Solutions for UMaine BB teams poor 3 pt shooting percentages

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Solutions for UMaine BB teams poor 3 pt shooting percentages

Postby bcbc55 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:26 pm

Here are the latest updated shooting percentages for the two UMaine basketball teams.

...........G....FG%....3pt%....2pt%....FS%....% of FGA's as 3's...% of FGA's as 2's

other stats
The men have had 56.5% of their FGM on assists
The women have had 26.6% of their FGM on assists

Men...... Won-lost 3-11 overall 1-11 vs. non D-1 opponents
Women...Won-Lost 6-6 overall 4-6 vs. non D-1 opponents Team RPI rankings Women 67 of 349 teams Men 331 of 351 teams America L'east Conference rankings women 25th Men 29th of 32 conferences in D-1

The women's team currently has the 13th toughest schedule in the country and the men are ranked 335 in the Pomeroy RPI Team RP rankings.

Next games: Women at Boston College tonight at 7:00pm
................Men at Columbia Saturday @ 2:00pm

Right now both games are streamed on line but for a game fee, they are not free.

Hope both teams have done something offensively to improve on their last 2 games for each team as they both had terrible 3 point shooting results in their 2 losses. The women went 9 for 63 for 14.3% and the men went 11-52 for 21.5% in their last 2 games for 3 pointers. A combined 20 for 115 for 17.4% will just not get the job done.

The offense that both teams are running which seems to be the same is not getting the kind of open looks that they need to get. Most of their 3 point attempts come from running cutters off screens thru the lane at the same time and trying to get open off the move at the opposite wing position or having the post players screen to the guards at the top of the foul circle.

Very few attempts come from inside-outside passes from the block or from dribble penetration and kick out passes to the open shooters. The reason these shooters are open in the inside-outside pass from the block is because the defender of the shooter has doubled down to double team the player on the block with or without the ball leaving the shooter open. The dribble penetration gets the shooter open because his/her defender has left the shooter to help out on dribble penetration thus allowing for the open shot on the kick out pass because the help defender has left the shooter wide open and cannot get back to close out the on the shooter.

Neither team has chosen to do these two effective ways of getting good open looks as the offense they both are running do not allow for these two effective offensive moves to get these kind of open 3 looks.

Let's hope that both teams have discovered this glaring problem in the offense they have been running and have made the needed adjustments as they enter their last non-conference game before heading into America L'east Conference play in the new year.

Both teams have got to either cut down on the use and abuse of the 3 point game by going inside outside from the block and off dribble penetration.

The women are shooting 51% for 2's and the men 47.6% so maybe they should use the 2 more and get into an offensive set that will get them the wide open 3's....inside outside game from the block and from dribble penetration which both rely on kick out passes. If not we may not see much improvement in their 3 point shooting in conference play where teams are more familiar with opponents because of more scouting and games being streamed online which allows for easy scouting.

Also, because of no inside game and using the 3 game so much neither team is getting to the foul line enough and when they get there the men 17 attempts and the women 10 attempts per game neither team is shooting 70% as ghe meb are at 57.8% and the women 65.6% which is not good for D-1 college teams.

With 4 coaches on each team (8 total) you would think by now that one of those teams would have discovered the problem of their over use and abuse of the 3 game that has lead to their unsuccesfull 3 point game's statistics especially when both teams seem to be using the same offensive sets to get the 3's that they are getting and not using the 2 most effective ways of getting open 3's the inside-outside block game and the dribble penetration game.

Well we can hope that they have made this discovery and will see the needed changes in their next games.

Both teams have got to change the current, their "Live by the three and die by the three" philosophy or it maybe a long, long conference schedule.

Don't forget their shooting percentages for the threes, the twos and foul shots would be probably even lower if both teams were not including their 2 non conference games against non D-1 teams. The men, UMPI and UMM and the women UMFK and MMA.
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Re: Solutions for UMaine BB teams poor 3 pt shooting percent

Postby thebam » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:02 pm

Here is the solution:

Get better.
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Re: Solutions for UMaine BB teams poor 3 pt shooting percent

Postby Maine19Fan » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:48 pm

Get better. Exactly.
In truth, it's get better talent.

Nothing bcbc55 posted in that lengthy dissertation makes any sense.
He's got an obsession with the three-point shot.

The men's team has a lot more to deal with than problems from three-point territory.
The women's team played one of the toughest non-league schedules in the country. Let's see what it can do vs. AE competition.

Does 55 actually think he knows more about the two Maine teams than the respective coaches?
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