Maine men score 10 pts in 1st half & lose 84-66 vs. Albany

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Re: Maine men score 10 pts in 1st half & lose 84-66 vs. Alba

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:45 pm

Linguist wrote:Being just as qualified as others to comment from behind a keyboard, I was one of the 143 people at the Cross Center Saturday to watch the Maine men and their lackluster display.

Remember Ilija Stojiljkovic was benched for the majority of the 1st half after picking up a technical foul for throwing a shoulder into Joe Cremo early in the game. Now he wasn't going to be a 38 point difference maker, but he would have helped.

Bright spots :

Celio Araujo - the kid is tough, he defends well, he runs the offense, doesn't look to take ill advised shots, just goes to work and plays. I don't know why he doesn't play more.

Danny Evans - Evans came in and made a difference, he scored, he defended, he had energy, he passed the ball, he rebounded. He is all effort all the time. I don't know why he doesn't play more.

Miks Antoms - He actually is developing, had a soft touch on one hoop along the baseline, went after rebounds. He's not a big minute guy at this point, but you can see his improvement. I just wish he had this year to redshirt like the 6'10" and 6'8" Aussie's for Albany. But with the injury to Vincent Eze we don't have that luxury.

Andrew Fleming - In the 2nd half he really played well, a lot of energy, he attacked the rim on the offensive end, and he hit the defensive glass. (sure it was against the Albany bench for the most part, but he looked good in the last 20 minutes)

Less than Bright Spots:

Andrew Fleming - In the first half he was pouting, and in a bad mood, and his play was reflective of that. So soft. Not sure how you get him to keep his head in the game.

Ilker Er - A guy that can score, who has proven he can score, just stands in the corner and waves for the ball and when it doesn't come he doesn't work to get in a spot to get it on offense. And when he touches it, the ball is going up, and right now it's not going in. He needs to get something right in the gym.

Vernon Lowndes, Jr. - 2 minutes of playing time, the exact same amount as Garvey Melmed and less points. Why isn't he playing? He looks the part, and when he gets some court time he seems to be able to handle his own.

Dennis Ashley - he must work hard in practice, and I've seen him make shots, but why is he getting 19 minutes of playing time? He's not that good, he can't defend, he doesn't rebound, and he was 1 for 6. Get him off the floor.

Coaches - I don't understand the substitution patterns or lineups they put on the floor. Why would Maine roll out Araujo, Calixte, Ashley at the same time? Why not try a bigger lineup of Evans, Lowndes Jr, and White in their backcourt together? Why did they wait so long to call a timeout in the 1st half? 13-3 before the media timeout, 18-3 and another time out and the game was over. Their decisions baffle me.

Linquist: If I didn't know better I would have thought I posted your post. Agree 100 percent with everything you posted.

The only thing I would add is that Er has his best game 23 points (remember last year before he got hurt he had 20 points in the first half against Duke at Cameron Stadium) in the win over Binghamton and that was because he played (by accident not design) in the paint took 14 FGA's 5 were threes made 2 and the 8 were in the paint in the power alley and 1 was a jumper from the baseline for 8 for 9 shooting, even made an old fashion 3. Then he doesn't start the next game. GO FIGURE.

Not a big fan of Araujo as I think Bernstein added more to the team last year in a much tougher situation that Araujo does now and after all Araujo is a junior JUCO and Bernstein was a true sophomore.

Other than those two additions I coudn't agree with you more.
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