How UMaine men got their 3's vs. Central Connecticut State

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How UMaine men got their 3's vs. Central Connecticut State

Postby bcbc55 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 5:49 pm

I charted the UMaine men's basketball team at Central Connecticut game on how UMaine men's team got their 3 point attempts off. I had 9 categories and Maine used just 5 of them.

Maine was 6 or 31 19.4% from beyond the arc and took 31 of their total 66 FGA's as threes for 46.7% of their FGA's were threes.

1. Maine was 1 for 20 on perimeter passes to mostly stand still and catch shooters......05% and 64.5% of their 3's attemped were off perimeter passses

2. Maine was 1 for 3 from dribble penetration and kick out passes...33.3% and 9.7% of their 3 attempts were off dribble penetration and kick out passes

3. Maine was 2 for 3 from inside-outside from the block....67% and 9.7% of attempted 3's were on inside-outside passes from the block

4. Maine was 0 for 1 from lane pass...0% and 4% of 3's attempted were lane passes

5. Maine was 2 for 4 going 1 on 1 off the dribble...50% and 13.3% of attempted 3's were of 1 on 1 off the dribble

No 3's attempted off 6. transition, 7. cutting off lane screens, 8. off screens away from ball, or 9. off screens to ball

In the last 2 games Maine is 11 for 52 from 3 point land for 21.2% and have taken 52 for 120 of their FGA's as 3's for 43.3% of their FGA's have been 3 point attempts.

"Maine is certainly living and dying by the 3".

I did not keep the same stat in the next game against Massachusett when they went 5 for 21 from beyond the 3 point line for 23.5% although they were 1-15 in the first half and 4 for 6 in the second half.

For the season Maine in 14 games is shooting 29.6% from 3 point land and taking 43.8% of their FGA's as 3 pointers.

They are the last place (9th place 3-11 overall and 1-11 against D-1 opponents)) team in the's America East Conference RPI team rankings which is the 29th out of 32 ranked D-1 Conferences. Maine is currently last in 3 point shooting percentage as the only team below 30%. Maine is also the 332nd team out of 351 in's team RPI rankings and 335th in the Pomeroy RPI rankings.

Maine's biggest problem has been the over use of the 3 point shot and the poor ways in which they get the 3 point attempts off as shown by the above stats for the Central Connecticut State Loss.

Maine's 3 point stats would be even lower if they were not including the 2 non D-1 games against UMPI and UMM in which they went 23 of 62 for 37.5.

Maybe Maine should look at going inside-outside more as their first option to get the 3 and then go dribble penetration and kickout passes second and reduce the perimeter pass, catch and shoot to get the threes along with their lane cuts thru the lane to the wing. Their current 3 point attack is not getting the good open 3 point looks to be effective.

Just my opinion, although supported by Maine's 3 point shooting facts and stats and also "Figures don't Lie".
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