Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby bcbc55 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:42 pm

fromthebench wrote:Would they be better? Maine has lost to USM, Husson, UMFK during the Walsh tenure. All D3. So yes. D2 Bentley would be worlds better. Now, to piggyback on Blind Zebra's post (sage advice compared to your lunacy) You add the four best out of state players Maine has to Bentley's lineup and you are head and shoulders above Maine. Now you have a team that can compete in America East.
Go back to your parents basement 19. Your foolish comments carry no weight around here. Walsh has recruited one Mainer in his four years (Fleming, walk-ons don't count) and he has had the worst winning percentage of all-time. This is no coincidence. You must recruit the best Maine players (whatever their rating) to be successful at Maine. History has proven this to be true.

fromthebench: You, Blind Zebra are absolutely 110% right., about your posts about using Mainers and being as successful or more successful th e Maine has been the past 8 years, With the past 3 plus year 21-86 overall and 13-86 vs. D-1 competition. Why didn't Walsh schedule Bentley when they had the 5 Mainers starting in an exhibition game to see how those Mainers stacked up against the recruits he brought in his first year. Would have been a good evaluative tool for futrue recruiting right from the get go. Last winning season at Maine was 8 years ago 2009-10 under Woodward when thy went 19-10 and started 3 Mainers and would have been even better if 2 other Mainers who would have been starters had not left the program, 1 after his junior year after leading team in scoring and was playing out of position to do it, and a 6'11' player who left after his sophomore year. Would have started 6'6", 6'7", 6'11', 6'6", 6'2" and all Maine kids.
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby wings » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:46 pm

Blind Zebra wrote:If Maine had a current roster of:
Zach Gilpin
Nick Gilpin
Kyle Bouchard
Mike McDevitt
Andrew Fleming
Chris Hudson
Ruay Bol
Isaiah Bess
Aaron Calixte
Isaiah White
Vernon Lowndes
Vince Eze (Healthy)

Would they be a better basketball team than they are today?
The answer is, yes. 8 Mainers and 4 out of state. 4 top players and the rest filling roles. Players 5 through 12 on Maine's current roster are a mix of D3 level and walk on types in my opinion. The Maine players on this list have experience as AAU and high school teammates in some cases. They have on court chemistry.
A recruiting plan like this isn't a bad idea. You have some local players to generate casual fan interest in state. You have a couple of exciting out of state players that you build your program around.
The Maine kids would likely stay in the program and help build continuity. It would be a slow rebuild, but at least a way to build some stability, which they haven't had for at least 8 years.You can build up your level of player over time, maybe reducing the number of Maine kids to 5 or 6 on a 12 man roster. With a solid coach you could get back to 10-12 wins in a couple of years and stabilize. Bring some respectability and competitiveness back.
Look at players from the past like Joe Campbell, Rickey White, Troy Barnies etc. Hard working, lightly recruited kids who became All conference players. Those type kids lay the foundation for a program. They lead by example in practice, work hard in the weight room etc. You have to identify players like that as your core. Then you reach out and steal a few diamonds to go with it.

Blind Zebra,

I’m not much for posting on UMaine board, the venom MJ speaks of keeps many a bit gun shy. Nick Mayo would fit nicely on the current roster. You speak of Troy Barnies and Joe Campbell, hard working and lightly recruited kids. I like those type players too. Anutha central Maine product, Mason Cooper, made the roster at EKU. Mason worked his tail off to earn a spot down there. It’ll interesting to see if Mason is able to develop and earn playing time for the Colonels.

Certainly mixed opinions on whether a roster of Maine-born players could help UMaine win basketball games. It’d be difficult to win without a true post presence, an inside game.

BZ, where is the infamous ‘Excuseville’ these days?
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby mainejeff » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:09 pm

If home grown D-2 & D-3 talent is gonna put fannies in the seats then I am all for it.....but you MFers better show up!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby Blind Zebra » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:14 pm

I would much rather watch some local kids I followed through high school than a team of basketball nomads and walk ons with bad knees.
Blind Zebra
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby Maine19Fan » Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:16 pm

Yes, Nick Mayo would have been a great player at Maine.
Too bad he wanted to play at a considerably higher level ... and, has proven more than capable, thus considerably enhancing his chances to play professionally at some level.

