making or committing more personal fouls.

UMaine men still have 12 players averaging double figure playing minutes while Albany only has 7. Makes a difference in a game when one teams best players are on the floor more than the other team. Win or Loss?

Most Successful teams play no more than 8 players and their best 2 players play 35, minutes the next best 2 play 30 minutes the fifth best player plays 25 and the three subs as needed play 15 unless there is injury, illness or foul trouble.

This playing 4 minutes then sitting down 4 minutes and doing this throughout the game does not make for good basketball. Maine has 12 players playing double figure minutes it is like an Intramural team everyone has got to play. It's like Walsh is trying to keep the scholarship players happy and even one of the non scholarship walkons.

Walsh has run this 12 player intramural rotation pattern of using too many players (12) double figure minutes for 3 years and 19 games and look where it has gotten this team 22-89 over all and 14-89 against D-1 teams.

You start Er as he is their 2nd best player behind Calixe and play him 35 minutes a game and you watch what happens then the same for the other 7 players give them the minutes I listed above for the 5 starters and 3 subs and they will be a much better team.
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