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Postby bcbc55 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:59 pm

Archer Bunker wrote:Cimmie agree with what you say. I said
very simple really
and you said
It is not rocket science
well then it is up to the coach to make sure they are into these positions and it should be worked on in practice. Problem solved.


ARCH: We agree. but head basketball coaches at UMaine don't seem to take advice from anybody including their staffs. Watch them during time outs hardly any or no coaches huddle, head coach does directly to players not conferring with assistants.

If you watch their games they both run the same Princeton Offense which has not been very effective in getting back doors (which is designed to do), threes or getting the ball inside, that is the number 1 problem.

Both Teams motto: "Live by the threes or die by the threes".
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