But, all the "let's limit the roster to Maine-bred players" yokels would have preferred that he hinder his development just to play for dear old State U.

Home grown talent is nice, but it ain't gonna put fannies in the seats when the team is going winless and losing games by 30 points, or more.

Go back to my parents' basement! Love the comment. Must be more expertise to be found there than in this forum!!!

Recruit the best Maine players. Name current Maine players worth recruiting.
There aren't any.
And don't start with Moss, whose ONLY offer is from a mediocre D2 program.
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby basketball_guy » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:30 pm

These are the top players in Maine right now.
Only one has a scholarship offer. Admittedly it
would be great if Maine could recruit some instate players
from time to time, but the talent level is just not where it
needs to be for a Division 1 school in this years recruiting class.

I am not so sure however, that the current situation can be totally
blamed on lack of talent. This Coach has just got to go.....I mean like
yesterday. It is so obvious now that he is the wrong choice, I can not
understand why Creech has
1) fired him
2) Decided not renew him but let him finish the season.

Maine needs to move on and so does Walsh.

We have seen four years of this nonsense, unless of course Creech is preparing us to move down
to Division 3. Then maybe it makes sense....

Otherwise, it appears the powers that be just don't seem to care much about UMAINE Mens basketball.

Maine Class of 2018
Updated: November 20, 2017
Ranking Recruit Class Height High School Committed School
1 Terion Moss 2018 5'10" Portland HS
2 Taylor Schildroth 2018 5'11" George Stevens Academy
3 Jacob Godfrey 2018 6'6" Hermon HS
4 David Keohan 2018 6'4" Thornton Academy
5 Nolan Hagerty 2018 6'6" Yarmouth HS Brandeis
6 Edwin Ezedonmwen 2018 6'2" Hyde School
7 Keenan Marseille 2018 6'2" Hermon HS
8 Calvin Carter 2018 6'4" Bridgton Academy
9 Zack Mittelstadt 2018 6'3" Gould Academy
10 Charlie Considine 2018 6'6" Bridgton Academy
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby basketball_guy » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:28 pm

Sometimes it just is time to make a change....
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby Linguist » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:07 am

People keep bringing up that Mainers will stay on the roster and play all 4 years. BCBC55's 2 favorite players didn't stick around. Jordan Cook was only recruited because of his Dad's legacy and the fact he was 6'11". He was too soft and had no drive to do what it took to compete at the D1 level and he quit. Mark Socoby may have led the team in scoring as a Junior, but he also quit and said he was going to play in California, never went, but did win an intramural league title on campus. That must have felt good for him.

I agree if Maine has talented HS players, recruit them. But that can't be your only talent base.

Who was good enough in the class of 2017 to play at UMaine or play Division 1? Mason Cooper? He ended up at EKU, sitting on the bench for the Colonels. Was a semifinalist for Mr. Maine Basketball, not even a finalist, but was still the only one to "end up" at a D1 school.

Who was good enough in the class of 2016 to play at UMaine or play Division 1? Andrew Fleming. He is proving to be a role player at UMaine, not a star by any means, but clearly a D1 player at this level and a worthy recruit by the Bears coaching staff. (and by the way he wasn't even the winner of the Mr. Basketball award - Nick Gilpin won and wound up at a D3 school, Tom Coyne the other finalist ended up at D3 as well). No one else was a D1 player.

How about 2015? Nick Mayo of Eastern Kentucky. Sure fired stud at EKU and would have been at UMaine. We've all bantered about it, he wasn't going to UMaine whether he was upset with the recruiting process and how he was treated or if he set his sights higher than Orono it all equals he was never going to put on the Black Bear Uniform. Again he didn't win the award, that went to D2 Bentley's Kyle Bouchard, who again was probably too soft for the D1 level, how much did he really improve from his Freshman year when he was physically bigger and stronger than everyone to his senior year at Houlton? Not a lot. How much did he want to get better? Was he happy just being better than his peers? The other finalist Jack Simonds wound up at (you guessed it) D3. No other D1 players in Maine.

