Tayler Mattos Kearsarge High School big man New Hampshire

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Re: Tayler Mattos Kearsarge High School big man New Hampshir

Postby Maine19Fan » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:09 am

55 is out of the cage!

Er can't get a red-shirt for an 11-game season, as 55 hopes. Here is the rule (of course, ol' 55 spouts untruths, as usual, without checking on facts):

[b]To gain a medical redshirt, the athlete cannot compete in more than 30 percent of her team’s games within a season, not counting contests officially designated as scrimmages or exhibition games. When such computations are made, fractions are rounded up. For example, if a team plays 27 games, the exact 30 percent mark is 8.1. For the purposes of medical redshirt eligibility, therefore, the player may compete in nine games and still be eligible for a medical redshirt.
And, Er ONLY took 5 3's vs. Binghamton. That's about his seasonal per-game average (5.6, to be exact).

Also, the tried-and-true but misguided attempt to get support for an 8-person roster.

This from 55: "It looks like Walsh is trying to keep all the scholarship players happy at the expense of winning."

Cue the laugh track!

Walsh is trying to keep players happy at the expense of winning? That is job suicide. Coaches get hired/fired based on their won-loss record. This one is so ludicrous that it defines any actual logic.

And, the AE is the "weakest conference in the country?"
In truth (fact), AE is rated 27th out of 32 conferences.
By any acceptable mathematical formula, that would mean there are five conferences weaker than AE.

The dissemination of fake news continues.
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Re: Tayler Mattos Kearsarge High School big man New Hampshir

Postby basketball_guy » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:13 pm

Can we get back on the original topic here....
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