How about 2014 (players who would be seniors this year) - Here is your list of Semifinalists :

Dustin Cole, Bonny Eagle H.S.
Michael McDevitt, Greely 
Isaiah Bess, Hampden Academy
Zachary Gilpin, Hampden Academy
Jon Phelps, Mount Desert 
Isaiah Stone-Patterson, Oceanside H.S.
Trevor Lyford, Penquis Valley H.S.
Jayvon Pitts-Young, Portland H.S.
Justin Zukowski , Portland H.S.

Serge Nyirikamba, Waynflete
Jacob Moody, Wells

(not listed, but UMaine walkon Garvey Melmed graduated in 2014)

Quick quiz, how many ended up at Division 1? And how is the Winner Dustin Cole doing in his D2 career? The answers are None, and Not A Star.

Ok I will even give BCBC55 a gift and say, what if these kids who graduated in 2013 and all went to Prep School, they would now be College Seniors. How many D1 players are on this list?

Anthony DiMauro, Boothbay
Quin Leary, Edward Little of Auburn
Charlie Fay, Falmouth
Evan Worster, Forest Hills of Jackman
Garet Beal, Jonesport-Beals
Spencer Carey, Lawrence of Fairfield
John Murray, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro
Garrett Libby, Old Town
Mitchell Worcester, Washburn
Aaron Todd, York

Garet Beal had a decent career at UMaine, injuries were his biggest issue, but clearly had the ability to play at that level. Spencer Carey is a D1 athlete in football. And Mitchell Worcester washed out of UMaine to D3 Husson where he is the 5th leading scorer as a senior.

So let's review, in the last 5 years, Maine has produced 5 Division 1 players (3 scholarship, I am guessing Cooper is a walk on, as is Garvey Melmed ) :
Mason Cooper
Andrew Fleming
Nick Mayo
Garvey Melmed
Garet Beal

Even at that level of taking 2 walk ons, and sending 1 to prep school, and being able to land Mayo, that is 1 Maine born player each year for the last 5 years.

Still doesn't equal the hopes and dreams of some on this board.
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby Maine19Fan » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:40 am

A voice of wisdom Linguist coming out of the forest of the uninformed!

I agree 100% with him. If Maine has talented players, recruit them.

But ...

Supportive evidence!

Last five years of Maine players on D1 rosters:
- Cooper, walk-on at EKU, otherwise only D3 offers.
- Fleming, a legit D1 role player, but that's it.
- Nick Mayo, NEVER coming to Maine.
- Beal, not an overly effective role player over 3 Maine seasons, averaged 5.2 ppg. But, bcbc55 would love him and his 26.7% accuracy from 3-point range!
- Melmed, 4-years in Maine's roster; career scoring average: 0.98 ppg.

Many thanks, Linguist.

Even basketball_admits there is no D1 talent on the Maine h.s. scene right now.

Walsh will almost assuredly not be renewed after this season.
But whoever comes in as the next coach (unless it's 55) isn't going to restrict recruiting to within our state's borders for very obvious reasons.
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Re: Final Columbia 83 Maine men 71

Postby Blind Zebra » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:27 pm

Zach Gilpin is a more versatile and better player than Beal. Bouchard was recruited by Walsh and chose Bentley. Could've played a role off the bench. Nick Gilpin at 6'2 would've been a decent back up point guard. Certainly better than the undersized but scrappy Bernstein or Araujo. Pitts-Young also could've played at Maine.
Chris Hudson with a couple of years in the program also would've played a role at Maine. Not saying Maine produces a ton of frontline type players, but you can bet if given a scholarship, received good coaching and off season training, they would stay the course and form a solid foundation of role players. Then you go recruit a Vince Eze, Calixte, Isaiah White, Vernon Lowndes and you have a very solid team. Not top of the conference but not perennial basement dweller either.
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